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Sony KD75Z9F 75" Z9F Master Series TV $2,999 Delivered @ Sony eBay


eBay price: $3,299.00 less PLUME15 code (max $300) = $2,999.00
Condition: Brand New

Cheapest price for Sony 75" Z9F Master Series TV (brand new) so far.

Z9F is Sony's flagship 4K LCD TV, released in September 2018 with an RRP of $7,999. The new Z9G Master Series is not a direct replacement for the Z9F as it's the first Sony 8K LCD TV and includes one model variant for Australia — the 85" KD85Z9G with a massive RRP of $21,995.

The 75" Z9F Master Series TV is a good alternative to the 75" X95G (KD75X9500G) TV, which has a current street price ~$3,995.

KD75Z9F Master Series product details (RRP $7,999)

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    Thanks OP.

  • How does it compare with the x9500g?
    Given that its 2 years old, does the x9500g have a faster processor?

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        Also found this comparison which is a bit more detailed:

        Overall is that the Z9f is slightly better.

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          "The Sony Z9F is slightly better than the Sony X950G. The Sony Z9F has better local dimming, which is great for movies and wider viewing angles thanks to the 'X-Wide Angle' technology; something which the X950G offers only at the larger models. On the other hand, the smaller models of the Sony X950G have higher contrast ratio, due to the lack of the 'X-Wide Angle' panel."

          Contrast/black uniformity better in the x95g
          More/better local dimming zones, better brightness, better viewing angle, better sound, lower reflections with the Z9F

          RTINGS also indicates that OS and app performance is smoother and slightly more feature-full with the x95g

          Both are VA panels

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            @Qbagger: The RTINGS contrast and uniformity measurements only apply to the 55 and 65 inch X9500G. The 75” X9500G will have worse contrast than the Z9F due to having the same X-Wide Angle filter but fewer zones to control it.

            Performance should be the same on both models on the latest since they both have the same CPU.

        • Great review. Thanks. Amazed that the Z9F comes with HDCP 2.3 being a 2 + year old model. Wondering if android has been updated to 9 from 8 ?

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    It’s worth noting if you’re going to compare this with the 75” X9500G RTINGS scores and many reviews for that model aren’t relevant to the 75” size since it has X-Wide Angle (that this Z9F also has).

    With that in mind this TV is an absolute bargain compared to the X9500G. More zones and a lot brighter. Both have the same X1 Ultimate processor. Furthermore this TV is directly comparable to the Samsung Q90R which is in a completely different price bracket.

    Any potential buyers should watch the HDTVTest review for this TV which details the pros and cons. https://youtu.be/8mlTElC2z2A

    I would personally recommend it to anyone looking for a TV for a bright living room. Especially those watching a lot of sports.

    • Thanks for that tp0 - RTINGS don't really make that clear at all!

      I'm in the market for a 75-86 inch TV. Can't afford OLED at this size so looking at all options in the $2000-$3000 range.
      My primary use case is 90% live 1080i sport on Foxtel HD (iq4 box). The remaining 10% would be 1080p movies/TV series.

      50% day viewing (no reflections) and 50% night viewing in full darkness. Sitting about 4.5m away from a wall mounted screen.

      Given you are clearly knowledgeable about this technology, what would you recommend? I'm tossing up between:

      Hisense 85R7
      LG 86UM7600PTA
      Sony 85x8500G
      Sony 75 Z9F

      Thanks for your help!

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        The Z9F by a landslide. It’ll provide an outstanding SDR image in a dark room while being 2-3 times brighter than any of those other TVs in a bright room.

        HDR performance is slightly compromised (blooming) on this TV however it’s still significantly better than any of the alternatives you’ve listed. In fact it’s in a completely different world of HDR performance despite a few niggles detailed in the video I linked earlier.

        • Cheers for that - My biggest factor is weighing up the extra 10-11 inches with my viewing distance so far back. Food for thought. $200 further discount on the Z9F would probably swing me as the LG 86" is currently ~$2900 delivered.

          If I went for the bigger 85/86 inch screen, which would be your recommendation for my use case?

          • @Qbagger: Both the Sony and LG are IPS displays which are a complete write off for dark room viewing.

            If you have to have more size I’d go for a 82” Samsung RU8000 but I really can’t stress enough the difference in quality between these low end TVs and a high end model like the Z9F.

            Also realistically at 4.5m all the options are too small. 75, 82, 85, 86. They’re all below the minimum recommended 26 degree viewing angle. I’d buy the best TV you can get for your money and move the couch closer.

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              @tp0: I thought the Sony 85x8500G is a VA panel? And the Hisense 85R7 is too?

              LG is an IPS for sure.

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                @Qbagger: Sorry I keep forgetting the 85” is VA. It’s not a bad option especially considering you don’t think you’ll be viewing HDR content.

                I wouldn’t recommend a Hisense.

                • @tp0: Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated.

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                    @Qbagger: Follow tp0’s advice, buy the best tv you can afford and sit closer to it. The Z9F is the obvious choice of the TVs you listed, daytime watching in either SDR or HDR on the Z9F is as good as it gets. At night it’s a different story though, stick to SDR at night and you’ll have no problems and will absolutely love this tv. If you want to watch HDR at night you’ll need to lower the brightness significantly to counter blooming and light bleed into the top and bottom black bars, this will ruin the HDR experience IMHO. I would buy one myself if I hadn’t just brought a Panasonic GZ1000, I was so close to buying a Z9F the last time they were this cheap but missed out and believed they had completely sold out.

                    • @77chewieboy: Ahh yup I was keen on the panasonic GZ1000, wa sin stock at my local JB went to buy next day and bam sale was over!

                      So how does the Z9F compare to the samsung QLED 75" Q75R? Assuming this high end model sony would also blow it out of the water?

                      • +1

                        @DR-JEKL: The Q75R is a pretty decent tv, definitely up there with the Sony X9500G but certainly not as good as the Z9F. For $3000 the Z9F is a real bargain, it’s currently on special in the UK for 2500gbp-$4800AUD. If you can live with a 65 incher the GZ1000 is the best tv currently available. I got mine for $2500 from JB HI FI a few weeks ago thanks to ozbargain.

                        • @77chewieboy: Hmm I have quite a large family room dining room living space (open plan) I think a 75“ will be more appropriate (I haven't moved in yet to my new house to really determine)

      • I will take 85R7.

        I prefer 10” more screen size

  • Could somebody please explain the difference in price between a cheaper 4k TV (e.g. a Hisense) and a $3000 4K TV (e.g. the above) if they're both the same size and resolution?

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      Same as comparing Great Wall pick-up vs Toyota Hilux.

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      Image processing, shudder on panning, colour reproduction etc.

      • +2

        I’ll add brightness and backlight control to that list as two big ones. As you go up the LCD TV price points the main thing your paying for is a better, brighter backlight.

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      They cheap out on little things that make difference, such as:

      • Horrible or slow menu/interface because they use underpowered processors. Ruins your watching experience because the interface is slow and laggy when using apps, browsing channels, browsing Netflix, etc.

      • They say 4K but it just barely makes the grade and can't play back more than 24fps at 4K. Some of the eye-popping demos they play at the store are 4K 60fps, so those videos wouldn't even play on some cheaper sets.

      • 8-Bit panel instead of 10-bit panel, meaning less colour range (not as vibrant/realistic).

      • Having only a 50Hz panel (w/ 100hz motion smoothing) instead of 100hz panel with 200Hz motion smoothing. A higher rate means more motion smoothing ability and less judder/blurriness during motion.
    • +3

      Any Hisense tv vs the Z9F is the equivalent of night vs day, Sony (and Panasonic) are the best in the biz when it comes to the software they use in their products. I guarantee no Hisense product is used in the film/tv industry, on the other hand Sony and Panasonic are the preferred brands used by the big studios. Like a Ferrari vs a Hyundai, no comparison.

  • +1

    So much want because of the size, but not sure if I’m going to regret replacing my Panny ST60 with this. 80% BD/1080p content viewing in almost total darkness the rest just FTA news, Friends, ETC…whelp? Not looking to spend on 75 OLED.

    • Replaced my pana plasma with pana OLED.. But 65inch.. Def go oled if you can go down to 65inch :)

      • Nah, min 75 for me to count as an upgrade. It would be quite hard to spot the 5 inch difference IMHO.

        • I replaced my 50 inch ST60 with the 65inch 9500g the difference is night and day. Absolutely no regrets

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: Forgot to mention I have a 60ST60 so its less than 10% bigger. Upgrading from a 50 is much much more noticable.

    • A relative also has the 60" ST60 and looking to go 75"… wondering if this is the way they should go?

    • As a former Panasonic plasma devotee, take it from me - do not get anything other than an OLED. You will hate the black/contrast levels on a non-OLED TV.

      I've had a couple of Sony OLEDs (A1E and now A8F) and I can honestly say that the A1E was the first time I saw a TV that truly blew away my plasma for picture quality. The Panasonic OLEDs are also meant to be really good and are a fair bit cheaper than Sony/LG.

      Whenever I see even higher end LCD/LED TVs I find the image cartoonish and washed out compared to OLED, especially in darker environments.

  • I liked the tcl.i bought it for half price and very happy with game and sports performance. I had a top range LG tv before that it is was very bad for local dimming and washed out colours.i also find the picture on Sony's look very flat.

    • Are you sure you are talking about the z9F? The only lcd to compete is Samsung q80 or q90.
      Btw didn’t neg and didn’t purchase this tv I bought the lg oled. But I have seen the z9F and of you want an lcd for the backlighting etc this is a great tv

    • You're not wrong, I bought a TCL C8 at a great price $799 and absolutely loving it. HDR performance is perfect (although only 400 nits) good blacks, crisp sound from the Onkyo speakers, tiny blooming but acceptable. The 65 inch was $990 just a few weeks ago and it's quite possibly the /cheapest/ QLED TV in the market right now. Their TV quality is definitely getting better and better, I can't wait for the TCL Vidrian Mini-LED 8K model to come out. Black levels obviously can't compete with OLED right now but they're getting close with Mini-LED technology and best of all there's no burn-in.

      • +1

        If only the TCL 6 series is available in AU… probably one of the best budget tvs out there with local dimming. Damn the yanks always get the good stuff

  • +1

    Damnit! - have been hanging for this TV but still waiting for my Amex to come through so I can burn through the 3K spend on this

  • +2

    Thanks OP - Bought one.

    Had been hoping and waiting for the 85x9500g to drop below 5k. But this deal was too good to pass up. Cheers.

    • +1

      Ive been hanging for either this or the 75x9500g to drop to $3k

      • Have you bought this one then?

        • See my comment above

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Apple household here so wondering if it supports AirPlay (cant find it in the spec sheet)?
    I assume you can still Cast to it regardless?

    • According to the Sony website it’s available for this model with a software update. Can’t confirm this or not.

      • Thanks, yes that's what I read too. Hoping someone can 100% confirm before i pull the trigger.

        • +1

          Air Play works on my 9500xg, This TV has the same processor and OS. So I'd assume it would work the same….

          If you want someone to confirm, I'd post on Whirlpool or HDTV Forums in the Thread for that TV, someone would be able to confirm there

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: Do you have a Sonos speaker? Can you output sound from tv to a Sonos speaker via airplay 2?

            • @chillybags: Im sure you can output sound but it wont be available via airplay 2. Airplay 2 is an apple feature and this is a Sony TV.

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: Thanks, fingers crossed. I bought it anyway. Worst case I would be able to cast to it by other means anyway.

            • @javab0y: I'm not sure how it works, I can airplay media to the TV from my Phone etc, I'm not sure if you can use airplay to cast TV sound to a speaker.

              • +3

                @PaPaGeorGeo: Super happy with the TV.
                All mounted and also got a Luminoodle led strip behind it from Amazon. Great TV. Thanks again OP!!

                Can confirm Airplay and HomeKit works.

    • +3

      Yes it does - it supports Airplay 2

  • +2

    God this is sooooooooooo tempting!!! Should I keep stocking up on toilet paper OR pull he trigger and buy the 75" monster TV of my dreams? And deal with the consequences (wife) later? ;)

    • +3

      Do you even have enough space to store $3k worth of toilet paper? :D

      • +1

        Or do you have ambulance cover ?

  • Question is, will this be better for me, not sure?
    I have a Sammy 65" plasma in a dark media room, eats power however quality is great.
    Size is never enough, wanted larger.
    Wasn't impressed with how little picture quality had progressed, except OLED.
    Will this be a step up in picture quality? etc. Didn't see this model in the showroom.
    75" OLED was voted down by the boss.

  • Chances of this deal hanging around until Friday? The 15% off code is valid until the 15th, wonder if stock and Sonys discount will hold on until then.

    • It will come down to stock levels.

      Since posting this deal, stats are: More than 10 available / 26 sold.

      26 units have sold in 16.5 hours.
      They seem to be clearing out surplus stock. I'd guess that once sold, they won't restock this deal. Personally, I wouldn't wait to Friday.

      • Wish i had the option but ive gotta wait for my new amex card to come in to clear the minimum spend on this big boi.

        • I thought they may run out at 50, but it looks like they have more stock: More than 10 available / 52 sold

          • +1

            @1bug: If you look on the app it gives you a percentage - they are at about 60% sold. I worked it out and there is about 88 on offer. I think im going to pull the trigger when it starts to get low - if i dont get my card tomorrow ill have no chance.

  • +1

    Hoping for a clearance deal on the 850G 85”

    • +1

      Same! Crossing fingers for sub $3k after an eBay discount code…

  • Does anyone know what sort of remote control this tv has? I've been using an LG FHD tv for a few years now and it has a magic remote with the mouse wheel to scroll instantly to the channel I want or to scroll through netflix pages or during internet browsing. Does this tv have a scrolling remote or do you have to keep hitting left or right or up/down arrows? I don't know if I can give up the scrolling feature.

  • +1

    Purchased thanks OP!

    Anyone got any feedback on how good the sound is on this thing?

    Also what wall mounts are you guys using, selby still the go to?

  • Would love some thoughts from people with experience in this: for a bright north facing sunny room to use for watching sport. Sounds like this tv would be great for that from previous reviews. Just tossing up this or going up to 85inch Sony x85G. I’m not in a rush so can wait for that to come down to a similar price to this one. I’ve got a 3.5 wide wall to put it on and would sit 3.5m away from the screen.

    I’ve looked at some guides for size to viewing distance and they say for a 75 inch you should sit between 1.8 and 3m away.1.8m seems very very close. 3m isn’t very far away either for such a large tv.

    • Im about 4m away from my TV and ive currently got a 55inch TV - will be upgrading to a 75 as i think 82-85 is overkill and it would just look enormous in the room - not to mention the missus would kill me.

      Each to their own i suppose

  • +1

    So i received my Amex today and pulled the trigger on this - pretty much clears the $3k spend right off the bat.

    Delivery looks to be next Wednesday-Thursday - Question for buyers - how do Sony Ebay organize delivery? assuming i wont be home, do they SMS the day before delivery to organize if you are home? Can you defer to a Saturday?

    • +3

      Mine is being delivered tomorrow. Got a call from DHL today confirming a 4 hour window and advising I'd be called by driver 30 min prior to delivery.

      • Awesome, that works well. Thanks mate!

  • +2

    Pulled the trigger and got one! Thanks OP!

    • +2

      Also pulled the trigger, thanks.

  • What type of her me theatre system would you recommend with this?

  • +2

    Last one

  • +2

    All gone - 90 sold

  • +2

    Back in stock!

    • Thanks, removed expiry.
      Current Quantity: 6 available / 95 sold

  • +1

    Jagged number 92 this morning :-)

  • +1

    Back available - 5 in stock

  • -1

    so the x95g is better in what way?

    • -1

      They are pretty on par

    • The x95g is not better than the Z9f in any way.

  • Back in stock - 2 available

  • Sony promotion - Are we still entitled to TWO 4K movies with Google Play?


    • That link seems to just go straight to the TV main page - Have you got a screenshot of the deal?

      • If only I knew how to attach a screenshot on this forum TT ….got any idea?

        Just click on "Offers & Promotions" on that Sony web site and you'll find a pick of a Spiderman 4K HDR movie and Google Play ….

  • +1

    Looks like it finally Sold Out: 0 available, 105 sold

    • +2

      Yep, they found another 13 units after my #92 purchase on 10/3/20

      Gone now forever maybe?

  • +1

    My item supposed to arrive on 1-11th March. The DHL track & trace stated, "Held Over-tba". What does it mean?

  • +1

    Held-TBA means, your Shipment is at DHL depot. I’m in Melbourne and mine was shipped on 10/03, Status was Held-Tba on 11/03, Delivered to me on 12/03 at 11:00 hrs.

  • +4

    Fantastic TV, loving it so far. The Apple TV has gone to the upstairs older TV as the inbuilt Android TV has just about everything!

  • +3

    So happy i jumped on this deal, definitely can tell the difference coming from a 55" HX850 from 7 years ago. The signal processing really makes normal SD/HD/FTV videos much more enjoyable, and watching HDR UHD contents from Amazon Prime video was so good!

    Do we need to keep the box just in case of any issue?(touch wood)
    Or has everyone just thrown it away already

    • +1

      Mine was turfed yesterday. Unless you have any issues out of the box, ie dead pixels i think you should be fine to get rid of it after a day or 2 of kicking the tires.

  • +1

    Did anyone get shopback tracked for this?

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