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JB Hi-Fi [$400 Gift Card] on $65/Monthly (12 Months) and [$500 Phone Credit] with (24 Months) (in-Store Only)


Hi all, Just confirming that Jb HiFi is yet again offering $400/$500 off any phone if you sign up for a 12/24 months plan in store. I would love to avail that Gift Card offer they had last year but if you can't wait them jump onboard.

12 Months Min Cost would be $780
24 Months Min Cost would be $1560

Note: If you haven't followed old OZbargain posts then be noted that if you are on a Telstra Network (Belong, Boost etc) already then you will have to Port out from your service provider and wait for 30 days and then port in to Telstra to avail this deal OR you can simply sign up for a brand new number.

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    Remember when you used to get the phone for free on $59/month plans

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      And then you could get a $10month port in credit as well.

      • Is this still a thing? What did you say to the chat agent?

      • How did you guys get things for free??

        My wife is looking to get an s20 5g ultra, what's the best way to get it using this JB Hi-Fi deal?!

    • Ahh remember those Crazy John's days.

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        Crazy John's would chuck in a PS4 too if they were around today

        • +11

          Probably why they're no longer around today.

          • @rhz: Nah the dude died and his wife sold the business.

            • @hybridx: She hated John's Playstation addiction.

        • Yeah I remember he was crazy!

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      Yep, I'm still using the iPhone 8 I got I think Christmas 2017 for free on a $59 plan with optus (with 40 or 60gb of data from memory). Fast forward 18 months, Optus admitted the network in my area was too poor and let me get out of my contract early for under $200 to pay off the phone only which I was fine with - and it allowed me to sign up for the $65/60GB/12 month telstra plan with a free iPad mid last year. iPhone 8 is still working great but I'm hoping another good deal comes along soon for my next phone.

      iPhone plans without these great deals are an absolute rip off, basically just the (phone cost / 12 or 24 months) + a phone contract.

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      Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    • Yeah I remember. I got a Nokia N91 in 2007 for $49! What an awesome phone that was. Not being sarcastic.

  • I remember some phones were included on $49 per month not that long ago

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      Yeah I got S9+ on optus $49 per month plan with 20GB data 2 years back :(

      • +1

        S9+ is soo 2018.

        • +1

          S9 is like 11 years old now

  • +12

    Remember when we you would use a payphone to 1800 Reverse the home phone so your parents would come pick you up?

    • +10

      Will you accept a collect call from: "himumpickmeupnow"

      • +3

        Decline and go pick up haha

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      Remember the plastic straw trick.

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    The 12 month one comes with a $400 gift card, so doesn't have to be used for a phone.

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    Surely at some stage we will get some decent phones for free with the plans - I got my Google Pixel 2XL free with $65 two years ago, and I'm waiting for something two years newer to come up… Anyone got an idea of anything around?

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      I'm in the exact same boat!!!

      So I've switched to a sim-only plan with some discounts and will probably be jumping to Vodafone soon.
      Just waiting for my bonus telstra points to come in so I can get something.

      I have a feeling I'll be able to get the Pixel 4xl on a $65 plan with vodafone without issues.

      You could always try the same.

      • Looks like they have a $50 plan with a Pixel 4 (not XL) for $15ish, that's not too bad - I'll keep an eye on Vodafone I think

        • Just tell them you're porting over and I'm sure they will give you a discount of sorts. Would be suprised if they couldn't offer the XL for the same price.

          • @HappyPooPants: Yeah reckon I'll try squeeze them - will try it on with Telstra too. I'm about a month away from being out of contract, so I'll keep an eye out until then.

            • @pdtmathieson: FYI Vodafone is out of stock for the 4 XL and not sure when the shipment is coming in, and good luck with Telstra.
              They wouldn't even get close to Vodafones price.. tried 3 different sales people.

              It was hard enough getting the $10 discount for sim-only month to month. Quite surprised honestly. Even have 2 services with them.

              • @HappyPooPants: I don't hold much hope - I have a contact at a Telstra Store who I will try it on with, hopefully she can at least get close. Telstra coverage is amazing in my town, as we have a tower at my cricket club, where I spend countless hours a week, which is also my dog leash free area, where I spend countless more hours per week.

                • @pdtmathieson: Good luck, let me know how you go!
                  Vodafone has decent coverage everywhere I go, so I'm not worried about coverage.

    • Do you remember in which month you sign up? I may wait for a simular deal on this or next year.

  • I remember when plans were $18 a month with a phone.

    • Nokia 3310 Days - Gay Time

  • I remember when comments were original. Barely though.

  • +2

    Hmm weird that these offers have gotten worse over time, rather than better.


    12 months ago it was $45p/m for 12 months with a $500GC

    • Can't do that when termination is $390

      • I got that deal….Or maybe it was a $400 GC

        • +1

          May have been the 400, either way I mentioned in one of these posts that they were stopping it, salesperson stating it wasn't financially viable Fwiw.

  • Its a rort.. the offerings could be so much better.

    After using plans, my last being $59 month with included SGS8

    Im now on $30 with 28 day expiry, unlimited calls, txt/mms and 10gb a month and can data bank to 200gb max. 1st 3 recharges extra bonus 10gb.

    May well still be using the S8, but essentially ive halved my cost.

    • +3

      $30 x 12 = $360 (also you lose 24 days a year)

      $65 x 12m = $780 - $400 credit = $380

      not really a rort, but unless you need 60gb & telstra network no need to sign up

      • +1

        This is true,
        though over 2 phones, it's paying for our shitty unlimited NBN with a max line speed of 12, cant even make full use of our 25/5

        Our family are in places where Telstra is advantages..

    • +2

      You can do quite a bit better if you switch to Boost on their current $150 offer - 12 months of access and a data pool of 120GB. That's equivalent to 10GB for $12.50 per month.

      You might even be able to get a discount on the $150 if you shop around.

  • +4

    24m shouldn’t even be mentioned

    • Lol. Don't you want that flashy Iphone 11 Pro / Samsung S20 Ultra with further $100 off?

      • +6

        No. In 12 months I'll take a further $400 card.

        • +1

          Oh yes. Maybe I should remove that offer from the title.

        • i guess…if you are happy with a S20 for $144/mth for 12months | (($1349-$400)/12)+65

          …so unless im missing something, i don't get what the big deal with 12months plans are with most OzB users. Happy to hear an explanation though

          • @ExtraSalt: Who said I'd buy their S20? The BYO sim plans with a large data limit and on Telstra is good value in itself.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser139667: i didnt….it was clearly a hypothetical. You are right and i agree that BYO are good value, i was on a BYO for many years before getting my S10+ last year on a 24mth with 25% off the life of the plan (Phone + unlimited T&T + 200gb data) for under $85/m with no ETF.

              All plans in 2020 seem to be circled around BYO + Phone payment unlike previous where it was Cap with phone credit inclusive + minimum phone payment. But that doesn't really give me an explanation as to why 12months plans are seen more favourable than 24months in that you have to purchase a phone outright & considering that 24month plans no longer come with ETFs.

              in the past few years i've been floating around Phone + Plan & BYO depending on which package works in my favour. I'm merely asking incase i am missing a pretty valuable point because every OzB and his dog is always ripping into 24mth i get the 36mth ordeal especially with an Android device but 24mth was the norm not too long ago.

              • +1

                @ExtraSalt: I think subsidised good plans are a thing of the past unfortunately, they very rarely come up, and it's usually for a phone that's old or a competing model wanting to drive sales (Pixel does this often this time of the year).

                I personally wouldn't touch them anymore, just find a handset outright at a good price.

                But yeah these JB Telstra deals are hard to beat.

                • @DisabledUser139667: ah k and when you re-sign to pick up the GC is it as simple as picking up another telco sim and porting back over to Telstra the next day to be eligible?

                  • +1

                    @ExtraSalt: I've done it a minute after porting out, literally :)

                    Supposed to wait 30 days….

                    • +1

                      @DisabledUser139667: jesus haha. ok it's something i'll look into for sure…like i said i have no ETF on my plan so i'd just have to payout the device.

                      This thread could've gone south quick but im glad it went the other way lol. thanks!

                      • @ExtraSalt: Lol all good, didn't mean to sound offensive

  • Can you contact Telstra and get 10 bucks off a month?

    • Also interested to know if I sign up to the 12 months plan.

    • I did….. But it's all luck.

    • +1

      Last year when they had the $500 voucher on the $65 plan. Telstra was doing the $69 plan with $20 discount per month. So whoever signed up to it got their plan changed straight away and paid $49 p/m. Worked about 95% of the people who responded as it's actually an upgrade. Check what deals they have on now

    • +1

      I tried recently but failed

  • Edit: Never mind… misread the post.

  • Got the 12 months deal on Friday. Cheaper PS5 come holiday time.

  • Anyone know if you can still get the $10 port in credit?

    • Jump on live chat and ask. A "No" doesn't necessarily mean "No" either from past experience, you can try a few different people to see if the answer changes, if you get a "yes" though save that conversation. That is going to carry a lot more weight than a "someone on a forum told me"

  • +3

    The only half-decent deal here is the 12 month plan, with a $400 gift card. $380 net = $31.66 for 60GB each month, which is decent if you need that much data.

    The other offers are terrible value IMO.

    • I can see where the cancellation fee is in the 24 month plan, but what's to stop people leaving the 12m plan early, after receiving the $400gc and switching to some cheap prepaid?

  • So sign up with a new number, then go to Telstra and switch numbers over with current (yet expired plan) from last offer? Then shut down new number, should work?

    • +1

      Probably not.

  • The description should be clear that on the 24 month plan, you get $500 off when the phone is $999 or more, and $300 when its less than $999.

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