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Intel NUC i7-6770HQ Skull Canyon $765, Intel NUC Pen N3700 $229, Intel NUC Bean Canyon i7-8559U $749 + Del (+ Free SSD) @ SE

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  • The N3700 NUC takes DDR3 ram.

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    Skull Canyon NUC 6I7KYK4 on on the same Shopping Express link was $699 (Google still shows that price).

    So that bonus Crucial SSD is not really "free", as the price is hiked up by $66.

  • Can these be fitted with a discrete graphics card?

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      Only egpu on the higher end ones. Hard to fit a gpu inside them :)

    • Im sure someone has done it, but might not be pretty

    • Why do you need to when you have Techfast :D

  • Have AMD started making their version of NUCs yet? They'd be a much more appealing proposition.

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      The closest thing that is 'available' in Australia is the Asus Vivomini PB50 - which run Ryzen 5 3550H and Ryzen 7 3750H, their 35W TDPs. However they are also bigger than a NUC (about 17cm square vs 12 cm square).

  • If you prefer your Intel BOXNUC8I7BEH i7 NUC Kit to come with a 1TB SSD instead of 500GB you can pay $109 extra. $858
    BTW I have the i5 version of this NUC, it's a great machine, quiet, fast, lots of inputs and for the Wanna Go Green people this NUC uses significantly less power than a traditional desktop tower. The only real compromise is gaming, buy the Intel Skull Canyon if you must "game"!!

  • Skull Canyon?

    2016 called. They’re telling you that discrete graphics are for gaming.

  • Just double check with this.
    New to this NUC area.

    1. Is this comes with the memory? or do I need to pay extra for the memory
    2. Is this comes with Windows 10? or do I need to pay extra?
    3. If 1 and 2 above are pay extra, do you think better to get a laptop instead of NUC?
    or NUC more powerfull since i7 instead of laptop i5 within that price range?
    4. Build in graphic card?
    5. Nuc intel better or skull?

    Not for gaming but might use Adobe creative to design such as photoshop or indesign.
    Budget around $1000.

    Please let me know your feedback or advise.

    • It's got its own graphics card, but you need to buy RAM Windows and hard disk (in this case SE throws in a SSD for free).

      My 8th gen i5 nuc is often described as quiet, but I'm used to silent working conditions, so I find my nuc's fan noise annoying. I use it as home theatre PC which is fine, but I'd rather not use it for work.

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      These are barebone kits - you will need to add RAM, storage (though they are including a SSD as part of the package) and your choice of OS (e.g. windows).

      Since you will need a screen for these, there is no real reason to get these over the Techfast towers that get posted.

      If you want portable editing, go for a laptop.

    • Barebones = no storage, memory, OS, monitor

      Do you need a small/mobile workstation? If not one of desktop systems that regularly come up on OZB will be much better bang for the buck. On the other hand a laptop will give you more flexibility but to get the same performance you'll need to pay a fair bit more

    • you should be aware that NUCs can actually end up more expensive than pre-built systems because there is a price premium attached to their form factor, plus the fact it's a barebones kit and has no OS, no memory or storage.

      The Bean Canyon NUC + shipping for example is already more expensive than a fully kitted out super-small form factor Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 , which is ready to use out of the Box.

      Not that I am recommending it, if you are a Photoshop user you will probably want a desktop grade core i5 or equivalent Ryzen, fast/big SSD for scratch disk and 32GB of RAM at least. You can achieve that with a whitebox system (e.g one built with off the shelf parts)

      • Thank you all.

        I need small form factor.

        Ah..this lenovo looks better to me.
        I prefer i5 so I will check when there is a good deal.

        Worse scenario I get a laptop.

        Thank you for all of your feedbacks.

    • Also keep in mind these use the more efficient HQ processors, so about 25% slower than the equivalent desktop Processor.
      Does vary by model, so check benchmark scores so you know what you are getting.

      Those, small factor refurbs from Dell ect, often come with older i7's which standard desktop CPU's (not all though). Unless it's on 24x7 the power savings would be negligible.

      Each to their own though, Intel NUC's are quite good if you know what you are getting.

      Caveat, they have a history of loud fan noise.

  • Bought the N3700 NUC last week from Umart-it was cheaper there at $199, now showing as discontinued on the Umart website.

    Must have got one of the last NUC5PPYH at Umart Southport.

    Already had a Kingston UV400 SSD-and got 4GB Crucial RAM to go with the NUC.

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