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Bose SoundSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Black $135 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Bose soundsport wireless bluetooth earphones for $135 on amazon au.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $225 elsewhere - good deal

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    These are amazing running earphones for the price. I flogged the shiz out of these training for a marathon until they fell apart. Now have the SoundSport Free. Tempting to Corona-stockpile these at this price.

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      Scomo says no to FoMo

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    I'll say it again because I feel it so deeply; I hate these. For my own ears they block no external sound at all. It's like having a little speaker next to my ear, not in it.

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      I know what you mean. They sound awesome in my opinion, but they don't block any sound. Good if you want to be aware of your surroundings like if you're running or cycling, but hopeless if you want any isolation. I tried them in the gym once and just gave up.

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        Agree, great sound that's totally undercut by lack of isolation - especially when cycling (wind noise is killer coz they stick out so goddamn far - create their own weather patterns). Got some Jabra elites 75t instead which suit my purposes better and still sound decent.

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      I find the sound signature to be very very good. But even with a good fit, the isolation is lacking compared to say my jaybird tarah pro or jabra 65t

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      You need to invest in Comply tips - sound isolation.
      I replaced my stock Jaybird X3 tips with Comply tips and the sound is noticeably better.

      They are expensive…about $10 per set, and only come in packs of 3.

      • yeah, not in this case. Yes, I've had many comply tips, including for Jaybird. These things are completely different. I think they are not designed to isolate at all. You'd need weird orc ears for them to fit.

      • i don't own these, but I have seen other Bose IEMs and they don't use standard ear gels that just plug in. Their shape is specific to the Bose, so if you just buy Comply tips, they wouldn't fit in.

        Bose knows you can make more money selling tips than if you used a standard tip shape.

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          Huge fan of the jabra 65t or 75t,because they fit perfectly. I don't even care about active noise cancelling because there's almost no noise left to block (day to day use, not planes).

          I have little ear holes.

          • @a22andrew: no I'm saying the shape of part where you insert the comply tips is differen't. The tips won't go in.

            The tips look something like this:

            As far as I know, Comply don't make anything of this shape.

            Comply will work on Sony IEMs which are standard. Bose use their own design. The Bose have no passive sound isolation whatsoever, even the ANC ones. Having them inserted in your ear, the noise around you is the same as if you took them out of your ear.

            • @lostn: So, yes, we agree. The tips are not the issue with these, though, it's the design.

            • @lostn: Also, I replied to the wrong comment, lol

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      One man's trash… I actually love the lack of isolation in these and see it as a feature. It's a safety thing when running outside. Yes, agree it's not ideal in the gym.

    • What do you recommend instead of these?

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        Huge fan of the jabra 65t or 75t,because they fit perfectly. I don't even care about active noise cancelling because there's almost no noise left to block (day to day use, not planes).

        I have little ear holes.

  • I had two of these. Rubber surrounding the earpeice wears off over time

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      Apparently these happened in early run models. Bose acknowledge this too apparently and read reports of them replacing/repairing. Ymmv

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        Thanks for this! Had no idea and just googled about the replacing option and it's true! Just went here and put my serial number in and they will send my a brand new one for free once I send my defective ones in! cheer buddy

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          No worries mate! It's unacceptable for them to fail like that anyway but it's good to receive support and recognition of the failing even after x time

  • I have the wired version of these, the best running headphones. So comfortable, and stay in.
    AS said above they are not in ear or noise isolating, but I don't want that as I find it really uncomfortable when running for 3 hours

  • it looks like a neckband without the neckband, which means the battery would be smaller.

  • been using my jaybird x4s for a while now for running, been wanting to change it up. not sure if these are worth it

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