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LEGO 76139 1989 Batmobile $319.99 Delivered @ Myer


Very new to retail stores, this set would normally be excluded from Myer sales. Part of the 'take a leap' sale, today only, 20% off. Don’t forget cash back, if it’s still in stock at midday that’s a hefty further saving.

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  • +3

    Would get this if I didn't just buy the Joker Manor

  • Thanks, another thing off the wishlist

  • Damn you op. I want this and will have it.

  • Hrmm cashback says 10%…

    Edit - all better!

  • Hmmm says:

    Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver your items due to insufficient stock.

    C&C no stock either :(

    • Must have got in just in time.

  • +6

    This is the coolest batmobile of them all

  • Because Batman

  • When I checked it out, the website says "Out of Stock", but it still allowed me to complete the payment. Just received Shopback email for $43 cashback recorded. Finger crossed Myer won't cancel the order…

  • +1

    Nooo, went outside to do social things and of course i missed out :(

  • I wonder if the deal was a response to this news: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/02/28/batmobile-re...

  • Thanks OP, got me one in time!

  • -3

    I've got 76023. Way cooler looking than this. Plus in memory of Dark Knight trilogy. Not fancy any other batmobile.

    • +3

      Lol, you have to be joking? The Dark Knight version looks like it was designed by a school kid. The '89 version is the best looking batmobile hands down!

      • +1

        Well, IMO it's exactly the opposite. But it's your call. I won't judge your judgement (or aesthetic) like you do.

      • +1

        Tim Burtons Batmobile IS the best version.
        Same as Michael Keaton was best Batman and Christian Bale was best Bruce Wayne

      • +4

        The Dark Knight version looks like it was designed by a school kid. The '89 version is the best looking batmobile hands down!

        You do realise the Tumbler seen in the Christopher Nolan films is a working, real-life vehicle Warner Brothers built with a completely original and custom chassis, body, suspension, power-train and interior, not to mention it performed all of those stunts seen in the film for real without the aid of CGI and achieved speeds of 160km/h on set? It actually survived breaking through cement barriers with only minor body damage.

        The design is fully functional and was carefully engineered to be highly durable and decently-manouverable for a vehicle of that size and weight.

        While 1989 Batmobile was also a working vehicle, that thing was just a Chevy Impala with a custom body slapped on top, and it definitely didn't perform any incredible stunts in the 1989 film other than driving in a straight line.

        Each to their own, but 1989 Batmobile looks a bit campy and dated, like some overgrown 1960s Cadillac that fell into a vat of tar, and firmly belongs in the era where Batman was less of a serious and complex character and more of a typical, two-dimensional comic book archetype.

  • +4
  • Has anyone's order shipped yet?

  • Alive again

  • Back in stock. Can anyone comment on the build of this set, fun, average?

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