What Stuff Has Sold out at Your Supermarket?

so far, my one as of today is
Pasta Sauce
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Canned beans/spaghetti
Panadol etc
Laundry Powder (almost all gone)

I wonder what will go next, or when things will go back to normal or get better


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      Thats a great sign

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      Yeah my local Aldi yesterday was fully stocked on everything except TP, still can't get that. but other than that i was able to do my usual weekly shop like any other week and get all my usual foods so that was good at least.

  • Haven't been in since Tuesday things were running out then Woolies had
    Eggs, Soap (bars/liquid), Paper towels, Toilet rolls, Frozen Veggies (Peas,Beans,Corn), mince, Whole Chickens, rice, flour, Pasta/sauce, Long life & Condensed milks, Oats, Potatoes.
    Kellogs Breakfast Cereals, Canned foods, Bread, Pet Foods, Toothpaste (only the $10+ Sensodyne)

    Coles and Aldi both had a little more was able to get Toothpaste, Soap, Chicken in Coles and Plenty of paper towels, bread and eggs in Aldi, no toilet paper anywhere of course.

    Apparently it's got alot worse since Tuesday we are in a Central West NSW and there's been talk of stores getting stripped in the last couple of days by busloads of people coming from the City to as far west as Broken hill.

    • Was 2 almost full pallets of Quilton 18 packs in Big W (Garden City) yesterday, just sitting there with most people walking past it, the Coles just down from it had been pecked clean already in moments.

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    Salt!!! Couldn't find any salt so I filled my jerry can with sea water from Narrabeen beach so that I can heat it up for urgent salt requirement just in case.

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    Are the (profanity) hoarders leasing storage units?

    Otherwise, these morons well, & truly should be done. Why are we STILL out??

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      Ever wondered why Australians keep building ever larger houses with more bedrooms despite the average block area and family size shrinking?

      It's so we have somewhere to store our bog rolls.

  • Walked last night to a nearby store. Virtually everything was in stock, including (wait for it) toilet paper. No hand sanitiser, but I saw heaps of that at another store instead. We're not hoarding, and prices didn't seem very good, so we didn't buy.

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    It's funny. Having bad anxiety means I've always got multiples of everything I eat and consume stocked up
    I've been preparing for a pandemic for my entire life and didn't realise it

    It was actually nice to be at the shops and be the calm one for a change.

  • Pasta aisle has lots of risoni and fresh pasta has veal ravioli

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    My entire town has sold out of common sense.

  • E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

  • will these new 24 hour delivery ok to supermarkets make much differnce?

    supermarkte back storage levels are limited,

    things will sell out pretty quickly so does that mean there will be extra stock in the back?

    • It'll probably mean less stock at any given time for a while. If they could get more stock in, they would.

      • since it means more deliveries overnght, i guess it means they could get an extra shipment, one that can go straight onto the shelves, and one into storage,
        so if there is stock avaiaible, it might mean double stock levels,

    • I doubt if there will be much extra stock. Woolworths and Coles don’t like holding more stock than they absolutely have to because they would have to pay their suppliers sooner then wait longer for customer sales to recoup the expense. I believe they only just agreed to pay on 30 day terms as opposed to the 60 day terms they have had for many many years
      This will explain better than I ever could
      May in part help explain the poor stock levels in stores

  • There has to be a point where it stabilizes, but i reckon once the panic buying virus takes hold, you can't stop. Once you have all the essentials for 6 years, it will be "omg i have to think of what's next I need to secure".

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      Eventually people will run into Best Before dates (instant noodles, ~9 months) and start throwing the food out, at which time they'll need to return and replenish their bunker.

      Speaking of Best Before dates, I watched an employee grab a container of salt out of the workplace pantry, glance at the best before date, say 'oh, this has gone off' and then throw the salt in the bin. Salt! A substance that never goes off and is itself a preservative.

      • lol yeah.
        Maybe we should have education campaign for best before too to conserve food.

      • throw out stuff?

        only amateur prepers will have to throw out stuff haha!

        canned stuff pretty much last forever

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    I was in Costco Adelaide last night and noticed people had TP in their trolleys. I was intrigued, and went in search of this TP oasis that people were tapping. There was none on the shop floor, but when an employee brought a fresh TP pallet out onto the shop floor a bunch of locusts descended upon it. They were already waiting around the door for their prize. Each pallet as it emerged was stripped clean within a minute.

    The other curious thing at my Costco is a line up at the door where each trolley's handlebar was dutifully cleaned with disinfectant. So, I grab a trolley with my dirty hands, which are now coated in copious COVID coverage from the previous customer, and then present the trolley to the employee. A quick scrub and the handlebar is clean! But now I put my hands back onto the bar and we're back to square one with contamination. This kind of thing is for show only. If Costco wanted to make a difference they'd have an employee cleaning the trolleys right after they're returned by customers.

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      That's a crap Costco. Melbourne had an orderly TP line with packs being handed out and lots of employees disinfecting tables / trolleys etc

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      Costco Auburn was the same yesterday, people streaming in at 10am. By 10:15am a line which circled the store for just toilet paper had formed, all vehicle entrances had been closed off. Absolute chaotic scenes.

  • I'm enjoying watching people come to the Coles near me.

    In the morning, Everyone walks double time, back straight, so focused and determined.
    Preparing for the battle I suppose.

    And then at 2020 , people turn up all carefree and relaxed, walk over just to be told the store is closed. They get annoyed and upset and act like they don't know what virus the staff are talking about.

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    My supermarkets starting to look normal again.. no toilet paper and it's substitutes, but everything else yes

    • the stores are getting a bit of stock back but there is still more than just toilet paper isle that is empty in my area

      There is bugger all canned veg,hand towels,pasta

      • No hand towels at mine,

        But yes we had canned veg and pasta!

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      I'm seeing tissues and paper towel (especially paper towel) reappear at my locals. I went into a unknown independent supermarket this morning, no TP but just pallets of tissues.

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        my personal opinion is that hoarders are going to get sick/tired/realise they cant sell it too high anymore, start giving up and lose interest,
        people who are low and missed out, elderly will buy the trickle coming in that are remaining, and maybe within 2 weeks, it will start to go back to normal,

        or maybe im dreaming about "2 weeks"

        • To quote the cashier today "this is the quietest day we've had in two weeks, only slightly busier than a normal Friday"

          Also might be worth mentioning I was there at midday.

          My gut feeling is that this coincides with the fact many people have been off work or work from home for a few days.. first day of that I think many people spent at the shops

  • Looks like cat litter is the new toilet paper. Sold out at two local Woolies

    • Tofu litter is very good but expensive. Lasts longer though. And some is food grade.
      I might even get a cat.

  • Haven't checked but some people mentioned that sanitary products were sold out. Gobsmacked, one of those things I didn't expect to sell out

  • My Woolworths was sold out of so much when I went in, it was kinda sadly funny. Barely any meat, the long life milks were just starting to be replenished, obviously no toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, disinfectant, disinfecting wipes, or Spray and Wipes, no Woolies branded milk, no pasta, rice, or pasta sauce, no biscuits, no sugar, no canned soups, no sauce…..cereal was pretty picked over too.

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    A Danish supermarket has discovered a novel way to tackle their hoarding situation. One supermarket has placed a sign informing customers that anti-bacterial gel would cost DKr40 ($9.70 AUD) for the first bottle, and spike immensely to DKr1000 ($242 AUD) each for every bottle after. This will make the hoarders think twice.

    Someone from here should email supermarkets in this country to do similar.

    • as opposed to 1-2 max limit?

      • Depends on each supermarket policy to set the quantity allowed and prices are set in the system so it will scan accordingly.

        • i reckon 2nd price expensive vs 1 per person limit

          does teh same thing,

          except you will have people whinging that only rich people can get ahead

          I suppose you could go back a few hours later and get some more, but chances are its sold out anyway

    • There's a Redfern corner shop that does that with tp.

  • So whos stocking up on woolworths shares?

    Empty shelves could mean big profits…

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      Already got some, but the shares will fall again when people are living off their vast stores of stuff.

  • Does any one own a butcher or worked in one shop.

    Just wondering is meat delivered daily?

  • At the local IGA:

    All liquid hand soap except Organic Choice ($8+ for the bottle, outrageous)
    Toilet Paper - There is at least 5 times the demand versus supply. Crazy!
    Paper Towel
    Hand Sanitiser
    Barilla Pasta, Almost all made in Italy pasta except for two brands - seperate supplier
    Jasmine Rice - None available to even order
    All Panadol and paracetamol. Nurofen apparently masks the effects of some symptoms of the caronavirus and Chemists are restricting supply to one per customer. This is the next hand sanitiser/toilet paper for sure, depending on how much stock Panadol has to give to Aussies.
    All bread except baked in store - in store bakery open for almost twice as long cooking far more bread than usual.

    People that say that there is plenty of stock don’t hoard are only partially correct. There are already at least 50 items basically out of stock for the near future. Items made in Italy and other greatly affected countries will likely be affected down the line while low crops affect stock for some items. Being particular about the brand or taste has become quite a luxury that will require multiple supermarket trips; as does shopping limits, the opposite of what should be done in a pandemic.

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      "All Panadol and paracetamol. Nurofen apparently masks the effects of some symptoms of the caronavirus and Chemists are restricting supply to one per customer."

      There were reports this week that ibuprofen (Nurofen) may make COVID worse compared to paracetamol.

      It should be noted that in Hubei province, paracetamol/ibuprofen sales were banned in February after people were doing the obvious: taking the tablets to get past body temperature check points.

  • with lockdown/isolation/recommendations etc for people to stay out of public places,

    maybe that will keep the hoarders away/less and we will go back to normality soon

    im really hoping 2 weeks

  • Some a trolley full of potato chips today. At least 40 bags.

    Must be a new hot item

    No Worcestershire sauce nor Tahini, some oil was back in stock, but not the variety we eat.

    Miss the days of come in and get what you need

    Little old lady was complaining that she needs Bleach and she comes in often and still no bleach.

    • my local tiny supermarket has been doing 1 item per cateogry limits for a few days now,

      toilet paper etc, is still empty

      but meats is coming back slowly, and the shelves overall seem a little less empty

    • This is the problem with the supermarkets, allowing panic buying (of any item)
      Once people see someone mass buying potato chips (or anything), then that item becomes the next panic buy item. As so it goes, onto the next item.
      Limits, rations, ID enforcement. Just no action.

      • Which is fair enough,.

        If I saw people scrambling for a particular product, let's say toothpaste for example,

        I'd probably pick up one just for the sake of it

        Which makes me part of the hysteria

  • Went to 5 supermarkets today 2 x woolies, farmer jacks, aldi, iga all out flour, toilet paper, liquid soap, I was bit pissed of because of this situation the hoarders have cleaned the shelves out but as much as I blame them also blamed goes to supermarkets as they allowed this to occur if they reacted immediately putting limits in place all the shelves would likely be fulled. Overall all the supermarkets look like they are closing down. Luckily I still have a bit over a week of toilet paper left now will have to go daily at the shops or ask friends for a roll to spare what joke.

    I am also noticing that there was not a lot of potatoes in the shops.

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      So you've already got a week's supply, but you still went out and visited 5 different high-traffic stores in the middle of a pandemic… did you stop off for a quick swim at Bondi too?

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        savage 🤣

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    Just wait till a state/major city gets put into lockdown it'll be worse yet

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      ^^^ here we go.

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    Coconut milk, oats, Mexican taco kits, frozen berries.

    Supermarkets are now like OzBargain. Everything I want is out of stock.

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    Brain cells.

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    Was in 2 different Coles yesterday, picking groceries up for inlaws the 2nd time. Plenty of fruit and veg, pretty much had stock of everything, just not the full variety. For instance they had rice, but not all types. They were putting out hand soap but it was going pretty quick. Plenty of toothpaste and frozen veg were all in stock. Lots of meat etc.

    Was looking a lot better then a few days ago, hopefully they are getting on top of this now.

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    tomato sauce sold out, which I find strange.

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    I reckon everyone is going to panic and go tonthe supermarkets right now after the announcement for Vic and nsw

    Even though supermarkets will be open

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    ugh. saw an old woman, probably 85ish stare at an empty bread section today. all that was left was 1 bag of crumpets and gluten free loaves. like an old pensioner needs to pay premium for gluten free because she has no choice. This was before the NSW announcement.

    WW and Aldi in Canterbury pretty much empty of all the standard items and foods.

    God help us post shut down

  • day one of the shut down for VIC, looks like botttle shops have been swamped,
    thank god you cant resell alcohol that easily plus generally alcohol lasts longer

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      I also bought a load of vodka and other high alcohol drinks. I did not buy them to drink, but to use as a hand sanitizer.

  • Salts, meat, flour, pantry items, canned foods, vinegar, bleach and more. It's getting scary - you can't get stuffs even though you have money.

  • my local aldi was really well stocked today. i even got a 2L bottle of white vinegar. woolies and coles were a waste of time.

  • Coles/Woolworths are intentionally not stocking their shelves with specific types of branded food because they're worried that when this all blows over people will have a stockpile of branded food and won't buy the homebrand stuff. They've been refusing orders from their distributors for the last week and a half.

    Source: Family are in the food manufacturing industry with considerable market share and that's what's happening now after they've gone into overdrive.

    • Can the brand sell direct to consumer or through other channels?

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        Yeah they sell direct but that will likely come to an end as there is a major case of panic buying. The left over stock is going to other channels like IGA who don't screw over suppliers like Coles/Woolies or the worst… Aldi. Though their demand is much lower.

  • just saw my local butcher absolutely full of stock, however supermarket next door was empty on meat,

    good sign as this butcher was almost empty on stock last week

    maybe things are slowly recovering

    • Still no Toliet paper :(

      • Well apparently the butcher's full of stock, ask for some butcher paper and cut it up yourself.

        • I've got some old newspaper at home that may do the trick

  • No eggs at my locals.

  • this isn’t supermarket related but has anyone else had trouble sourcing their medications? my thyroid med was out of stock at all of the chemists near me which I have never experienced. I also saw a woman being told off for trying to forge her own script for 60 Ventolin inhalers.

    • Yes, I have seen this happening for Insulin injectors and Epipens. I managed to get extra of my critical medication from my friendly pharmacist.

  • At midday my local Coles is still low on meat, eggs, pasta sauces, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, rice and pasta. Tomato sauce was also out on Tuesday, when I came back today I grabbed the last bottle of Masterfoods Tomato Sauce.

    Not surprised, I live in a high density area and there's just not enough shops to support demand when it's high.

  • Where are specials and discounts??? All I saw today is that bonds is on special, some Easter chocolates and few products on clearance that are discontinued. Where are the specials? There's plenty of products that there's no shortage of and none of them are discounted, you can't say that there are no specials because stock is low. Lots of products have stock as they normally do. All I see around are red and white stickers saying how the price now is lower then 2-3, years ago. That's not a special, it's just regular everyday price. Same thing is at Coles also.

    Where are the specials????

    They are taking advantage of this situation and playing [email protected]

    • If you had a shop and people are fighting themselves to get to buy your products, wouldn't you try to take advantage of the situation and sell them at the RRP price?

      Its not price gouging, it just a good show of capitalism.

  • Went to Aldi's yesterday and joined the long Que to get in and was happy to see people keeping their distance from each other and they had a security guy outside the front door with one of those clicky counters and when someone went in he would click it and when there were maximum amount of people in the store he would wait till someone left before letting the next person in which I thought was a brilliant idea well done Aldi's

    But once inside the social distancing was a thing of the past I and only a few others were still doing it

    • Also in my local Aldi no wet ones to clean the trollies handle and not gel for the hands either. No flour, no tp.

  • went to my local woolworths, 10am, not many people, almost stock in every product line, even toilet paper,

    obviously toilet paper, pasta, eggs, all down very low,

    so unless I went in at the good time, very very very very encouraging

  • never seen the bottles of pump hand soap since the hoarding began.

  • I'm starting to think that I made a mistake by not jumping on the bandwagon and stockpiling stuff when saga began.

    In our little household of two, a single purchase of some of these in-demand items can last us quite a while, so we thought we were doing the right thing be trusting the advice that supply chains "just needed to catch up to demand."

    Fast forward several weeks - the shelves are still empty of so many items - and we're becoming increasingly aware that we may soon actually run out.

    So it would seem that once again, doing the right thing doesn't pay. We don't qualify for any of the priority shopping initiatives going on, so it would seem that we have zero hope of being able to re-supply any time soon.

    • +1

      I did a top up shop mid morning Mon and found with the exception of rice, pasta, paper towel and TP, most things that had been out or low where back to normal stock levels. Hopefully not too much longer and those things will be back as well.

      • i went today, and everything was in stock, no empty shelves, there were a fair few "low stock" shelves,

        good good good

        • It would seem that I need to change suburbs. :(

          Had the exact opposite experience 9am yesterday morning.

          Many shelves of the usual items still completely bare. I considered myself extremely lucky to get vegetable oil, which is apparently the new liquid gold in my parts.

          • @bobbieb: honestly i think its just a matter of time, i assume the logistics is nt the same for every store

            or even the customers, maybe your suburb as more hoarders

      • I very much hope so.

        We installed a simple bum-gun in the bathroom, which should stretch our TP supply for a while longer.

        We're looking at trying micro-fibre towels as a reusable substitute for kitchen paper towel, but we're not really convinced on how well these will work.

        • For reasons of disability care we have used nappy buckets, nappysan and a gazillion washers to 'finish off' the cleaning process for years. It's not very environmentally friendly despite the reuse because you have to wash them in hot water numerous times to get them totally clean but it's been a useful addition in these trying times.

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    Utterly bemused about where all the toilet paper is still going. Purchase limits implemented, brand/quantity choice effectively eliminated, production ramped up, delivery curfews lifted, but we continue to miss out in our Woolies deliveries (it's generally just unavailable to order, but on the one occasion we were able to add a pack to our cart, it was out of stock on delivery day). As of now, toilet paper has just completely disappeared as a category online for my local Woolies, despite it being one of the new Delivery Hub stores. Almost as bad for paper towels, and to a lesser extent tissues.

    Other than that, except for our delivery a couple weeks ago which had a ton of out-of-stocks, it's generally been good. Mainly the item limits for things like frozen veggies that can be a bit of a problem.

    • Same here. We are lucky we don't eat the carb rich staples but the ration on frozen veges is a killer for us. We use the cauliflower frozen rice instead of actual rice and it's counted as a vege so you lose 1 ration of veges.

    • Went out today to pick up some supplies for my parents and the local Woolies had TP on the shelf for the first time in a month and people were walking past it. Not a lot of stock and smaller packs but it was there. Didn't go down the pasta/rice isle but almost everything that I did pass appeared well stocked but for the first time we had to line up to enter as they were limiting the number of people in store at once.

      • Its a great feeling isnt it!

      • +1

        I bet you aren't in a regional town/city.

    • Do you pay $15 for each delivery?

      • +1

        Not in our case, as we have a one-year Delivery Saver purchased quite some time ago, which is still applicable. Currently get two deliveries a week (up from one a week pre-isolation).

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    Woolworths update from yesterday suggests the toilet paper demand surge is still ongoing:

    Amazing as it might seem, we are still seeing almost double our normal demand for toilet paper. Just this week, that was over 20.5 million rolls. So despite much more stock coming in, we’re still not where we need to be. It is slowly improving, but please help everyone by only buying what you need.

    Got me wondering how much toilet paper is used per person on average. This source suggests 88 rolls annually, or about 42 million rolls/week total.

    Also has me thinking of an aspect I hadn't considered previously - millions of, erm, dumps previously taken in workplaces, public toilets, hotels and such have moved to the household, and households get their supplies at supermarkets. I wonder how much of the demand at supermarkets results from that shift, and if a similar thing applies to other products.

  • +2

    excellent, my local woolies had everything today
    local coles had no toilet paper, but everything else

    good bye hoarders

    • Tried to grab some self raising flour from my local woolworths at playford and not 1 single bag

      Tried all 3 supermarkets at munno para (Aldi's,Coles and foodland and no luck either

      Will have to check out coles and woolworths at Elizabeth before work tomorrow

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