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1kg Blend $22.50, Decaf $24, Single Origin $25 Coffee Beans Delivered @ Fat Poppy Roasters


I usually get my beans at ALDI however my store has been cleaned out of coffee (and everything else) other than instant. Woolies also had very limited stock but eventually managed to get some Lavaza Oro for $20/kg. Got served this ad on Instagram and thought may be worth taking a punt to get fresh beans delivered without fighting the crowds.

On offer:

  • Hollywood Blend - a cup of chocolate coated blueberries. It tastes delicious with milk and can also be enjoyed black. $22.50/kg
  • Single Origin - a curated selection of coffees sourced from around the globe…selected by expert Q-Grade tasters and are chosen for their high cup quality, originality, and sustainability. $25/kg
  • Blackbird Blend - not for the faint hearted. It’s best described as a cherry ripe. It’s rich, cuts through the milk and can also be enjoyed as a robust black coffee. $22.50/kg
  • Decaf Blend- 100% Swiss Water Process, which means the caffeine has been removed via a natural water process, making it completely chemical free. $24/kg

It's a subscription but you can cancel anytime. You can do it via their account section on their website. Use Paypal if you are worried as you can cancel separately through Paypal. Don't know any details about when they were roasted but will see when I receive mine. Seem to be based out of Marrickville, NSW.

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  • Worth a punt at $22.50kg. Went with the Hollywood blend.

  • Sweet. Went with the Blackbird blend. Thank you!

  • Thanks. For that sort of price, it's worth a try! Hopefully won't be disappointed.

  • My local Coles had a shelf full of a huge number of varieties from a new roaster called DC Roasters from Melbourne. This was the Leichardt Sydney Coles so pretty cool. Just like Aldi there is no roast date but for $10 per 250g and $32 per kg it's pretty good. However, compared to the $12 Aldi bags it will be interesting to compare.

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    Is aldi all cleaned out of their 1kg whole bean coffee also?

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      My ALDI in Brunswick was cleared out of everything including coffee other than instant when I went the other day.

    • Aldi I went to yesterday and normal amount of coffee beans in stock.

    • FFS why have they cleaned out coffee????? You can't keep that $Ht for too long?????

  • So cheap. Do they say they freshly roast to order?

    • No mention of their roasting anywhere. You would assume it's freshly roasted as they aren't a huge roaster.

    • fresh dude…very fresh. see below.

  • Damn that's cheap for a kilogram of beans DELIVERED.

    I'm a home roaster and, notwithstanding the fact that I buy my green beans by the kilo instead of by the 30kg/50kg/60kg sack, this probably works out cheaper than what I can home-roast quality green beans for!

    Of course…I'm presuming their beans are indeed worth drinking ;-) One way to find out!

  • Getting this at checkout: "Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products."

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      Make sure you are buying a subscription, not an individual product. Which one did you try it on?

      • Thanks, all good now:)

  • Great thanks, 2 kg's delivery for under $50 is pretty cheap. I've looked through the account settings and can't see an option to cancel the subscription, can anyone else see where this can be done?

    • My Account - Recent Orders - Order # (View Order) - Related Subscriptions (View) - Cancel.

      • Thanks, neil

  • Thanks for the heads up Neil! I'm trying the blackbird

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    Awesome find! Both my local ALDI stores are out of beans too. Will give these a go.

  • Excellent. I'm working from home at the moment and about to run out of beans.

    Thanks Neil

  • Not bad prices :) mycuppa probably has better variety at similar prices.

  • Bargain at $22.50 for a solid month's worth of coffee delivered to the door! Saves us trying to brave the local shops hunting for stuff in COVIDland. Wondering if the code rolls over to subsequent months or if it's just a one-off 50% discount though. Trying the Blackbird on for size, may let it roll over if it's a decent cuppa.

    • Just bought the Blackbird too and looks like the 50% is just one-time:

      $22.50 AUD for the first month
      Then $45.00 AUD for each month

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    Hey Neil and everyone,

    I’m the Founder (and roaster) of Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters. We’ve been inundated with orders over the last 24hrs and have just found the source. Thanks Neil :)

    With cafes slowing down at the moment, we needed to find a way to reach new home coffee drinkers, hence the great deal we’re offering. It’s a one-off deal that won’t be around for long, so get in quick if you haven’t already. To everyone, who has already ordered, thanks for your support!

    We’re a small boutique roaster and all of our coffees are sourced ethically and roasted freshly. If you ordered on Tuesday (when the deal went live), your coffee was roasted the same day and will be on its way. If you ordered after Tuesday, then we’ve been busy roasting your orders today. Your coffee will have the date it was roasted nice and clear on the bottom of the pack, unlike supermarket coffee.

    The coffees are all very different. The Hollywood Blend is a lighter style of roast, with note of blueberries and milk chocolate. Whereas, the Blackbird Blend is a darker style of roast and is a much more hearty coffee. The Single Origins are all fairly vibrant, displaying lots of delicious fruit notes.

    We hope you enjoy our coffee and thanks again for your support!

    • I ordered on Tuesday but my order status still says "processing"?

      • Send us an email to: [email protected], so we can investigate your order further, as we'll need more details :)

      • I ordered Tuesday, and mine is due to arrive today

    • Thanks for your response. Put in my order for ya.

    • Any particular that you would suggest for Nitro Cold brew?

    • Thanks fatpoppy (and Neil)
      It is great that you offered this deal, I hope it keeps your business alive.
      I ordered Hollywood, can't wait to order and try blackbirds after. I am hoping there will be deal around in 3-4 weeks time. Cheers

      • Thanks very much! We appreciate the support :)

        Keep an eye out for future deals, as we'll have a range of them releasing over the coming months!

  • ordered thanks

  • Thanks OP. Giving the Hollywood Blend a go.

  • Has anyone got their coffee yet? Curious to see how it is. Unfortunately I still have over half a kg of some other beans left but I might order some of these, the price is too good to pass up I think

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      Mine arrived this morning. Genuinely great coffee (the Blackbird) - drunk as a long black with a dash of milk

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        So glad to hear you're enjoying the coffee :)

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    Deal has expired but you can get 40% off with yellowsubmarine.

  • Our current deal has expired. But, we've launched a new one for a limited time only too.

    All 1kg Coffee Subscriptions are 40% Off // Coupon Code: yellowsubmarine

    What are the perks?
    Cancel anytime
    Free shipping 1kg subscriptions only
    Your choice of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly deliveries

  • I haven't received any update to my order (#2620) that I placed last Wednesday. Hoping it's coming as I'm almost out of coffee and under quarantine.

    • We sorted this today, turns out it was waiting at the Post Office for you. Happy quarantine :)

      • Yes, thank you.

  • Just tried the blackbird beans this morning, which arrived yesterday - great beans. Keen for more - cuts through soymilk easily - looking to work out how to make it cut through full cream milk as well (probably just reduce milk).


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      Thanks very much! Yes, not sure how much milk you're currently using, as all home coffee drinkers have different sized cups and mugs etc. But we wouldn't recommend more than 6oz of milk per 30ml shot. If you use more milk than this, then make a double ristretto or double shot.

      • Thanks! I think it would be good to know the ideal dosage and espresso volume / pull time for these beans. I see some other roasters provide that info.

  • Mine arrived today at Post Office and I live in Tassie. Picking it up today. Can't wait to try it!

  • Hey fatpoppyroasters,

    The order I made on the 19th (Order #2670) is still marked as processing. Can you please confirm this has been posted out?


    • Mine #2694 is processing too, order was placed on last Saturday.

      • This was delivered on Friday, so hopefully you've got it by now :)

    • Received my order yesterday, thanks! I will give it 2 weeks until i open the packet (roast date 24/3) so hopefully it'll be fantastic!

      • +1

        Good idea! A minimum of 5 days from roast date is what we recommend, but if you can hold off for 14 days, that's definitely more ideal :)

        • Thanks for the tip!

    • This was delivered on Thursday, so hopefully you've got it by now :)

  • Okay, I've just made a double ristretto latte with it and sipping it now. It looked amazing coming out of the machine with thick crema, but I'm only tasting a faint trace of cherry ripe. For me, this is medium strength. I always have a double ristretto instead of a double espresso. It's nice, though. A bargain at $22.50 including postage for 1 kg.

    For me, a strong coffee is Zimmah's The Devil and The Deep, and The Madding Crowd's Ethiopian Arsosala - that one is super strong and amazing!

  • Fat Poppy Roasters, how do I cancel my subscription please? I logged in the other day but can't see anywhere in my account where it says I have a subscription.

    • Go to My Account, and click on Recent Orders, and then click on View to view the order - you'll have an option to cancel the subscription there

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        Thank you so much, Wampus. I've just cancelled it!

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