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BudgetBakers Finance App - $47.99 AUD Lifetime Plan


Edit: Updated link direct to budgetbakers. (Download app, lifetime feature is available when clicking on BUY PREMIUM).

One of the best personal finance apps around with over 140,462+ votes on Play Store (4.6/5).
Connect all your bank feeds and know exactly where you stand. Tracks all income/expenses automatically.
Works with nearly all Australian banks, credit cards and PayPal.

Lifetime license cost $47.99 and means you avoid paying recurring fees each year.
Platform can be accessed via Android/iOS or Web.

What are these personal finance apps and how can they help me?
I've used quite a few of them, e.g. spendee, moneybrilliant, getmoneytree, mint and found BudgetBakers is one of the best. Couldn't believe they are running a lifetime deal at the moment with 15% off. These deals don't come around often because it cost them monthly fees $$ when using 3rd party bank syncs (Yodlee).

So in a nutshell, you download app, select your financial institution from a list, supply your accountid/username +password and these apps use a 3rd party service (e.g. Yodlee) to connect to those accounts to automatically download all transaction items. It then tries to auto-categorize the items into categories like Shopping, Internet, Gas/Power, etc. You can generate reports that show all your income/spending per week, month, year, etc. Lets you keep tabs on your spending and earning.

Is it safe?
Yodlee handles millions of bank accounts for some of the largest financial firms, so I would say it's safe enough.

Other app features:
- You can create filters, so if the app doesn't auto categorize correctly, you can for example make it so that all "IINET" transaction keywords go into "ISP category" and say all "FOXTEL" transactions get put into Entertainment.
- You can define your own categories
- You can define your own labels
- You can use multiple currencies, although I would recommend choosing AUD as base.
- You can set pin on the app
- Each account has it's own tab, so you can choose to show income/expense report from all the accounts you hold or say just generate a report for PayPal only.

Seriously, this app is pretty good. Quicken is charging Aussies $180/year for virtually the same thing. (Yes, you can do more in Quicken but people upgrade and pay each year to keep their bank feeds active).

Another good free alternative (less features) is PocketBook - https://getpocketbook.com/

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    Any 3rd party that requires me to give my banking details over is a big no. I’m pretty sure it’d be written in your internet banking Ts and Cs that you can’t use 3rd party apps for security reasons.


      Never had a problem and my bank rep says lots of his younger gen clients do this. Bank doesn't see it as a problem. Of all the accounts I've used, only 1 didn't work and it was a corporate FX account.

      All bank feeds are handled by Yodlee, The largest US financial data broker with over 25 million accounts.

      Yodlee, the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform, helps consumers live better financial lives through innovative products and services created for more than 1,200 financial institutions and FinTech companies, including 15 of the top 20 U.S. banks.

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        This article (just access in incognito mode if you can’t read it / copy and search for the headline in incognito mode) writes about CBA warning about this exact thing, and says its in breach of it’s terms and conditions.

        Whilst it does highlight that Yodlee has never had a data breach, it also talks to your obligations as a customer.

        Article included (duh!) https://www.afr.com/companies/financial-services/cba-and-fin...


      100% agree


      And I if there's ever any fraud on your account, even if completely unrelated, I can easily see banks not reversing any of it because you've broken Ts and Cs.

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    Sounds great. Have you tried pocketbook? How does it compare?


    You didn't mention one of the most famous FREE app Pocketbook anywhere?


    Does it allow automatic backups to Google drive, dropbox etc?

    I use this to do my own charts analysis.


    Is this even a deal. It comes to AUD 51 approx.
    In the app. Lifetime is for $47.99

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    I've tried many personal finance apps and concluded that the envelope method (ala YNAB) works best for me as it allows me to be proactive before the expenses occur.

    If you are one of these people, please try out Aspire Budgeting, it's an envelope method budgeting based on google sheet and it's free!


      Yeah, I love YNAB and have been looking for free alternatives. I checked out Aspire. Whilst not as user-friendly, I think once it's all set up, it'll work well.

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        I've been using Aspire for 3 months now, and have set up a Google form to enter transactions on mobile (there's instruction how to do that in the subreddit). So far so good, I instinctively know what to do as I've used YNAB before, but yeah it's a bit more manual. I think they have an iOS app but nothing yet for Android.


    Is it safe?
    Yodlee handles millions of bank accounts for some of the largest financial firms, so I would say it's safe enough.

    Yodlee shares its data with the largest data aggregators in the world.

    It is used to remove more of the victims money via marketing and dynamic pricing.

    Now, most people are fools that think that data collection and marketing works … except just not in their case. That's what most people think.

    Data is now far more valuable than oil which reflects the large amounts of money being removed from you because it it.


    I gave it a go and just couldn't figure out how to export data (csv/xls… anything) via web app or iOS app. So.. I cancelled trial. Lucky I didn't dive in head first.

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