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[WA, SA, QLD, NSW] 2-for-1 Pasta - Mon-Thurs @ Jamie's Italian


Grab a mate & take advantage of our 2 for 1 pasta special 🍝 Available Monday - Thursday, until March 31! Bookings are essential to get offer, book now - #jamiesitalianau

Prices range from $26-$33/meal

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  • I thought this place closed down??

    • UK did, Aus stores under different management now

      The four restaurants in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide were bought by Brisbane-based hospitality company Hallmark Group from Oliver in a last-minute rescue a year ago.

      • Perth is still open. I was there recently and it was pretty good. It was busy and the food was decent - and priced well when on special offer.

    • I can confirm the Brisbane location is still going strong, I ate there just last weekend. Nice place, great staff, the food is good.

  • So a matter of time then

  • I'd try it for this $$. Almost every review I've heard is that it's average - not bad but definitely not good

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    do they still try to charge $99 for the tips on cards?

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      What a moronic question.

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          That was a one-off thing. You implied they do it on a regular basis.

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            @miq: Please read through the article. It has happened several times in WA. haven't visit James Italian since then. that's why I was wondering if this issue still happened or not. its a simple question. If you dont like this question, just ignore it, rather than responding it with your moronic response.

            • @rch:

              Updated March 1, 2016 — 11.35am, first published February 29, 2016 — 4.38pm

              Did it happen to you? If not, I'd find that a silly reason to avoid a place.

              Especially to question something you saw in a press article 4 years ago

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                @spackbace: went there twice with my wife and on both of my experiences, I was asked if I want to enter the tip on the EFTPOS machine, which is really awkward and the waiter gave us a weird look when I skip that. This never happened before in other restaurants in WA. If you look through Jamie Italian's offer on ozbargain, this tipping awkward thing still happening up until last year.

                well, at the end of the day, please feel free if anyone interested to go to Jamie's Italian restaurant. I'm just trying to make sure that people aware of this unusual tipping behaviour in the restaurant.

                • @rch: Wonder what they do if you pay the exact amount in cash?

                • @rch:

                  I'm just trying to make sure that people aware of this unusual tipping behaviour in the restaurant.

                  You mustn’t dine out much. I’ve had this happen to me plenty of times before.
                  Though you are correct, it is weird/awkward.

                  • @miq: Turns out, Jamie Italian restaurant has a tipping policy that pushed the waiters to either ask tips on customers face (while looking at our every single move), 10% tips for large groups (the only restaurant with this BS policy. please read through reviews) or the slip tip for the waiter to reach their tip goal (up to $100).

                    I'm not too sure if this policy still applied but from what I've read on restaurant reviews and ozbargain forum, it turns out some waiters still ask for tips up to last year.

                    Please read through the following (old) article about the tipping policy:

                    Maybe you're right. maybe I haven't dined out much. But most of the restaurants/pubs/bars/cafes I've been, they have Tips Jar to collect tips, which is way better and allow us to tip anonymously. I guess most probably I haven't been to those restaurants who ask for tips on my face.

                    • @rch: I wonder if this was linked to the underpayment, and that was their way of trying to boost their income

                      • @spackbace: I think Jamie wants their waiters to work more proactively. a similar system to a car salesman at dealers or property managers, where their salary is actually relying more to their sales commissions.

  • Has the food improved since I had it 2 years ago?

  • $30 for a pasta (ouch!), $15 sounds about right. Drink prices will be interesting.

  • No deal

    Fasta Pasta lunch special linguine $8.90

  • I've had the bolognese and carbonara there. Thought they were both okay, and good at this price.

    Edit: I didn't appreciate it being implied I should tip though. (profanity) no.

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    Down with Jamie's

  • Prefer going into a real Italian restaurant run by real Italians like Ciao Italia and Pizzeria Tiramisu (works with Amex shop local discounts too) here in Perth.

    • Almost all the cooks in Ciao Italia are non Italian.

      • In my opinion, ciao is still considered one of the best Italian restaurant in WA. it’s still owned by Italian family. If there are couple of chefs are not Italian, I will still go to the restaurant coz the whole family still work there. If the whole staff in the restaurant are not Italian, then I’ll look for other restaurant. :D.

        Also, those 2 non-Italian chef will be in huge trouble if they don’t cook well according to family’s recipe. LOL.

  • is it 2 hours for every 1 paid for the workers #wagetheft

  • Anyone order online ? How was you experience with the ordering thing ?

  • I heard the staff don't get paid.

  • Can you go solo or you need a mate to go with you?