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15% Off Dreamworld & Whitewater World, Skypoint Observation Deck & Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary via


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    Just checking if don’t owned by michael james former owner of BESTJET and FLY365? Thank you for the answer.

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    Given the latest reports on the state of the Dreamworld rides, I think I'd be wanting a little more than 15% off.

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      It was one, very old ride and a freak accident. Don't let that put you off.

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        It definitely wasn't a freak accident. Coroner's report has just been released and not to mention I offered to do a risk assessment (no back of house) 3 months before the incident occurred. I honestly probably would of picked up on it. Oh well…

        That being said, considering how they went through the park one by one I'd consider it pretty safe to return. Unfortunately it was a case of relatively ancient ride design and safety standards. Only in the 90's did people even start thinking about safety standards (so to speak).


        Have the maintenance processes been radically upgraded yet?
        From my understanding, there was at least one previous similar incident advised to the investigation, which thankfully did not appear to hurt anyone that time.

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          I imagine they would be, especially considering they are still liable in regards to criminal prosecution.

          They were shutting down the rides constantly for inspections in the months following.

          It's a damn shame though, Ardent really at the end of the day don't seem to have the knowledge on how a theme park should be run. It's just constant mistake after constant mistake and a mis-mash of park theming :( There is an incredible amount of history of the park that has just been demolished due to the management chasing the immediate return instead of taking the long term view of organic growth :( Which is incredibly sad.


            @kronicmacstigator: Sounds as if you were involved in the park prior.
            My knowledge is that there was no proper emergency shutdown system (all off at once), or the poor operators were told not to use it. Suppose because it would reduce the ride throughput. This indicates the park philosphy to me. And when we last went there was an annoying crush of people all around.
            Hopefully this has been rectified.


              @Karen07: Despite how my text sometimes comes out (I have a few disabilities, the brain is sharp but the rest of the body isn't doing too well and sometimes things get lost in translation) I was studying a certain field for a decade. While I've stopped studying in that exact field for various reasons it has given myself insane critical thinking/planning skills. I'm actually a casual business/risk consultant.

              What it boils down to, you hand me the keys to your business. I then go through all your processes, marketing, products, services, equipment etc etc etc and just make a report at the end of ways you could possibly improve. Ironically, what I recommend is often investing money into your business but only in areas where are you are likely to see insane return and if the investment fails, where you could then sell said equipment (bought cheap) for close to what it owes. So basically minimising investment risk and potential returns.

              (Sounds like a lot of hoopla, but it could be something as simple as buying a coffee machine for the staff at a cost of 40c a cup vs a van coming around for $4.50 a cup. Where it would take approximately 7-14 days based on staff coffee consumption to 'repay' the cost of the machine and then you have increased productivity due to not lining up etc).

              The risk consultancy? My field of study involved A LOT of blood and gore! I basically look around your business and dream up all the nice ways people can get injured and killed. Basically boils down to myself going 'If I wanted to kill myself here, how would I do it'. But I also think up ways to prevent minor, repetitive injuries (down to buying groups of mice and switching them on staff every day, at the end they tell you what mouse they want and that helps prevent RSI in years to come). I also think up procedures (particularly for severe injuries) on how to 'link up' into emergency services depending on what's occurred. I even recommended to a client that even though they don't have CASA/ASA clearance that they hire an aviation consultant to designate a safe area for a helipad on their premises. Hopefully they'll never use it once but just knowing it's there could make all the difference on a medivac to Brisbane etc.

              It's all more of a bit of a hobby for me though I must admit! Sorry for going on but I thought I'd explain why I 'appear' to know so much!

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      You'd have rocks in ur head to risk your family's safety at dream world, I wouldn't step foot near the place

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    If you want to do Currumbin and are with Optus. Go through the 'Optus Perks' site. This will give you 15% off experienceoz AND it 'tag teams' with the current Currumbin promotion of tickets for $29. So you'll only be paying $24.65 for an adult ticket. It's relatively painless (especially for the price).


      Oh that's awesome! Looking at doing Currumbin next week, cheers!

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        Not sure how those links will work for you :) It's a bit of a process but not too bad. They'll email you the tickets, you print them off and away you go. I believe in one of the emails there is also a 10% off voucher for 'dining' at the park. So may be worth it, may not be but every dollar helps.


          Above & Beyond :)


            @lberation: I spent half an hour looking since I was going to buy 4/5 tickets. Most people would of been happy with the standard $29. But hey… saved $17.40 :)

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    Dreamworld. enuf said.

    they should do 85% off not 15% off.

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    I personally won't be contributing any money to an incompetent , profit before safety company like Ardent Leisure.