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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 128GB $849 with Telstra $65/Month 60GB 12-Months Plan (Minimum Cost $1629) @ The Good Guys (In-Store Only)


The Good Guys are offering: Samsung S20+ 128GB for $849 when you sign up to the $65 Per Month Over 12 Months Telstra Plan. Alike other plans of this nature, this is in the form of a $650 Good Guys Gift Card.

Similar to Ace26's post, however this is the S20+

Eligible Phones:

Samsung S20+ 128GB
1091006398 – Cosmic Grey
1091006399 – Cosmic Black
1091006400 – Cloud Blue

12 Month Telstra Plan:

To be eligible, must be a 'Port in' and bring number to Telstra.

$65 Plan consists of: 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with minimum cost of $1629

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The Good Guys

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    Any idea if they do ultra? And at what price


    Any Plans on Ultra ?


    Port in and bring their number to Telstra by signing up to the $65 60GB 12 Month Plan
    (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with minimum cost of $1629,

    $1629? Hmmmm


      Yeah that doesn't read correctly to me either. It's referring to the plan not total cost including the phone.. Looks as though they have added the cost of the phone to the plan. Should be $780.


      Phone = $849
      Plan = $65 x 12 months =$780
      $780 + $849 = $1629

      Would be keen for a deal like this with an ultra..


    I would've jumped on this if it was available during pre-order.

    Does anyone know if it would qualify for the Buds+ still?


      That's why it's cheaper today….


      No. Promotion has already ended. Look at this deal I posted.
      The phone on this deal is 4G though. So effectively You would pay $1079 for the phone outright and combine that with $135 boost sim card and voila. You saved yourself $415.
      If you combine with another $50 from the newsletter, it will be $455 saving

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    Anyone keeping track of the reviews will know that the Ultra camera performance seems to have been universally panned as being underwhelming for the specs and actually really bad at autofocusing and over smoothing faces.

    It's been hard to find a review of the S20+ due to all of the focus on the Ultra but here's a review. The camera smoothing issue remains on the S20+.


    I was really excited about the S20 range launch but I feel it will be a massive backwards step in photography.

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      I have exactly the same sentiments. I followed every leak on the Ultra for 6 months and feel massively let down.
      I'll still consider the Ultra if a really good deal pops up, otherwise I'm looking forward to the P40 Pro Premium.


      True but Samsung is promising a software fix for the auto-focusing issue. The over-smoothing of faces is kindly called the "Samsung look" - all of their phones take pictures this way.

      The common complaint with the S20 Ultra is that it costs too much.

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        RRP is always expensive. But its funny how we all start to get huge discount on these phone even before they get released

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    Remember to live chat and ask for a $10/month port in discount :)


    Sorry all if been asked before, but…
    I have a Telstra number on non locked in $50 p/m plan..
    If also have a optus prepaid number and could get the deal (phone + plan).
    Once I've done the migrate on the optus pre-paid number, can I then migrate the plan to my telstra number?


    Hope they do 256gb or 512gb

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    This seems like a pretty good deal. Any reason why this isn't more popular on Ozbargin? Am I missing something?


    Does anyone know what would be the final amount on receipt? Need to use it for tax purpose.

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