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QANTAS: to Los Angeles Eg from Melbourne $749 Return @ FlightScout


Los Angeles from $749 Return on Qantas!

Probably best not to travel if you don't have to, but for those with family or other necessary reasons to travel, this is a great price.

Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/XOHAncb

Example is May 14 to May 25 for $749 Return and is direct. Includes 2 checked bags.

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    comes with free 2 week quarantine.

    In all seriousness, I would be very hesitant at booking any international flights for May/June.

    Very high likelyhood they could all be grounded or extremely limited, so you would likely find your flights will be changed.

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      yes, but some people still 'need' to travel. And it's in May. And Qantas is offering vouchers for flights up to June….

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    Any Aussie cruise bargains?


    Overseas travel is just not an option unfortunately no matter how cheap. Coming from someone who cancelled an overseas flight & Australian holiday. Attractions closing and your risk is increasing. USA is a risky country and no insurance for coronavirus coverage, I suggest only travel if prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars if things go wrong. Plus 14 day isolation period. Be patient, more deals will appear when safer.


    Yeah, I really want to go the US without travel insurance that covers me for corona virus


    QANTAS just announced grounding of 90% of their long haul fleet.

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