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Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Core i7, 16GB, 512 SSD $2676.65, Save $472.25) + Free Surface Sleeve Worth $89.95 @ Microsoft


Microsoft is having deals on Surface pro and comes with free Sleeve worth upto $89.95
Price Match with Harvey Norman - 20% off Microsoft Surface pro

You can combine this with Amex microsoft offer and receive additional $100 off.

In case of multiple Amex offer, there is no split payment on Microsoft however you can purchase microsoft gift cards and redeem them into your account and pay later with microsoft credit.

PS - Not a regular poster here so please be gentle :) thank you.

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    That $500 price jump going from 128 to 256gb storage is the real kicker :( Same amount of RAM and same CPU too


      I just upgraded a 128GB to a 2TB on a SP4. Shame they solder the hdd's in now. :(

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        Actually the Pro 7 does not solder the ssd, they put it on the back of the device and allow you to change it with only a screwdriver now

        *edit: my bad, they did that with pro x, not the 7. The ssd is solder into the motherboard in pro 7. Apologise for my ignorance.


        Do they still have the micro SD socket? I run my SP3 with a 512GB micro SD and have no problems with space.

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          Yeah, they do still have the MicroSDXC card reader. It's slower storage, but a cheap and easy way to double (or more) your storage space.

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      Massive rip off. I guess that’s how they make the profits. Way cheaper to just buy an external drive.


      High end mobile phones do the opposite: rip off customers for low storage to make the high storage option seem like better value.

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      That's some Applesque storage upgrade pricing right there!


    thoughts on this vs the ipad pro?

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      depends on what you're going to use it for.

      Surface Pro 7 definitely more versatile.

    • +33 votes

      One is a brilliant tablet and a garbage notebook.
      The other is a brilliant notebook and a garbage tablet.

      • +3 votes

        That’s probably the best description I’ve read of both devices.

        Will use that for future arguments with respective fanboys.

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        Perfect description. I should have bought an iPad pro because my surface pro 4 is really not all that great for what I do with it now. Also doesn't help that the advertised work from home initiative has never eventuated.


      Windows 10 tablet mode is totally hopeless and constant 100% CPU usage will keep it hot and noisy all the time

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    Harvey Norman has the Surface Laptop 3 - i5/128gb for $1,348; not a bad price.
    Hopefully Microsoft can price match.


    Usually they will. If they refuse, just return it and buy from Microsoft or a different JB Hifi that will do the price match.

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    sorry - cannot recommend.

    Place I work at bought three last month.

    Two arrived DOA - two different problems: one would not even boot (well, it would bring up the microsoft logo, and then go black again); the other had lines across the display (but it did boot ;)

    Both replaced promptly by Microsoft.

    The third died last week (less than a month old) - blue-screens randomly, but frequently - even when sitting idle, no login.

    Again, Microsoft (to their credit) replaced the machine promptly.

    But still, three out of three dead within a month of purchase.

    And they were all Pro7 / 512GB SSD / 16GB RAM / i7

    edit: PS - happy owner of secondhand Surface Pro3 - still going strong

    • +2 votes

      My SP3 is still going strong from April 2015!
      I can't find a reason to upgrade!

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        SP3 was the last 'truly well-built' SP I've used. I, too, still have the SP3 going strong - repeated trips, some abuse etc. Now my dad uses it 24/7 as his main PC. The SP6 I purchased last year to upgrade has had issues from the moment I pushed the power button. Some weird issues too - like phantom USB drives, freezing display etc. I travel a lot and so even visiting the MS store for warranty is a hassle for me. Don't know what went wrong.

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          It's a combo of issues. Major one was MS firing their testing team and using VM's and AI to do testing which means there's been 4 or 5 major issues regarding really bad updates that are very well known in the last two years for EVERYONE then there's been around 5 major issues with SP5 to SP7 with bad drivers, mainly outdated display ones and a few 400mhz locking CPU speed issues for Surface Book owners. Another issue would be the design of the machine which was good for pre SP4 days but doesn't work well for newer CPU/GPU combo's as heat becomes a bigger issue due to higher performance of these machines now. MS needs to either make them a little thicker for heat or use crappy lower temp parts which they are doing with the shitastic Surface Pro X. There is meant to be a design refresh in SP8 iirc

          The display and USB drivers issue is known sadly :(

          I've got a Surface Pro 3,4,2017,SP6 and GO. At work we deployed hundreds of SP3/4 but moved onto HP Elitebooks due to issues with newer machines so I keep a eye out on Surface Pro issues.


    Do any of the Surface products feature Thunderbolt 3?
    Or, if not, are there any similar spec Tablets that do?

    • +1 vote

      No Microsoft laptop/surface device do (bloody stupid IMHO!) and the closest is the I think the Dell 2-in-1 convertible (i7 model has TB3) surface pro 5 clone , That didn't do too well so I don't think Dell is going to make a Surface Pro 7 (same specs and CPU etc) clone this time around. You can always look at 2-in-1 flip laptops like the HP X360 (depends on model and specs) or the Dell ones which (some might have TB if they are the i7 models).

      I can't find you the Dell surface pro clone's model number but I can tell you it came out in 2017 and Dell's naming and numbering system is confusing as hell, Basically it looked like a Surface Pro 6 but had more ports and higher spec'ed cpu then Surface Pro 6. You can find them on Ebay for around $1100AU now but I just can't remember the model number and it's hell hard to find it.

      Edit: Found it, https://au.pcmag.com/2-in-1-convertible-laptops/48137/dell-l...

      I personally wouldn't buy it as the cpu is only dual core and it's 2 generations old but it DID have TB3.


        Wow, cheers buddy!
        Appreciate the info and the link.
        I think the new HP X360 2-in-1s look amazing especially since the bezels are getting so much thinner - If only those screens could detach.

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          There is also the EVE 5 but I think the company has stopped making computers, I did see one of them on Gumtree for sale a year ago but didn't have the money to buy it.


          I have a Elitebook x360 1030 G3 and that does have TB3 and works very nicely with my HP Omen eGPU (got it on ozbargain. Once you go 2K screen (on the Surface Pro and iPADs) you just can't go back to the 1080p on the X360 so I don't really use it much due to that.

          I'm obsessed with tablets/small pcs so I have quite a few :D, Even crazy enough to have a Surface Go (Don't get it, Get a GPD P2 Max instead)


            @ickyboo: I'm totally going to look into all of these the second I get home tonight.
            I've been looking for a portable tablet (10"-12") for a while. Obviously nothing this small comes with a discreet GPU (even an MX250 it seems) so TB3 is a must.
            Something sleek for for emulation and basic Steam gaming when away from home with the versatility of being able to plug into an eGPU/TV for some more grunt.

            Thanks again, mate.

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              @episys: What you describe sounds like a Surface Pro 7, It has Iris Pro GPU which is no where near MX150 or MX250 but it's around 80% of a MX150 I think which is perfect for basic steam gaming. I use my Surface Pro 6 as a streaming device for my gaming laptop and also it plays basic Steam games like Dead Cells perfectly even though the intel 630 iGPU in the my surface pro 6 is only like 40-50% of the MX150. The 10 series intel i5 in the Surface Pro 7 is actually faster than the Series 8 i7 in the Surface Pro 6 and it's fanless which is great for emulation!

              The Surface Pro 7 would be PERFECT if it had TB3, This is why I'm skipping the Surface Pro 7 since I already have a Surface Pro 6 but you should look into it. Another machine is maybe a Lenovo Yoga but I know NOTHING about them so no idea if they have TB3.

              Maybe a 2 in 1 convertible machine like a X360 with TB3 might be what you are looking for but I find it to be kind of heavy at around 1.3KG and you can't detach the kb. Also the angles of the lower case is sharp and cuts into your hand when in tablet mode,Also take notice of air vents as it might not be comfy. That's the things not many people mention in reviews of 2 in 1 convertibles but is a major issue which puts you off using it as a tablet (for me it does) as I'm used to my ipad pro's nice round sides and no vent heat issues.

              Maybe go to JB HIFI and play with some 2 in 1's in tablet mode then decide as you have to live with it. I wished I did that instead of jumping gun and buying 2 in 1's due to online specials/specs.

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                @ickyboo: My advice would be to skip buying anything from Eve - I've got a V and the kickstand has fallen off. Support won't answer emails. If you try to raise it on their forums it gets hidden in a "Support" area that nobody else can see (then they ignore you or tell you to contact support who ignore you). They are doing some new stuff but there is no way I'd touch them with a barge pole after the lack of support.


    For those planning to split purchase over multiple AMEX, I just sought clarification via the call centre and I quote "you can only redeem the AUD1,000 in any day maximum per one account". So if buying a Surface Laptop 3 13.5"/i7/16gb/256gb for $2,199, you can only split the purchase across 2 AMEX cards and get 2 x $100 in AMEX statement credits (as opposed to ideally using 4 AMEX cards to get 4 x $100 credit).

    Can anyone who has gone down this route confirm whether you've been able to redeem >$1,000 in Microsoft credit for your purchase?

    • +1 vote

      the AUD1,000 in any day maximum per one account(2 amex offers ) + the balance pay with another amex (1 amex offer)

      that will be 300(3 x $100 in AMEX statement credits) ?

    • +1 vote

      Here is what I did.
      Bought 2 x $550 giftcards at the Sydney CBD store with 2 separate Amex cards.
      Redeemed the 2 giftcards and paid the rest with a 3rd Amex card.
      Had no issue and $300 cashback in total.

  • -3 votes

    the fav machines for overpaid execs to run powerpoint on

    • +1 vote

      No that's a Ipad Pro 12.7" with LTE , Surface Pro X or a Macbook Pro i9. The Surface Pro 7 i5 is actually decent priced when on sale.

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