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$0 Activation & $0 Fee for All Pick-up Orders for Restaurants @ Uber Eats


Outstanding initiative by Uber Eats to ease the strain on restaurants and small business and for also giving away 25,000 meals for our healthcare workers on the frontline.

To show our support for those on the ground working to keep the community safe, we’re also pledging 25,000 delivered meals to hospital workers and frontline services. We will work with local and state governments to determine the best way to support this. 

Uber Eats will be offering restaurants the option to receive daily payments rather than once a week during the pandemic. In addition to this, all restaurants will pay no service fees on pick up orders until 30 June.

With less people dining out and many events cancelled we can help generate new revenue streams for impacted businesses by unlocking new opportunities. To that end, during this time we will be waiving activation fees to help new restaurants wanting to quickly join the platform.

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  • Seems very dangerous. The casual worker, who will probably refuse to self isolate when having symptoms, preparing the food of those who we need to be healthy to treat the vulnerable.

    • There's big fines for people that are supposed to self-isolate but don't (jail in some states).

      • If arriving from overseas or if you've been diagnosed. If you're just sick and never goto the doctors to be diagnosed, there's no forced isolation. That's the danger of people being selfish and going to work sick.

      • LOL at Australia trying to enforce fines of this nature. Singapore, yes. Australia, no.

    • Any reference, PainToad?

      • All the casual workers on social media going on about not being able to isolate because they don't get sick leave*.

        *They actually get paid more than permeant workers to compensate for lack of sick leave and are meant to put money aside for when they must take unpaid sick leave. I have sympathy for those struggling to make ends meet - Not the millennials pissing each pay check away on uanessacry AfterPay Debt and $1200 iPhones.

        From a self hating millennial.

        • I find it particularly absurd when the lowest end current gen iphone is $1200 and the Max models go up to $2500.

          Yet it doesn't deter some of the other uni students I know (even one who is jobless) turning up with the latest 11 Pro Max right after release

        • I think that ideology misses the fact that the bushfire season absolutely destroyed a lot of casual worker's savings in more than a few areas. Even in not directly impacted areas, the massive reduction in tourism & thereby their business would've seen a lull. The casual guys would be the first and most obvious group to get cut hours as a consequence. And hours aren't likely to pick up outside of super markets for the foreseeable future

        • Not sure if you're serious. Almost no casual worker gets full time hours. So no, casual workers don't have an ability to squirrel away funds to cover this much potential leave as many only work 10-15 hrs a week. That all goes on the cost of living. You're dreaming if you believe otherwise…

          • @tbgoose: At 10 hours a week, a person is only working 26% of a full time equivalent week (plus full time workers do a lot of extra unpaid work above the apparent 38 hours).

            Full time workers only get 10 sick days a year.

            26% of 10 days is 2.6 days sick leave. That’s all they’re missing out on by not having sick leave. It’s not like full time workers get unlimited sick leave.

            Would a casual worker take a pay cut to get 2.6 sick days a year? I doubt it.

            The real issue is getting people into full time employment. Casual work should be for students.

            It’s horrible we expect people to cover the cost of living on casual employment. That’s the real issue here.

        • Ordinary sick leave is different to a pandemic. The loading doesnt take into account being isolated for 2 weeks on top of what an average person gets, yet alone a potential few months of leave.

      • On behalf of Pain Toad, is this reference acceptable

    • Ok Mr negative

    • 1)If safe hand hygene is followed as it should in food preperation, the risk is minimal
      2)If you think the exposure from this is greater than from actual working in a healthcare facility, you're wrong
      3)I don't know why you're talking about self isolating being the issue here. There's a lot of evidence that a significant portion of those who are infected are asymptomatic, meaning there is risk in contact with people regardless of if they've been advised to self isolate
      4)Further to above point, research is coming out showing that Covid19 can exist in the body for at least 3 weeks, meaning a 14 day isolation isn't any guarentee either

      But don't let facts get in the way of your little rant.

      • I work next to a sushi shop and the workers there don't wash there hands. Even in this important time of good hygiene. When I questioned the worker about not washing…she replied I forgot. I replied ur a discusting animal. Now I know why I get food poisoning when I have sushi

        • Feel free to report this to your local council. State health authorities also have a food safety branch generally but they don't do much or get involved in much… more for food issues not related to prep/serve by local restaurants.

    • I actually emailed a place I do consulting work to do exactly that. To boot out and replace any staff showing any signs of illness (and to pay them ordinary wages until given the all clear etc).

      Unfortunately with the lack of testing available in regards to Covid it seems to now be a symptom based self-isolation at a persons choosing. Which is what we don't want.

      While the authorities f**k about with what support to provide or not (mostly not) those, particularly low income earners who need that wage will go to work further increasing the risk of spreading illness about taking down even more people and tanking the economy further.

      I'm not blaming anyone or anything here but the lack of action by the ivory towers.

  • +19 votes

    So, how do you get one of these "25,000" Means? I don't see an option anywhere.
    This seems more like a PSA / Unobtainable at this stage.

  • we will be waiving activation fees to help new restaurants wanting to quickly join the platform.

    I’m guessing there’s still a hefty fee for the purchase of the equipment they make you buy though?

    I’ve always been pretty anti Uber for my folk’s small restaurant due to the massive cut they take but I’m wondering if now is the time to join the masses ☹️

    • Uber in general are assholes.

    • I'm a business consultant. What city is your parents restaurant in? I'll gladly do some digging for you in regards to options. Just remember, Uber is but one of many and there are many more options available.

      I'll just say this… For a company to be run the way Uber is run in the industry it's run in. To be losing so much money where they don't actually own the income producing assets but leave that up to their 'workers' is absolutely phenomenal. I would take my manager out the back and shoot him if that was my business (referring to Uber).

      • Thanks kronic, we’re in Adelaide

        • There are a few various options available…

          Did you have your own delivery driver or is that what you needed ubereats for if you go down that path?

          • @kronicmacstigator: Didnt mcdonalds end their own delivery service and only use uber now.

            • @t_c: Quite a few McDonald's still have their own drivers. Since McDonald's is a corporate partner of Ubereats they tend to get preferential pricing in regards to deliveries.

              While yes… Most McDonald's are franchise run and I'd assume it's up to the store owner.

              Usually if the store is in a location where drivers are readily available the store owners would rather use ubereats. Due to many factors from liability through to staff age and other reasons.

              Not to mention that ubereats does it's own marketing vs logging onto the McDonald's site, registering, ordering etc…

              Ubereats seems to be the easier solution

          • @kronicmacstigator: Not sure what moron downvoted me… I took it to DM anyway

      • Many of those "losses" would presumably be on paper only, paying their shell-companies for "advertising", for instance, to evade paying tax.

        • I'll be honest… my gut tells me they've done some backhanded deal S30E05 with a company like Tesla and is using this as an excuse to push forward with self driving cars. If they don't have to pay the driver and can just recharge the cars using solar and battery packs at various locations suddenly they become incredibly profitable.

    • Have a look at TableTime - they charge no fees (at least now) but they're pickup only. That said, if you sign up to Uber Eats but only offer pickup, they also charge no fees (at least for now). The equipment is actually leased from memory - it's a tablet which they supply and manage.

  • How do Uber have any money left?

  • If picking up food, call the restaurant directly, rather than giving Uber some of the money. Restaurants need the support, not Uber.

  • +17 votes

    So how does a healthcare worker actually redeem this offer?

  • +2 votes

    How do you prove that you are a healthcare worker? And any more details/guidance on who is eligible for this?

  • Whether or how it will work out can be discussed, but I appreciate Ubereats' attitude to be thankful to our doctors and nurses who are at the frontline risking their own safety and their families.
    I'm wondering what kind of protection those doctors and nurses get to keep them safe. I hope Australia hospitals can provide sufficient protection similar to those hospitals in Wuhan China,if not better.

    • I'm wondering what kind of protection those doctors and nurses get to keep them safe.

      Do you mean from UberEats? Probably as safe as the local Zooki most Doctors have access to.

    • Wife works in a private medical centre. Practically zero protection. Centre ran out of mask. Supplies getting stolen by staffs. So bad she had to lock up the supply room.

      And not to mention the selfish behaviours of the patients. The other day one of the patient lied to the receptionist that she wasn't coming in for COVID related issue. During consultation she ended up asking the doctor for her COVID test result done at a local hospital. Were she had tested positive, the entire medical centre and all the staffs would have been sent home and quarantined.

      • That's very disturbing!!! My friend's daughter works as a training GP, she is provided with only 4 surgical masks for the whole week of work.

      • Wife works in a private medical centre. Practically zero protection. Centre ran out of mask. Supplies getting stolen by staffs. So bad she had to lock up the supply room.

        You'd be surprised what is happening on major hospital campuses. Patient visitors are stealing the hand sanitizers that are on the end of patient beds, so now they have to have one bottle per room near the doorway. Staff are also pinching masks and the like from store rooms. It is unbelievable really.

        During consultation she ended up asking the doctor for her COVID test result done at a local hospital. Were she had tested positive,

        That is so selfish. Unbelievable. If I was the doctor I would have given her a massive talking to. I have no idea how people can be so idiotic. Perhaps the patient has a cognitive impairment or something. But if it was a healthy adult I just have no idea how you can justify it.

  • I got excited that thought I was getting a free lunch but I guess I have to wait until they figure out how.

  • How is this a bargain befitting the site?

    It sounds like they're going to coordinate the mass provision of meals, possibly through catering services, rather than on an individual basis.

    People with restaurants on the platform would presumably be told directly.

    So why do the bidding of a tax-evading, exploitative company, for a largely irrelevant "deal" with no definitive details?

  • Frontline services… I'm assuming Ambos, Police and firies will be included. Will involve all of them in the battle against this…

  • Does this mean restaurants aren’t losing 38%?

  • Better deals and intention than AirBnB!!! Still bitter that I just missed the window for a pandemic and my trip not refunded!!!

  • So how do we activate this?