[PC & Mac] Free: Aurora HDR 2018 Full Version @ Skylum


The world's most advanced HDR photo editor is back again for free. Simply add an email address which you'll need to confirm. You'll then receive your download links via a second email. A throwaway email address works fine. File size is around 327MB for PC. Enjoy :)

Credit to matwalaboy over at HUKD for the find.

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    The world's most advanced HDR photo editor is back


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    Coincidentally I was using this last night editing holiday photos.

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    ahh free…i like free :)



    perfect addition to the recent olympus deal thanks


    14 day free trial - can you get the full version free "forever"?

    Excuse the newby Q, i'm on my L plates here!

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    Don't fall into the HDR hole folks

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    HDR photos are the best when you don't know it's a HDR.

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    I'm proud of myself for coming to terms with the fact I would never use this, and resisting the temptation to get it just because it's free. Sometimes less is more.


    I've downloaded the software 2018, but it's asking for an activation key?


    I received x2 emails.

    1st email - Please confirm the subscription. I clicked yes, subscribe me to this list.k

    2nd email - Amplify your images with the world's most advance HDR SOFTWARE, down your copy of Auroa HDR 2018: here

    PC or Windows. (was this email suppose to contain the activation key?) I never got an activation key…

    Once you’ve downloaded and installed Aurora HDR 2018, simply launch your new software and use the following activation key to activate Aurora HDR 2018:but there's no activation key :S


      its in the second email u gotta scroll past the download link. Maybe open the email in a browser, it may not be loading properly


      I had the same problem, no activation key in 2nd email.
      Went back to the sign up page, entered my email again but this time ticked the "I agree to receive emails from Skylum with best deals, news etc".
      Got another email, this time with the activation code


    An internal server error occured


    Does anybody know if there's an expiry on the activation code.

    I've subscribed and got the code, but don't want to download atm as I'm on mobile data.

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