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Turtle Wax HS Ceramic Wax Coating $32.49 + Delivery @ SCA Online Only (30% off Car Care)


For the budget home detailers out there, if anyone's been paying attention, this product since release in January has been in superb demand and it's finally hit the local retailers albeit not in store yet… but supposedly it's worth every penny.

Great protection with apparently the highest gloss in any commercially available 'ceramic' product according to forensic detailers.

Much better than buying off overpriced inflated Amazon (due to high demand) at $69.79.

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    ends today and no where in Knox seem to have stock


      Haha, yeah I've been anticipating the product since the reviews started popping up on YouTube so it's great that it's finally hit local stores.

      Didn't get an ETA on when they would be available in store but it's been available on the SCA website since 4-MAR so already been close to two weeks now.

      I wanted in early so purchased a couple of the other products in the line up and paid shipping.

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    Not stocked anywhere in ACT and $9.50 shipping kills the deal.

    Also where are these reviews or comments from these 'forensic detailers'? I've seen two star reviews and five star reviews and everything inbetween but like most it's personal opinion / gut feeling not any level of unbiased testing.

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      Considering these 'sprays' all rely on a carrier fluid, whos molecules are often small enough to get into the 'gaps' before the ceramic, and they're not meant to be left to dry, your best bet is always the cheapest; it wont last like an alcohol based rub-on solution, but it'll do an OK job.

      From the tests ive seen; meguiars hybrid wax/ceramic seems like the most reliable 'highly reviewed' product.

      Anyone who doesnt care about ceramic, im a bit of a detailing nerd, and im a HUGE fan of Turtle Wax's "Wax n Dry" if you're between serious treatments.


        Wondering if I could employ your expertise; I'm getting a new car shortly and a paint treatment seems sensible. I opted not to get the dealer to do it (Subaru) after reading Choice comments that they'll use a local detailer anyway and charge a substantial mark up. So, if I go for a professional treatment, what should I look for?

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          An actual ceramic coating in a clean environment is beneficial; but you need to understand what it does, and doesn't do.
          Think of it like teflon. Not much sticks to it, but it doesn't make anything more scratch proof; those 'hardness' claims are on the same scale as Graphite, not the Mohs scale like you might have seen people trying with phone screens.

          There's no reason to pay someone to do it, if you enjoy cleaning your car.
          You just need a stripper wash (dish soap is fine); then an Isopro wipe down, then apply your ceramic coating.

          Once that's applied, for the home user I'd suggest Meguiars products. Everyone has their favorites, people love Bowdens, and they DO make some amazing stuff; but megs is just so much more forgiving to newbie mistakes.

          There's not much to advise really when you're not trying to correct any issues :P


    Also where are these reviews or comments from these 'forensic detailers'?

    +1 to the above comment.


    How long does it last between applications?


      If you do a proper application with ongoing maintenance wash and car, generally 2-3 years minimum but once you get hooked on detailing, you'll probably think it only lasts 6 months haha.

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