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20% off All DVDs, Blu-Ray & 4K + Extra 10% off via Code (Expired) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi - 20% off All DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K.

Back down to 20% after last month's 30%.

Buy now, put them in a time capsule, and show them to your grandkids in 30 years!


Just received an extra 10% off coupon via email. Check your inbox. Extra 10% ends 27th Feb.

Mod: Added code (it is generic).

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    Even better if you stocked some ultimate kids/teen cards from coles last week.
    (Buy a $30 card and receive $10 worth flybuys points)

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    Buy now, put them in a time capsule

    Or, relish the fact that you'll be able to watch it whenever you want, because it won't be locked away in the Disney vault.


      Is there anything in the Disney vault that's not on Disney plus? Even those weird ones like Saludos Amigos are on there (not that the quality is as good as blu-ray).

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        Disney will rotate what’s available on their platform, just like the other providers. A concern is Disney have previously limited titles for extended periods in both VHS era & DVD/Blu Ray for various reasons. A few articles if you google it, but the general advice is if you have particular titles you love or the kids do then consider buying them in physical form so you control when/how you watch.

        EDITED: Spelling


    "Mod: Added code (it is generic)"

    My bad, thanks :)

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    Parasite bluray is $17.98 with code


      If you can hold off, the 4K version comes out in 2 days. Or you could just upscale the Blu-ray to 4K if your player supports it haha

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    There is also a 2 for $30 4K deal which stacks.

    So works out $10.80 per 4K movie.

    But only 130 titles.

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    Waits for Amazon to beat lol :-)

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    Thanks OP. Was waiting for endgame 4K on sale got for $18. Happy


    Hopefully pick up a steelbookk but they seem to go first, not much reason to buy from JB anymore


    My partner has gotten into Glee of late and there is a 2nd hand box set at CEX for $70(ripoff), against the previous JB price of $85
    especially as you can get the entire series for about $28 by buying the individual season sets.. They wouldn't budge on the box set price..

    Now with this deal it brings the New Box set down to $61.20, pity we have already bought (CEX 2nd hand)seasons 1 through to 4 for $16,
    2 more sets to get, another $12 from CEX.

    not worth getting the New box set from JB now.. pity this wasn't a month ago.. probably would have bought for her.


    Yes it is good to finalise the set, and Ok thanks good to know.. we dont have Netflix though.. might have to look into that anyway.


    There is also a buy one, get second at 50% off promotion on box sets. Stacks with the 20% off and the additional 10% coupon. Assuming buying 2 box sets of the same price, total discount is 46%.


      I said no when they asked if I wanted a bag for 15c, and they put my purchases in a small bag anyway. I think the 15c is for the huge bags.


        It's for any bags. I bought two CD's from them last week and after I paid the girl just handed them back to me with the docket.

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