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6 Meals for $39 Delivered @ Youfoodz


Not the best deal but might come in handy if COVID-19 gets any worse.

6 Meals for $39 delivered. Min spend $59.70 before discount.

Ends midnight 18 March 2020. Online Only, not on App.

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  • +5

    I'm here before the storm

    • +3

      Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.

      • +3

        Probably one of the worst lines in the whole franchise.

      • +1

        The Wind in the Willows. Great story.

  • +18

    Sha Shing

  • +11

    What if the people making these have covid19?

    What if the delivery driver has it?

    Why does every fking thread need to mention the virus when everyone already knows about the fking virus?

    • +9

      What virus?

    • +1

      Have you tired malwarebytes? Excellent for virus removal

      • +1

        It's only for malware, not viruses. It's like suggesting to wash hands to get rid of COVID-19

  • +20

    comes in bad taste now thats why its on sale every second week, not recommended.

    • +15

      Tastes racist to me

    • +5

      It’s always had a discount code usually once a week there’s one, not all get posted on here it’s not a new phenomenon

  • +2

    Bloom is that all you can up with,we all know about the racist comments made.But surely by now you could have thought of something more intelligent to say.If it's not for you don't order,I'm not sticking up for youfoodz they have gone downhill,ah the youth of today always trying to impress people.

  • +3

    Here we go again…

    • +11

      I've purchased Youfoodz multiple times and have never received any racism. Not sure what you're on about…

      • +6

        Yeah I'm gonna complain, my last dinner had no bigotry at all. Disappointing!

  • +1

    They are a beautiful slim couple who are mean to poor asians. What are your thoughts?

    • -1

      We're back in elementary school? But this happens at work too.

  • +5

    Racism aside some of the meals are pathetic tasting and a poor imitation of their former self. The lasagne in particular is worse than home brand frozen and is a disgrace.

    • Have to agree, lasagne used to be good. Thrown them out last two orders and given up on these guys.

    • Costco lasagna is pretty good and feeds a lot of people.

  • Was holding out on the million offers of $6 meals to get it cheaper. Looks like they are going for a hoarding tax as well .

  • +1

    I enjoy that the negs are more orientated around the taste/size these days.

    Having recovered from a debilitating injury, I can sympathize that some people cannot tangibly make their own food. These offers provide a basic but semi heathy food that's better than the frozen crap at the supermarket that I had to pay almost full RRP + delivery.

    For those who still have a ethical standing here, there's a ripping Amazon deal posted today that should appeal to the same standards you apply here. I'm sure there's also another Apple deal coming up too!

  • +2

    Thr1ve had a $30 off deal in the last week where you could get 4 meals delivered for $19.80. Not sure if it is still going but google it if you like their meals.

    • +2

      You could have posted it on OzBargain. Just saying.

      • Strange, I thought I found the $30 off thing on OZB.

  • +1

    If I ignore the obvious racist remarks that they made, then it boils down to two people making fun out of random people who are just trying to enjoy themselves for no reason at all. It's the "hurr duurr look at him," type mocking that grinds my gears. The kind of shit that primary school kids say. Really shitty attitudes from apparently shit people.

    • Lol at the negs. Supporters of bullying I guess.

  • +4


  • Lots of negs, but does anyone have any suggestions on alternatives with similar quality / price?

    • Actually I change my mind about this one . For a few dollars more its better than enduring the toilet paper hurricane that has expanded to most long life products . Its hell out there .

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