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[eBay Plus, Switch] Animal Crossing: New Horizons $49 (OOS), [XB1, PS4] Doom Eternal $49 ($39 PC) @ The Gamesmen eBay


eBay Plus members will be able to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal for $49 tomorrow from eBay Plus.


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  • anyonen got a link … ebay shows nothing

    actually got one… link started working

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    Yay got it - Gamesmen confirmed

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    Got one!

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    Now I wonder if i was also able to stack on the $5 ebay plus discount.

    And it looks like it comes with the preorder bonus too (i.e. posters).

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      It wouldn't let me do that, I tried :P

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    Yes got it! Thank you OP.

  • Got one :D

  • Thanks OP, secured a copy :)

  • Got it.


    The gamesmen eBay store.

  • easy - paid $2.5 for express

  • Got it!

  • Got one

  • got one!

  • Gone in 1 minute, 50 seconds.

  • Lol literally 1min 45 seconds and my cart threw up an error saying the seller doesn’t have that many.

    Edit: because I missed whole words

  • gone in 1:15min

  • wow … i was waiting at 9am and out of stock. (profanity).

    signed up with 31 days free trial for nothin.

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      That sucks man. You should ask for a refund.

  • Got one too! big thanks

  • Got it. Thanks OP. Felt like I was slow also!

  • Missed out, even had 2 phones trying haha

  • 9:01:34 out of stock as I hit checkout

  • Sold out animal crossing

  • Got one :) Code is PCW11

  • Yes . got mine, all sold out in under a minute..

  • nice! got one

  • sold out Animal Crossing

  • Aaaaaaaaaand gone!

  • Tried to check out right on the hour and it had already sold out before I could put the promo code in.

  • yeah nah that was too quick

  • Missed out. :(

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    Terrible ebay plus site. Click on link and goes no-where. I should have monitored this thread!

  • It is good to know there are at least 300 AC fans out there.

  • In 1 min it was 0 available / 303 sold

  • Thanks gonna cancel my Amazon order

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    dam, that was quick, didnt know where to look and it was gone. even had it in my cart.

  • Try to purchase on 9:01am, it shows We noticed a problem. Please review: your items. The seller doesn't have that many left.
    How come the 300 units sold out within 1 minute?

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      because people bought them? lol

  • imagine how many new people signed up for ebay plus to get the deal … and then unsigned when they couldnt get it…. ebay are stupid.

    • I created a new account just for this and wasn't able to get one. But yeah Immediately I canceled eBay Plus, which is a really bad service.

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      The people that signed up just to grab the deal aren't customers that ebay is looking for. They will provide no value.

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        these promotions are specifically to get new customers…

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          Yeah people that paid the yearly fee. Or they hope the people who sign up for 31 days forget to cancel and get charged for the year. The people signing up to get a cheap game would all cancel their subscription and provide no value. Then when another deal pops up they will use another made up email to score another free trial.

    • Yeah thats me, I mean I was going to keep it because $49 a year free shipping and sales on games. Games like this? Hell yeah but wtf if I can't even get one game thats popular how can I get games in the future that are popular…?

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        dont bother.. just use amazon … way better service.

        • Amazon has the $5 off game pre-orders deal every once and a while too, so Animal Crossing was only $63 for me. Not as good as $49 but oh well, plus it's supposed to arrive on Friday.

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        they only do this kind of promotions a few times per year. I would happily pay for eBay plus if they offer greater value.

        But only for 2-3 promotions per year on games, I have to pass.

  • Missed out :(

  • cheers op, got one

  • Missed out, fumbled at Paypal screen, I was 1 min in.

  • Clock was still showing 8:30am my time when I clicked comfirm and pay but errored out so assume it was sold already. I basically missed it because I required an extra few seconds for an sms code for PayPal ughh…

  • Time to see if I can actually get into this game. I found New Leaf boring but going to give this another go.

  • sigh didnt manage to get one.. :(

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Sold out in 1 Minute 15 Seconds

    • Crazy to think that I was 8 seconds away from missing out.

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    Urgh, missed it by 15 seconds. I hate how these eBay deals not only waste my time but make me annoyed that I didn't get something that I didn't even want before the deal got posted… then I start searching for it elsewhere, even though I didn't originally want it.

  • Woohoo! First time I got one of these deals. Thanks OP!

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    Since it 1 Transaction per Coupon Code, you can only get Animal Crossing: New Horizons OR Doom Eternal, since they share the same code.

  • When you realise it's AEDT and not AEST at 8:08am AEST

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      Looks like i'll be helping my local Big W

      • Haha, same. Good thing I didn't cancel my amazon pre-order with that $5 discount. Not as good as $49 but it'll do.

      • Big W aren't selling Doom Eternal (PC or it doesn't exist)

  • Can you play doom eternal on PS4 with a mouse and keyboard?

  • did Amazon price match?

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      Nope. Still $68, which is the cheapest right now.

      • Is it still $67 at Catch?

  • Wonder if we get the poster set for Animal Crossing?

    Listing says it's a 3-poster A3 set, most likely folded up.

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    Ebay plus has once again proven rubbish to me.

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      maybe they should lock it down to those who have been members for at least 2 weeks or something like that

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    300 units is not enough for an Ebay Plus deal.

  • I'm amazed people want to go through the pain of the ebay plus raffle just to save $19, at least the airpods were saving $100+.

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      $19 saved. It took me about 30 seconds to order. Definitely worth my time, not a pain at all.

      Not a raffle if you're too slow to order.

      • The normal story is 1500 people with the item added to cart waiting for the clock to tick over to press the order button, it's absolutely a raffle, you were obviously quick but also lucky.

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          I added to cart at 9AM applied the code, all through the ebay app and managed to get a copy so wasn't a raffle at all.

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            @morgan01: Was gone in 1 min, people missed out according to the comments, I would call that a raffle.

            • @donkcat: is the national toilet paper shortage a raffle lol

            • @donkcat: Raffle implies everyone who bought an "in" had an equal chance. This was the whoever was quickest to order got one, it is not a raffle.

              • @CodeXD: It certainly isn't a queue like you imply, it's a contest and going by the clicks it's a contest of several thousand people all trying to get the same item at once.

        • Not this time. Item was not available to add to cart until the deal went live.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/b/eBay-Plus-Offers-Deals/bn_71150781...
    This page says Doom Eternal will gave 600 copies available, hopefully they'll last more than a minute :)

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      I don't think it'll be as popular as Animal Crossing, and it's likely to be sold for cheaper if you don't need it on release as most console games go.

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      It might be 200 PS4, 200 XB1 and 200 PC and sell out even more quickly, though.

  • Damn, wish Amazon price matched!!

    No Animal Crossing for me.

  • Next best online for animal crossing?
    Cheapest brick and mortar store on release day?

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    It's up early, gogogo

    • Gah code isnt working!

      • You need ebay plus. Worked fine for me

    • The real MVP!

    • Thanks! Got one! (Xbox)

    • Thanks professorhulk you legend, got a PC copy!

  • +5

    Doom link

    Managed to get one on PC.

    • working thank!!!

    • Thanks got one for PS4

    • Got it <3

    • PC all gone.

      Remember, if you bought Animal Crossing, you can't get Doom discounted (as it's one code per order).

    • Thanks again for link. How did you find it? I refreshed page looking for banner but nothing came up, then you had already posted here. Magic?

  • nice Doom code is up early, got it on xbox :D