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Dyson V10 Animal - $699 Delivered @ Dyson Official Store eBay


$699 from Dyson's official eBay store with 2 year warranty.

Don't forget about Cashback.

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  • Good price, must be because Valentine's Day is long gone.

  • Last year $720 V10 absolute with bonus dok.

  • Or the v11 absolute with dock n free postage $789 late last year

  • Wait till v11 absolute to hit sub 800.

  • Extra $5 off with PEAR5 coupon

    • Do note that shopback doesn't honour the 3% cashback if tcoupon codes are used in the transaction.

      The original post had $678 as the final value with shopback but one of the mods removed that info.

  • I took my dyson humidifier for repairs and the lady told me anyone who has a dyson, for the next 4 weeks it is 20% off entire range but have to go to dyson store to buy. I am in Perth not sure about other states. She didn't state when it started or ended when i asked her she just said 4 weeks.
    Check you repair centre in your state or store maybe they can do the same if you have a dyson product already.

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    Don’t forget to click via Velocity for 700 points.

  • has anyone got any feedback on the V11 animal for $693?


    • *** EDIT just saw the review name is JKEL - is it you DR-JKEL or coincidence ? ***

      I saw this comment and would prefer to get an Aussie model - haven't had much luck with grey market stuff.

      4 star rating
      Hong Kong model not Australian
      Review by Jkel on 15 Dec 2019 review stating Hong Kong model not Australian. I gave them still 4 stars just received my dyson animal by Courier . It is not the current Australian animal model it has slight changes in the rear led display on power settings so it isn’t the same model as displayed currently on the Dyson web page . That said it’s a great price for the current model, an* adapter is supplied for the socket is Hong Kong powered. Haven’t used it often enough to know just how good it is but it is professionally packaged in a genuine dyson box with all attachments.

      The 1 star off was because it isn’t the model I researched and it’s not a Australian machine with current model features and displays ***

  • Anyone here specifically interested in the V10/V11 over the Xiaomi Dreame v9? And if so, curious as to whether you think/have seen real-life practical improvements of the Dyson? (as opposed to specs being better) Cheers!

  • I have the dreame v9 I have stated many times that I am sorry I didn't pay more and get a dyson. My dc59 is still going strong. The dreame is just not as sturdy.

  • They're great, not sure they've nailed the battery yet. Our V8 doesn't last all that long on max, and the charge time is hours. Has this been significantly improved on the newer models?

  • Anyone know the difference between the v10 Animal and v10 Animal+ ?

  • FYI I just availed Dyson's money back guarantee for this to get the $799 v11 absolute from the good guys. Very happy Dyson customer