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[eBay Plus] $10 off $80 Spend @ Coles eBay


Shop from the safety of your home.

2.Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEDT) on 9th March 2020 and ends at 11:59pm (AEDT) on 15th March 2020 (“Offer Period”).
3.Conditions. The offer entitles eBay Plus Members to $10 off (excluding postage costs) on their order from 'Coles Supermarkets' on ebay.com.au, for Coles deliveries, when they spend $80 or more per transaction. A maximum $10 discount per transaction for eBay Plus members applies. A maximum of 5 transactions per person applies. Multiple items may be purchased in each transaction, up to a maximum of 40 items per transaction. All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
4.'Eligible Items' means all items listed at: https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Coles/bn_7114044189
5.Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed by the seller in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

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  • +1 vote

    but no toilet paper!!!!

  • +13 votes

    Booooo. Why shop for groceries online? You'll miss all the brawls and fights that happen in-store!

  • +7 votes

    Feeling brave? head over to your local Aldi this Wednesday for a chance to buy 3ply 48pk toilet paper at ($14.99) 31c per roll (17c/100 sheets).
    You think Coles and Woolworths is bad? Imagine Aldi as soon as those doors open 👀

    • made order
    • order cancelled by coles saying no stock
    • no response from multiple contact attempts with coles regarding order, to cancel or fulfill
    • no help from ebay to get it resolved
    • lodge paypal dispute
    • eventually get a refund from paypal

    Same thing happened to a lot of people…avoid!

    • ditto… im gonna need a charge back I reckon

    • Did you order toilet paper?

    • I take it you are talking about when they had the $49 off promo?

    • I had a good experience with the 49 off 99 they didn’t have a lot of my items so it was basically 49 off 60 for me 😂

    • Coles @ eBay has to be the most useless thing ever. Pre-payment is so very stupid.

      Coles Online, you are not charged till they actually do the shop.

    • Happened to me twice, not just in eBay, in Coles online as well.

    • My experience with them was very poor also.

      The important items was out of order so cancelled it.
      Then eBay suspended account saying "abusing their refund system".

      It is a waste of time.

      • Last 10% off deal I had part of my order cancelled as "out of stock".
        Went to store to pick up the rest of my order, and thought I would wander down the aisle while waiting to see if it really was "out of stock". It wasn't.
        Asked why I couldn't have the items I ordered they said a refund had been processed and they would have to charge me the full price (i.e. no 10% discount) if I wanted it.

        • The system is really messed up… Not worth the hassle and who knows what can backfire like my case…

  • Never Ever buy from Coles online.
    These guys are the worst when comes to online shopping.
    Confirmed items in stock when purchased then made us wait for 1 hr 25 minutes for click and collect and then sent a mail stating few items are out of stock and others replaced with similar ones.
    Now, no response from the support centre on phone or via text.

    • Now, no response from the support centre on phone or via text.

      Why? are they scare of getting infect with Coronavirus. Never like the idea of shopping online via Coles or Woolies because you don't know what you getting.

  • For me the experience has been great, very kind delivery drivers, been ordering for last 3 months without any hiccups

  • Shop from the safety of your home.


  • There is no "bargain" in needing to spend $80 AND be a member of ebay plus, just for a miserable $10 off.

    • To me the alternative is 4-5% off Coles cards so save $3.20 to $4 and that is not counting the carting .
      So with that its a great time to use this to grab some bulkier, heavy items eg drinks .

    • Join ebay plus $49.
      Get $50 ebay voucher.
      Spend $80 at Coles.
      Save $10 plus the $1 profit from eBay voucher.
      total save $11.
      11/80 = 13.75%

      Can you give an example of a better deal that gives up to 13.75% off at Coles?

      • You could buy directly from coles with $10 off $100 spend new customer and pay with a 4-10% off gift card

        • So now you have to spend $100?
          Wasn't the original complaint in not worth the return on an $80 spend?
          So the solution is to spend more instead?

  • Can i use buy toilet paper? LOL

  • WORD TO THE WISE!!!!! Do not use eBay for your Coles delivery. The $10 saved is not worth the hassle and inconvenience of the screw around you get in return.

  • Plus only deal. Do you guys love it so much?

  • -1 vote

    Shop from the safety of your home

    hardly. any product you receive could be have coronavirus on it

  • I've made about 7-8 orders with Coles eBay, And my experience overall has been good, I rarely have my order fulfilled though, there is always something that is OOS, so I just expect it now. Whenever Ive raised an issue , it's dealt with quick In my favour. Free delivery on 49$ order is fantastic, however I've noticed soft drinks/water etc prices about 10% more, and that only select items are available. Great addition to eBay plus, they always have some 10/15 off promo, so it's quite good value.