What Stuff Has Sold out at Your Supermarket?

so far, my one as of today is
Pasta Sauce
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Canned beans/spaghetti
Panadol etc
Laundry Powder (almost all gone)

I wonder what will go next, or when things will go back to normal or get better


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      Same why people just do that no caring and sharing at all. I only need two packs

  • My local Woolies was wiped out of Peanut Butter! Still had plenty of Vegemite and Jams!

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      Is this an indicator for the conspiracists, that the Virus is a US originated one, creating cravings in those infected, for Peanut Butter and Jelly sangas vs Aussie Vegemite and Jam? 🤩

      • Yeah, but the Chinese noodles have sold out too. Has Russian caviar sold out?

      • But Trump said the virus is "the chines virus"?

    • i'm feeling smug about my usual stockpile of 5 jars of peanut butter right about now. buy when its on sale every time. only thing i have a larger than reasonable stock of.

    • peanut butter is a good source of protein, the other 2 are full of salt and sugar

  • Any luck with finding Sanitizers ? Cant find anywhere (Coles/woolies/CWarehouse/Bunnings), and we have 20ml left :-(

    • I always have a look to see if there's any in stock. I've seen toilet paper a couple of times in Coles, but never any hand sanitizer.

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      Make your own, get 99% isopropyl alcohol and add water or aloe vera gel in a 60/40 ratio. Done.

      Quick google show you can get 1L of iso/alcohol for $35 which makes you 1.4L of sanitizer.

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      In my local Bunnings even the metho has sold out. Manildra should be diverting some of its ethanol production from E10 - the amount they make for that would be plenty even for hoarders. But at least one local maker of hand sanitiser (note spelling - we aint Yanks) has suspended production because there is now a worldwide shortage of the gelling ingredient.

    • i think they keep them behind the counter so you need to ask

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    Why we discussing this, only to creating more panic buyers?

    • Yep pretty pointless post.

      • Anyone notice that coke is running low in supermarkets?

        When someone said that, what would be your reaction, oh wait, better stock up coke. Should banned these type of threads.

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    If you were to ask "what is not gone at the supermarket?" Would be a way shorter list!

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    I have been eating rolled oats every night as my staple diet. As a treat, I may buy Chinese every now and then. The other day shopping I was made to look like a hoarder. The checkout woman even rang Management. I only had two packets. This is my diet, nothing to do with hoarding.

    • Same! But for breakfast. All local Coles wiped clean but got away with my usual 4 bag/month supply at woolies with only some minor dirty looks.

  • Anything long lasting is pretty much gone at my supermarket.
    Went to our local Indian grocery and finally found some lentils and split peas. Guess we will be surviving on daal for awhile.

  • does anyone know, do the local smaller meat/vege shops etc. do they replensih stock every day overnight?

    • They would go to the markets in the early hours of the morning and replenish from there every day, so by 7/8 the shop is full - rinse and repeat.

  • Yeast (because all bread mix packs already taken)

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    People will write entire economics and psychological papers on this outbreak. But one of the things i find curious is the items that are in and out of stock. For example (and some of this may have changed since i was there on Monday night)…

    All bread is gone. But gluten free is still there. "Too expensive, and gluten free, i'd rather die!"
    All the lebanese bread and wraps and bagels are still there too
    Flour is gone, but packet bread mix is there. I suspect the people who are willing to make their own bread think the packed bread mix is too expensive

    Shampoo is gone, but conditioner remains. I suppose we have to wash but not condition hair

    All the chicken was gone, but there was still turkey, pork, beef, lamb, fish

    Cleaning vinegar is gone, but white/red/apple cider/balsamic vinegar is still there. White vinegar and cleaning vinegar are the same thing i'm pretty sure

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      all that could mean that , only the semi doom and gloom people have got into panic mode, ie i want to stock up on pasta but im not that desparate to want vegan/wholemeal/gluten free pasta

      and like my previous example of instant noodles being untouched, mayeb theyre not deperate enough to try things that are out of their comfort zone

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      Try a salad with cleaning vinegar and think again

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        They must making A LOT of Salt n Vinegar chips whoever taking potatoes too 😋

    • "gluten free, i'd rather die!" yup

      • sanitarium peanut butter? hell no.

    • There's heaps of bread around. Aldi, Woolies …
      Plenty of milk, butter and cheese.
      Eggs are in abundance.

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      "All bread is gone."

      Thats ESPECIALLY crazy because it don't keep outside a freezer. And it's so bulky that it will leave no freezer room for other things you might "need" to hoard. And you can't take old bread back to the shop for a refund when the panic is over (which is what some hoarders of things like toilet paper are counting on).

      It really is amazing the way people are not thinking, just panicking.

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        Maybe they are eating bread for every meal now so they can hoard any other food they find.

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    I'll tell ya one thing … there's a truck load of Easter Eggs!

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    Just back from woolies, they were restocking the garden hoses attachments and doritos shelves, so they are doing well

    • garden hoses attachments

      Is this the weapon of choice?

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        No its because there is no more toilet paper so people are having to hose their bottoms. One attachment per family member for hygiene purposes. LOL

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          What the heck are they doing with the doritos then

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          hopefully australians will be weened off wiping them bums with toilet paper after all this blows over. barbarians!

          • @mtg: Right? If I got feces on me I couldn't just wipe it off and get on with my day. I'd need to at least rinse with water - preferably soap… Guess I'm just a "clean freak"

        • Thats for noobs, nothing but petrol powered high pressure wash for me tyvm

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    My local woolworths at munno para is out of

    1.People with any sense of decency
    2. Long life milk
    3.Bog rolls
    4.Paper towels
    5.Cans of tomato's
    6.2 min noodles
    7. microwave rice
    8. meat of all types
    9.and lots more

    • 1.People with any sense of decency

      funny how you just noticed - was always the case.

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    Stock up on beer now. Mark my words.

    • Beer is pretty simple to make yourself compared to a lot of other things.

      • Well stock up on malt, yeast, and other home brew essentials then lol

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          Or a woman with yeast infection.

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      Whisky is a lot easier to hide from the zombie hordes. And you can, if needed, get drunk on it a lot quicker.

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    I was wondering why the wasn't a mob of zombies at my local supermarket

    There wasn't enough brain among the customers for them to feed on

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      I am smart,
      I stocked up radiation suits
      How to survive on Mars books
      And cat food, even though I dont have a cat
      Put a raincheck on black plague medication too

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        What about your tin foil hat?

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          Local Woolies is out of foil

      • cat food is just bait.

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    who is buying pasta sauce? eww. make your own

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      every non-italian

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        Even Italians are panic buying pasta.

  • I found one store in Perth suburbs that has a massive supply of paper towels, regular size plus those jumbo single rolls. They also have heaps of tissues. Just no toilet paper or sanitizer. They also have heaps of meat and pasta.
    That same store had heaps and heaps of face masks too. They had two varieties. But they were $10 each.
    It just goes to show that not all places are selling out of everything.
    I found one IGA that had heaps of sanitizer wipes tucked away in the back. But when I went back in the evening there were only 4 packets left. :(

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      I found one store in Perth suburbs that has a massive supply of paper towels, regular size plus those jumbo single rolls. They also have heaps of tissues. Just no toilet paper or sanitizer. They also have heaps of meat and pasta.

      I think what you'll find is store restock during the day and that stuff isn't always snapped up within 5 minutes. I bet if you go back to that store tonight it'll be all gone.

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    All the tomato sauce. How is tangy sugar syrup a necessity? so stupid

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    Anyone notice that coke is running low in supermarkets?

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      People are buying everything. I'm just waiting for people to start trying to buy the shelves too.

    • Much like the chips mentioned in the next comment, there is definitely no shortage of coke at this stage. There's only so much room on a truck, and people aren't screaming for coke, just yet, so the TP and pasta takes priority.

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    Just returned from the shops. In my area the snacks/chips aisle has now been stripped clean. The locusts are moving down the food chain and have hit the junkiest of junk food.

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      Once I see Gluten-free gone, then I'll realize shit's gettin dire

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        nah all good - wait until the non chicken chicken mcnuggets are gone, then we as a human race have no future

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          Saw woolies are running a special on Quorn "fake mince". If that sells out, we're certainly stuffed.

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    Shops here are all empty. We usually keep a good supply of stuff so really lucky we only had to get some toilet paper. Had luck with that last weekend so all good now.

    Instead of shopping for groceries and eating home cooking we will keep what we have in case anything happens.

    In the meantime we get to support all our favorite eateries/takeout joints, don't want them to go bust!

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    This was pretty funny/interesting

    Local IGA selling toilet paper individually

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      I suspect these workers keeping big packs for themselves😪


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      I actually like that. Much better than the Woolies where some dude throws out bags of 20 to randoms and it's gone in 60 seconds. Can't they reduce the size so there is some to go around? I haven't found a single roll in weeks..

      • How are you managing?

        • i still have 4 rolls atm, lol, but yeah it's not looking good since the situation is getting worse by the day in shops and let's be honest i am not really expecting to find toilet paper in weeks.

          I did buy some on ebay but ebay then removed the listing so, great, thanks ebay : /

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            @Iggemo: if that's you in pic, just find a treee, save the toilet paper for mee

    • Same at my IGA, 20 people queued up at 7.30 when they open. All go to the cash register and get issued with a single roll of toilet paper from behind the counter

  • i had to run to 4 different places to buy sugar and salt, but still nowhere has them,
    shopping is a nightmare, economy boost is a success, there you go…
    luckily i have 1 vegemite jar and rice

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    Bracing myself to wander down to Coles. I have only a tub of bocconcini and I'll need dinner.

    Lucky I bought 10kgs protein powder last month.

    Can survive on that and 2 minute noodles.

    Ahh, will be like being young again!

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    Should spread a rumour that COVID 19 thrives around lots of groceries, see who falls for it…

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    Toothpaste all gone. Those bastards….

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    At least 50% of this could have been avoided if the news stopped saying this adding fuel to fire

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      60% of all statistics are made up

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        interestingly, 83% of people say that