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[PC, Mac] Free - Aurora HDR 2018 (Full Version) (Was $139) @ Skylum


Looks like this deal is back ( Thanks to dealbot) and

Also, getting option to download 2019 as well. - Edit : 2019 is trial

Enjoy :)

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  • Email that came through says download your free trial. Full version US 99.00. am I missing something?

    • I haven’t tested..Did you get key ?
      try these steps from previous deal

      Step 2. In the name and your email boxes, provide those details

      Step 3. After you press get my copy, you will be sent an email that will allow you to download the software AND a KEY that looks like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

      Step 4. Install the program

      Step 5. After you install the program, it will say something along the lines of you have a 14 day trial. Then just click continue and you will be given the option to enter your email and the key which will then proceed to unlock the FULL version

  • How do I purchase the software?

  • Tried to register. But I didn't get the key emailed too me?!

  • They've failed at email. If you put a + in your email and register it'll send you the key. However when you try and activate with that same email it fails. Just remove the + as the email doesn't seem to matter.

  • Got 2018 Thanks OP!

  • What is this?

    • don't ask. just download it and never use it, ozbargainer style.

    • +11 votes

      An over-hyped, but reasonably decent HDR photo stacker.

      It also includes a whole lot of filters to make your photos look over-saturated, like they came from a travel advert.

    • A HDR specific editor with extremely limited appeal for the smartphone crowd as it seems to require multiple exposures for even a halfway decent result. Handy enough batch editing features if you're into timelapses and such considering it's free (sorta). Had genuinely forgotten it was installed.

      • Pretty accurate summary. It really is focused at HDR by combining multiple shots so it's likely not suited to casual people taking snaps on a phone. For that crowd the phones built in HDR toggles probably a better option.

        If you're looking for something to tweak photos you took on your phone (or non HDR edits from anything else) then they have the Luminar product which is less niche and has things like filters etc but also tools to remove unwanted objects etc. It's perhaps a bit immature but Luminar also has a photo manager for organising your image collection. I'd suggest Luminar would appeal to more users.

    • image processor. Its not too bad either. I know photoshop very well and this is definitely one of the better free options

  • +4 votes

    I don't know what this software is but I've registered for it. 😁👍

  • Not sure how much I'll use it but I've downloaded it :D Thanks OP!

  • Need a good video editor deal now!

    • Like the always free Davinci Resolve? For a bit simpler editing, Openshot.

  • Downloaded it a long time ago, never got to use it as everytime I try, it crashes. Scoured the net for solutions, no luck.

  • Thank you folks! I just got my copy :)

  • So sweet, thank you OP…. downloaded and works!

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