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52cc 2-in-1 Line Trimmer/Brush Cutter @ ALDI - $149


Product Description

52cc full crank engine
430mm Line Trimmer cutting diameter and 255mm Brush Cutter cutting diameter
Includes easy wind spool, 3-tooth metal blade and double shoulder strap harness
Trimming time is upon us!
It’s time to hit the garden, clean up the flower beds and manicure the shrubs with the Ferrex 52cc 2-Stroke 2-in-1 Line trimmer/Brush Cutter
With a powerful 52cc full crank engine, this combination Line Trimmer/Brush Cutter can tackle anything the garden throws your way
Featuring a wide 430mm trimming diameter, with twin line, bump-feed operation for easy line replenishment for trimming the garden edges and a 255mm diameter blade to tackle the grass and weed overgrowth taking over your garden

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    Anyone comment? The Victor one I have is dead (as in if a replacement is available, I'm destroying it for being a piece of shit).

    I'd love enough power to maybe destroy the Victor one with the metal blade.

    Hmm I really hate the spool ones though


      I bought this last time it was offered, and I could never get it to start. Even took it to the place that serviced my lawn mower, and they too couldn’t get it. Returned it


      not recommended unless you know how to service it or replace parts. I bought one (26cc 2-stoke, curved shaft) last year. It was powerful , but died after around 9 months (only 7-8 uses in total). something wrong with the carburetor (which I was told). Someone offered $15, I sold it and got a cordless one using battery.

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    Stay away, these are lemons. My experience with 2 stroke Garden line trimmers is not good. The warranty is a joke as the number to call is only an answering. They take your details down and nobody ever calls.

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    I bought the 26cc full crank model a couple of years ago. Have used it every fortnight or week since then.

    Have not spent a cent on it or even replaced the spark plug, it can be a pain to start (particularly if you follow the instructions and flood it with 8 presses of the fuel button) but it runs very well. With 4-5 pumps of the fuel buttons it usually starts within 4-5 pulls with the choke open a bit.

    Based on the other comments though, maybe I got lucky.

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    Spend a bit more and buy a well known brand - Ryobi, Honda,

    My experience with Aldi products - Lawn Mover, Hedge Trimmer, Blower.
    After 2 years, the screws are rusted on ALL. Pull chord broken on mower, fuel leaking in trimmer & blower.

    So, technically, these all work - but the bits are failing.
    Something has to give.

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