Credit Card Insurance - Cancel Card What Happens to Included Insurance?

Bit of a strange one. I purchased flights to Bali and booked accommodation on a credit card which I need to cancel before I take the trip (to avoid paying the annual fee).
I used the credit card as I needed the minimum spend for the points.

Just wondering if I cancel the credit card, does my insurance get cancelled too? I've read the PDS however it doesn't specifically state anywhere about cancelling the credit card.

Wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation?

Will probably just buy some new cover but with the old I'm covered for Coronavirus at the moment.


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    Of course it will. The travel insurance is attached to the card.


    Yep, it will be canceled.

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    What a tangled web we weave …


    Is the annual fee renewal and the trip close together? I remember reading a few OzBargainers were able to cancel their credit cards after the annual fee and got the fee refunded, like some sort of grace period. I know it's a bit vague but could be something you could look into if that helps.


      Think I activated the card June last year and my trip is last week of July. I guess if I was to purchase a new policy it'd be about $200, so in a way I'd be paying $200 to keep the card which isn't too bad.

      I'll see if I can find anything about refunding of fee's. Thanks mate


    I can confirm that for AMEX cards you forfeit the insurance if you cancel.


    I've successfully gotten the annual fee reduced and even waived on one occasion, just by advising the bank that I intend to leave because of the hefty annual fee.


    My understanding is you're entitled to it if you meet the t&cs, but only as a 'member' of the credit card.

    By not paying your fees, you're no longer a 'member' and they're no longer bound to cover you for travel insurance despite the fact that you may have met the t&cs to be eligible for cover.

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