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3 in 1 Offer: Non-Slip Yoga Mat + Yoga Tote Bag + 'Absolute Yoga' e-Book $49 Delivered @ JoynWell via Amazon AU



Absolute Yoga 3 in 1 Deal
The Key to a Healthier, Happier & Fulfilled Life
Yoga Mats are made up of top quality Thermo Plastic Elastomer(TPE) material. You can have a stretching exercise or have a meditation with a great mat.

Why Choose Our Yoga Mats?
👉Premium Eco-Friendly Material - our yoga mats are environment-friendly and are free from silicone, toxic glue, latex, phthalates & chlorine. These yoga mats are safe to use for men, women, and children.
👉Water Proof & Anti Slip - These yoga mats have a waterproof surface that prevents moisture, dust, and germs from being absorbed into the yoga mat. Our yoga mats have an excellent anti-skid surface which gives perfect grip to the floor and thus prevents injuries.
👉Perfect Balance - These yoga mats are extra long, wider and thicker, which gives yogis the space they crave, with perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning whilst staying lightweight - Dimensions 183cm long x 61cm wide and 0.6cm thick.

Australian Designed Yoga Mat Bag with 2 Large Size Pockets and 1 Zipper Pocket

Why yogis would need a yoga mat bag?
◆ Having a useful yoga mat bag can save a lot of your time in preparing your essentials before going out for your practice.
◆ Whenever you need to go out, you need a bag that you can find things more easily without rummaging through your home or your car.
◆ The bag does great help in keeping and protecting your yoga mat when not being used.

Yoga Mat Carriers are made of Odorless, Eco-friendly, Quality 8 Oz cotton canvas. ⭐ Beautifully crafted with 2 Large Size pockets on each side for a bottle, towel and yoga accessories for women, and 1 secure Zipper pocket for your cards, phone, and keys

✅ DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Yoga Tote Bag Dimensions are 34" Long x 8" Wide. Unlike other yoga gym bags that are small and short, ⭐ DESIGNED IN Australia JOYnWELL yoga carrier allows for most size yoga mats to be slipped right in with a nice secure fit. 1/2" Too thick or too long mats will have a tighter fit and will be harder to carry
✅ FOLDABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Functional Yoga Bag designed to be used daily, withstanding the most common wear and tear. Portable & Multi-functional design makes this yoga bag for mat suitable for Yoga Retreat, Grocery, Gym, Beach, etc

🎁 Instead of charging this offer for Yoga Mat with Yoga Bag Carrier and life-changing e-Book at a high price, normally $74

We are offering this price slash only if you act right now:

For Only $49.00 AUD

Including FREE Standard Shipping Australia Wide!


Eco-Friendly TPE Material, Reversible, and Non-Slip Excercise & Fitness Mat

Yoga Mat Bag with 2 Large Size Pockets and 1 Zipper Pocket
Just use the coupon code: JNW35MAR at the checkout to get 35% off!

'Absolute Yoga' e-BOOK - The Key to a Healthier, Happier & Fulfilled Life
Discounted Price $17 But as part of this offer, you will get it as a BONUS for free!
DON'T MISS OUT: Your BONUS "Absolute Yoga" e-Book is automatically sent out via e-mail. Please ENABLE Buyer/Seller Messages in your Amazon Settings

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  • I got my yoga mat for $7.50 from Kmart:


    I don't think it's worthwhile to spend $41.50 on a bag and a ebook (not even a physical book).

    • Its funny, I bought a "better" yoga mat with stitches around it, right? it came with a carrying bag!… for 20$ :\
      This is obscene.

      • -2 votes

        Obviously your understanding of 'better' is different to ours.
        There are hundreds online and retails shops sell yoga mats, bags much cheaper and/or 10x + higher. Or even for free.
        The point is, - this ad certainly did not say advertised as cheapest on the market :)

        • I didn't say mine was better, I said "BETTER" , lol.
          Lets talk in a year when the seems on yours will come apart while mine stays beautifully stitched together.

          I don't think I care for your attitude.

          Instead of hearing out the crowed your halfassed sale isn't impressive or relevant - you start clapping back at people.
          Now you won me over, ordering 3.

          • -2 votes

            @Kundi: It's really funny, as I didn't say your mat was better, I said 'your understanding of the term "better" is different from what we sell.
            Anyway, I strongly believe our better is better than your better otherwise we wouldn't manufacture more quality products and wouldn't sell it here.
            Just to clarify, as a serious business, we wouldn't care less about the attitude of the commenters in this forum, we're just having fun.
            And yeah, great idea, let's certainly keep in touch through the year to see who's mat is going to last longer.

            P.S. Thaks for your order :)

    • -1 vote

      I'm sure it wouldn't take much effort for anyone to find $3-5 bags on eBay, if you want it even cheaper :)

  • What if yoga fixes my constipation and I have to use more tp?

  • Link automatically adds to cart? wtf

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