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Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser for $99 Delivered ($89 for New Users) @ Shavershop


This deal is back on!

Get a Waterpik Ultra Flosser in either white or black for $99 delivered.

You can get it for $89 with new Shavershop accounts.

Dont forget the Shopback / Cashrewards

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  • Great price. These are really good (far better than the Phillips Airflosser).

    • Yeah I managed to get one with the previous deal and have been loving it!

      • What makes them so good if you don't mind my asking?

        • They actually do the job quite well, particularly if you have teeth that have such tight gaps they break floss. You tend to use it more once into the routine. If I were a dentist I would suggest everyone get one.

          The Phillips electric toothbrushes are the best ones though.

  • Bought this and find it really weak. Pretty disappointing.

  • White only left.

  • These things any good as a bidet? Just asking for a friend low on toilet paper.

  • I got the $37 Amazon one and I actually love it. I'm thinking of upgrading to something better like this. Does anybody know how these compare to cheap portable units?

    • My only experience with water flossers is the model listed in this bargain so unfortunately I cant help too much. Also it may be a bit hard for people to provide a meaningful comparison without mentioning the model you have.

      Either way, I found this comparison of a waterpik portable vs countertop model which may help you. In short, the countertop models gives you more pressure and more water capacity. Though I have read that some people have had issues with the tube wearing out over time, but a quick google/youtube search will show you how to fix this issue.

    • As mentioned above, Far bigger water tank than the portable one I have plus more tips (see rotating brush option I mentioned above) and far better water pressure and variable pressure. Your portable may have some of these but mine didn’t

  • I was looking into getting one of these. I was checking out the Waterpik Ultra Professional version, which is about $153 from Amazon AU, has anyone used this one? Who would it compare to the standard Ultra version (besides the massaging function) ?

    • No personal experience with the Ultra Professional (WP-660) but here are a couple of reviews:
      Review 1
      Review 2

      • Thanks for the links :). Looking at the specs, it seems the only difference between the Ultra(WP-100) and Ultra Professional (WP-660) is

        1. Cosmetic
        2. Massage function(WP-660) - has anyone used it, or know what it's used for exactly ? Afaik, it's used for people with bad gums, or gums that hurt too much ??
        3. Floss timer(WP-660) - 30sec/1min timmer
        4. Number of tips - 6x in the Ultra, 7x in the Ultra Professional. Can anyone confirm this for the Australian market ?
        5. Container(WP-100) - Ultra (WP-100) comes with a storage container on top of the jug, whereas the Professional(WP-660) does not. Can anyone confirm this ?

        Thanks again :)

  • i cant get the $10 welcome code to work for new accounts.

    • Try going through the registration process instead of using the pop up. I remember I had a similar issue where I had to register twice for the code to work. Cant exactly remember which path I went down but I think it was the below.

      • I have registered my email using the link, still isn't recognising and when I try and use the code 'SHAVE10' it says "This coupon code is for registered customers only. Please logged-in to redeem this code. Valid for first time use only." (despite me being logged in). Showing $99 still :(

        • A hover over popup appears when you first enter the site.

          If you sub to the newsletter you're given a unique code. It was about 10 characters long, every 2-3 separated with a hyphen -

  • I have this waterpik and feel it is adequate.

  • Is the cordless one any good? Or best stick to the regular one due to the amount of water storage

  • I use one of the flossers/picks that attach directly to the tap on your bathroom sink. You can set it from a feeble dribble to a tongue slicing jet. I use somewhere in the middle for my teeth but the full on setting for cleaning the gunk from around the taps, plug etc.

      • Just search for "tap water flosser" and you'll find them. Careful you don't get one from the US as they use different threads to Australian taps. You swap out the aerator on the end of the tap for a small diverter valve that the flosser plugs into.

  • Thanks OP!

    Been waiting for this one to go on special again

    Just ordered a black, $89.

  • Dammit just missed out :( if anyone spots it again please post. Finally got a coupon code then it’s back up to $130.