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Apple iPhone X 256GB (Space Grey) $999 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Delivery only ($4.99 here), not available for click & collect or in store.

64GB also for $899 but the 256GB for $999 seems the best buy.

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    I posted this comment in a different Telstra deal thread here but still think it's relevant for those looking at this deal. If your budget can stretch another ~$157 I think it is good value to get an XS Max over an X (as long as you are comfortable with the extra size):

    'Vodafone is offering the 256GB Model on a month to month plan for $1116. If you choose the cheapest $40 plan, cancel it in the first month, and then pay-out the value of the handset it should come out to $1156 total

    Silver and Gold are the colours available (instead of Space Grey only in this deal) so it could be a good option for some. The link is here https://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/iphone-xs-max-64...

    64GB model is the same price as the 256GB model weirdly so make sure you click the right storage option'


      Has anyone actually done this?


        I was tempted when the 512gb version was available.
        Anyone know if store stock differs?


          You can try your luck but they must of had seriously low stock of the 512. I ordered right after that 512GB deal was posted and got bumped down to 256GB via phone call as they said there was absolutely no 512GB stock left, with the option of cancelling if I wasn't willing to accept the reduced storage. Still, you can call some stores anyway to see if there are some units scattered about

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            @AussieDeals: I guess it was probably an error and wasn’t meant to be included in the first place.
            Wonder if anyone’s orders went through.
            Did you stick with the 256gb?

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              @wikiwiki: Yeah ended up sticking with the 256GB as it was still a decent deal compared to most other iphone deals lately and remains a very nice iphone feature-wise (+ I don't really need 512GB storage for my personal use).

              The thing's RRP was also $2049 up until late last year when the 11 was released, so the massive drop in price to $1156 made it look pretty good for an iPhone deal (in past instances when Apple officially kept around last year's model as the budget offering they typically only shaved $100 to $200 off the price and called it a day)

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      is there any early exit fee ? i find there is for 12/24 months, does that mean i need to sign 36 months to avoid ?


    Strange phones are not 1tb now, especially in the Mobile data section, who here wants broadband 5g or 4g as a one set system stylised into a mobile plan (acting as a hotspot for everything), no? Dam shame apple doesn't have that