Free 3 Months of News Channels (CNN, MSNBC, BBC World News, etc) @ Fetch TV


All Fetch TV users will get the following channels for free:

  • CNN
  • BBC World News
  • Al Jazeera
  • euronews
  • France 24
  • NDTV 24x7
  • Channel News Asia
  • CGTN
  • CNBC
  • Bloomberg

Simply restart your device (from Monday) and the channels will be available.

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    • +16 votes

      Mostly fake news and Chinese state propaganda…

      Sounds as if you're disappointed fox news isn't there.

      • +16 votes

        Just because some of us don't want far left opinions masquerading as news, does not mean we don't want some balanced reporting.

        • +33 votes

          Yes, Fox News, fair and balanced.

        • +11 votes

          Who provides balanced reporting in your view? Just curious

          • +8 votes

            @sigplay: AllSides is a site that shows how media outlets from the left, right and centre are reporting on current news topics. It's US-centric, and I would love to see something similar for Australia.

          • -2 votes

            @sigplay: 8 hours and still no reply by @heal

            • +10 votes

              @veritas_mendax: @veritas_mendax As @heal made the comment close to midnight and you made your comment at 8:45am I'm guessing that @heal, like most humans is not nocturnal, nor obsessed with Ozbargain, just sayin!!



              8 hours and still no reply by @heal

              Sorry veritas, I was enjoying my day off and was able to get outside and enjoy the whether. Hope that's okay.

              And the answer is no-one!

              Edit: Thanks for the link ragrum. Some of us don't like to live in an echo chamber and whatever my opinions are, I like to hear alternative views. I do prefer opinion pieces to be in the 'Opinion' section of the newspapers.


            @sigplay: If I were to pick from that list for unbiased reporting I'd go for BBC World News, then Al Jazeera. Some like Euronews I can't comment on.

            CNN = was jokingly called the Clinton News Network at the 2016 presidential electuin and as the sating goes "never a truer word has been spoken in jest" is quite apt. Fox News = even more biased towards Trump and the republicans.

            CNBC and Bloomberg are primarily financial news.

            • +1 vote

              @philart: CNN is using conflict to get better ratings. I remember a Vox piece about a year ago regarding how late night comedy show hosts cover Trump better than CNN. Late night hosts seem to be biased against Trump but in my opinion, he is just such an easy target. If Obama made such statements, I expect that they'll have the same response. Anyway, point is let's just watch Last Week Tonight. It may have its biases but atleast it's entertaining

        • +2 votes

          Aside from the second one, none of these channels are "far left opinions". I feel like perhaps you aren't familiar with the ten other channels this gives you access to.

          "I do prefer opinion pieces to be in the 'Opinion' section of the newspapers" This, however, is a good sentiment. Unfortunately, most of these are TV channels (not newspapers) with 24 hours to somehow fill with content, so the opinion is generally spread throughout, and it is often dumb.

  • +22 votes

    the whole knowledge pack would have been better. I can’t take any more news

  • +4 votes

    Why do companies put Al Jazeera in premium packs? It's free on YouTube.

  • +11 votes

    CGTN!!! Agghhhh!!!!! Chinese propaganda!!!!

  • +8 votes


    That sounds awful. Sensationalism and opinionated "news".
    I prefer ABC, they seem fairly unbiased.

    • +8 votes

      ABC, they seem fairly unbiased.


      • +9 votes

        The ABC probably lean a bit left in social issues but in terms of economic policy they're definitely on the LNP side. Have you noticed how they're never really pressing in terms of the LNP fiscal policy?

        The Panama Papers exposed several Australian corporations who were evading taxes by keeping their money offshore. The ICIJ gave out these papers to only one news outlet in Australia which was the ABC and they didn't run a single news story on it. Why? Because the LNP fund the ABC and can control what is reported.

        The whole 'ABC is run by leftists' Murdoch talking point is just a ploy to distract any criticisms of the Liberals horrendous economic management and how they're controlled by big mining companies.

        • -4 votes

          Because the LNP fund the ABC and can control what is reported.

          Thanks for the laugh. Better put that tin foil hat back on.

          • +1 vote

            @heal: Do you seriously not think that the the government (i.e. the LNP) doesn't fund the public broadcaster? I'm pretty sure you're the one rocking the tin foil hat.


              @JD6750: Hilarious that you think I was commenting about the ABC's funding.

              It's public information how much the Federal Government fund the ABC.

              • +1 vote

                @heal: Ok if you're not talking about funding then you must be denying that the government can control what the ABC reports. Cue tin foil hat.


                  @JD6750: Yes the Coalition sets the agenda…. roflol…. this is so funny.

                  I thought you were being tongue-in-cheek for a bit, but realised you are deadly serious. Please keep your comments coming because I need a good laugh.

                  • +1 vote

                    @heal: Prove to me otherwise. I know this is a big talking point over at Sky News but if you actually pay attention to the ABC, they very rarely are pressing of the Federal government probably because if they did so the ABC would lose funding.

                    Since I know you watch the ABC so much and are well informed of how they're so biased to Labor and the Greens why don't you give me some examples.



                      they very rarely are pressing of the Federal government

                      You've just proven it with your fine anecdotal evidence :D

                      Do you want me to provide some anecdotal evidence too about how I feel? You're the one making bold claims yet you ask me for proof.

                      Thanks again, like I said I really need a laugh.


                        @heal: The onus is on you to give examples of why a public broadcaster would be as you think biased towards left wing parties, particularly in terms of fiscal policy.

                        Some of the most evident examples are the ABC are clearly biased against coverage of Unions only running negative stories. Since Unions fund the Labor party as opposed to mining and Chinese companies as a result, Unions get a bad wrap and Labor's support base softens. Also take a look at the 7:30 report and how many times Scott Morrison gets given airtime compared to Albo/Shorten as well as how much more pressing Leigh Sales is towards Labor members. I can't just give you a ton of concrete evidence, you need to watch a week's worth of ABC and you'll find that they're really not that Pro-Labor/Greens.

                        The propaganda machine is that you have Newscorp and Fairfax clearly biased towards the right wing parties and then SBS and the ABC less pressing which makes them appear as the 'least biased' which then gets twisted into them being 'left wing'.

                        As I said it's on you to show how so heavily biased the ABC are towards Labor and the Greens policy. So why don't you have a crack and give me some examples instead of repeating how hilarious you find my claim.


                          @JD6750: I have plenty, but you first. You said the coalition sets the agenda for the ABC.

                          All those obedient ABC employees just tow the line? There's never been any proof until now. I can't wait.


                            @heal: I just gave you two examples so you obviously couldn't be bothered to even read my comment. I said that they aren't as blatant as Fairfax and Murdoch media in terms of their bias but if you actually pay attention to their tactics, they're clearly more pressing towards Labor members and give people like ScoMo much more airtime where his ideas are less challenged. They're very critical of Unions, take a look at their interview with Sally McManus and compare it with a ScoMo/Turnbull interview. Please enlighten me with your own great examples.

                            • -1 vote

                              @JD6750: Are you a journalist? Your comments are typical of an a opinion piece and you believe your opinions are hard evidence.

                              LNP fund the ABC and can control what is reported.

                              I get it. You don't have proof. You made the bold claim. I laughed. You got cranky. I laughed again. It's not worth continuing this as there is no proof you can ever supply. You can have the final reply and continue living in your echo chamber.

                              • +1 vote

                                @heal: They're not opinions you idiot, they're the most obvious examples but I know you don't even watch the ABC and just base everything off what you hear on Sky News. You still haven't given an example where they're against the Liberal party even though you keep accusing me of not giving anything.

                                What hard proof can I even give you if you just deny it? And no, I don't live in an echo chamber, the reason I know this is because I'm open minded and watch every news outlet including Sky, which is something I doubt you bother to do. You seem to be that person in the echo chamber who's denying the evidence I've given you and can't offer anything but your own opinion as evidence.

  • +27 votes

    couldnt think of anything worse than watching the news. For your mental health, its recommended you stay away from these broadcasts as much as possible

    • +5 votes

      It's so much better for your heath to stay away from this and social media. Their job is to keep you scared and watching/refreshing. Feed the fear, insert ads, then feed more fear.


    Guessing there's no easy way to get this on Android TV?… Would like access to BBC News and Al Jazeera

  • +1 vote

    Slightly off topic, I just love how Rupert has pushed Sky News into the channel list on Kayo. Grub.

  • +6 votes

    Not enough quality for the price


    Al Jazeera is already free, you can watch it on youtube and on ABC News 24 after midnight.


    We have it for Taj pack. Does anyone know alternative?

  • +1 vote

    Waiting for Foxtel to come out with the free Premium package.

  • +3 votes

    3 months of bad news. thank you


    If only Disney plus, netflix or stan were to give us 3 months what a dream that will be.

  • +1 vote

    At least there is a variety of channels. You can choose which news bias you prefer!

    I already paid for the fetch news channels pack.

  • +1 vote

    What kind of idiot still watches mainstream news.

    Iraq attacking America on 911 while holding nuclear weapons that they can mount on ICBMs wasn't enough for you to work it out? I mean that would mean Iraq had a space program but that's what the news went with. It is for literal morons.

    That shit hasn't stopped: recently America attacked Iran but the news reported it as Iran attacked America and reported a blatant war crime as "pre-emptive self defense". How are you so stupid that you can continue consuming this fake news garbage?

    The mainstream media is completely broken. You are worse off having consumed it.

  • +1 vote

    Whole lot of left wing bullshit on that list.

  • -1 vote

    Probably good to have access to MSNBC which is essentially the inverse of Fox News in the US

  • +2 votes

    I have to wonder if some of the foolish ignorance on display on this page led to the parties and beach going over the weekend that ultimately led to the upgraded restrictions and business closures we now face. Mainstream media, like it or not, is our gateway for advice from govt, medical, emergency services, etc. Put aside the childish left-right rubbish and pay attention … knowledge led behaviour will save lives. For those who cannot see the serious side of this, I suggest you study some history, such as the Spanish Flu epidemic a century ago, or simply read up on the recent COVID-19 happenings in China, Italy and Iran. A lot of people have died, many more will.

    • -1 vote

      Looking at some article, the Covid-19 is pale in comparison to Spanish Flu, Ebola, MERS etc.
      But yet we have never seen this kind of lock down.
      It doesn't quite add up.


        Looking at what article?
        COVID-19 is comparable to Spanish Flu, a global epidemic, easily spread and difficult to control. And a killer. But the big difference is 2020 vs 1917 … we have technology, communications media, antibiotics, mechanical respirators, vastly better medical capabilities, and no world war to distract us. But we are only in the early stages and already have 330,000 people tested positive (actual numbers could easily be double that or more), and 15,000 dead. Spanish Flu estimated deaths was somewhere 50M-100M. Hopefully the steps we all take will keep COVID-19 toll well below that. But don’t underestimate how serious this is. Watch the USA become a hotspot.


      People prefer the left-right idea because it's a much less challenging concept than being in unity to solve an epidemic.


    Wow, my previous post got 12 negs, just because I dont like free propaganda or free fake news.

  • -2 votes

    Al Jezeera for all your ISIS updates!

    • +2 votes

      Come on man. So dumb. Al Jazeera hate ISIS. They have run so many features on the horrors of life under ISIS, especially for women. Did you just not understand the words 'Al Jazeera' and think they were related to ISIL somehow?


        You have assumed a lot from robb6014's comment. It is true that Al Jezeera has more updates on ISIS than the other news providers that are listed in the OP's post. Half of what you have said is just assumed though. And I would say even rude. Are you sure that you aren't the one that is "so dumb"?


      As well as staying up to date with RT News, I use an app called LiveUA Maps. Some of it's sources aren't the most reliable but it's still great for being able to keep up to date with what's going on.

  • +2 votes

    Why does this deal bring out so many racists and pseudo-Nazis? It's not even that great of a deal because you need to "Get a box and subscription" to get any use from this post, according to


      Yeah, I reckon its auto-generated most of it.

      Click on some of the historical comments of those like rob(b)6014 they're just banal comments to get posting stats up, but no substance.

  • +1 vote

    Fake news!!!! Don't become another victim of Thier propaganda


    Best to ignore the trolls

    This is a decent deal. I retrieved a fetch mini we'd stopped using and tossed into the shed and reactivated our account.

    Selected "no" packages, then Fetch took $1 to start the service again.

    When we fired up the mini we were offered a welcome pack which gave us all the channels for nix for 30 days, this sub will expire if not actively extended. So no risk at all.

    BBC is one of the best of the global news channels; available (sorta) if you have the right VPN but this is much better quality image. Upsets some because it is exceptionally balanced.

    But no Fox or Sky

    One more thing: Skynews (UK) is available in HD on Youtube on your smart TV. There's some trashy unwatchable Failed States news service there too, some CBS affiliate, IIRC.


    Wow i always wondered about the claims of bots on the net but given by the comments & voting in this post, they're rife and very human like. Well done to whoever created them.

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