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adidas Ultra Boost 20 - International Space Station Collab $129.95 (Was $260) + Shipping @ Footlocker AU


I personally really dig this colorway. I also have the black pair and will be using this pair as my gym shoes.

Footlocker also have an Afterpay Day sale on at the moment.

Here: https://www.footlocker.com.au/en/all/?sale=sale&sortingattri...

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  • Yep. Grabbed a pair of the white/grey ones.
    Great deal!

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    damn, Ultraboost 20 is already 50% off

  • The discounted ones appear to have a weird triangle logo on the flap.. is that standard?

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      the ones with the triangle logo are the international space station collaboration with adidas. think of it as a special edition of the regular shoe. only cosmetic differences.

      • +1

        Ah thanks - sorry I missed that part it's in your title XD

  • Can you go the moon with these? Asking for a friend.

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      Buzz off.

      • +5

        No need to strong arm him

  • Never buying white ultra boosts again.

    • how come? genuinely want to know before buying

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        In my experience the white mesh fabric is a pain to clean, and picks up marks/dust/etc super easily.

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          I chuck mine in a delicates bag and throw it in the washing machine on a cold wash.

          I leave the laces on, take out the inner sole and they come brand new.

      • +4


        Left is brand new, right is 2nd day

        • lol that's nuts
          but wife got whites.ones, cause she said it's easier to match clothes
          but son stepped on her shoes, now its grey
          blue from Jean's
          it's hard to keep white clean j guess

        • thats pretty bad, i think ill pass on these then. thank you!

        • +1

          Where the hell have you been walking?
          I have triple white UB's and they're still white but I obviously don't use them in muddy/dirty areas.

        • +9

          Lol that's gold.

          ^ do the people above think this is real?

          • +1

            @ChillBro: Yes. He used a 24hour time lapse to get the before and after shots in the one frame

        • Can't wait to see what day 100 looks like.

        • +1

          Disclaimer- because I dont want to be sued by adidas.
          Was actually less than 2 months old worn by a mate for work……as a plumber.

          Because…..you know….


  • These are actually grey

  • just got my pair of Adios 4, they're alright, expected a bit better quality. Should I return and get these?

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    They have other colors also at 50% off. Tempted to pick up a pair:

    Black w/ purple stripe: https://www.footlocker.com.au/en/p/adidas-ultra-boost-20-men...

    White w/ purple stripe: https://www.footlocker.com.au/en/p/adidas-ultra-boost-20-men...

    I have the triple blacks (not on sale) and can personally say these are more comfortable than the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 19's. The look starts to grow on you. They are a clean looking shoe!

    • omg this is so amazing! really love the white one. Will need to sit on this for a bit before committing.

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    I will never buy online from footlocker again. Last order they cancelled one item and also sent the wrong shoes. Useless customer service as well.

    • thats a yikes, I can't even order the bloody shoes, the website never loads properly for me

  • Anyone know why there is additional black sole in solarboost:
    Like these as ultra boost fits quite tight around ankles. This ones are fine, but that additional black part is wierd.

  • +1

    I was considering getting the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 today for $99.99 with member discount, i’ve had ultra boosts before but i’ve never had the 19 version or this 20 version and i’ve never had a pair of pegasus’s before. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 36’s and the 20’s and which is better? This deal would come to $139.95 delivered or $129.95 pickup in store.

    • +1

      Depends on your use case. I have numerous Peg 36s and ultraboosts (19s, 20s, 2.0). From my experience the Peg 36s are the much better running shoe, lighter and good balance of cushion and responsiveness in the midsole. You can run in ultraboosts but but def not my favorite shoe for this purpose. They are heavier and too squishy for my liking as a running shoe. For general walking/gym/lifestyle i prefer the ultraboosts. Better looking shoe imo and comfortable as any other shoe on the market.

    • I've run in both (Peg 35 though.. 3 pairs in a year). The Ultraboost 19 are awesome for recovery runs but for me are a bit too soft for longer runs. I've got mine at 960km now and still happy with the midsole.

    • How do you choose pick up in store? I want to try them before i buy but not want the hassle of returning

  • Great review for these here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIgv_-1Nxsw

    Definitely worth a buy!

  • fark maybe should send the black UB19 back
    Would get nice and grubby so maybe not

  • Running out of size quick….

  • Hmmm
    They sent me the wrong colour.

  • On the weekend I went in to the store and they had some left. Luckily had my size. They are also having a 20% off sale which included already on sale shoes and I got mine for $104 :)

    • Great find!

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