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50% to 75% off All Stock + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ Vegan Leather Co


The Vegan Leather Co. is an Australian owned/operated company specialising in vegan fashion/accessories.



From their Facebook post:

The BIGGEST Vegan Sale Ever!
50% to 75% off all stock.
Tees & Hats from only $10. While stocks last.
Not valid with any other offer.

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    If a lawyer is also a vegan, which do they tell you about first?


    Added the info regarding shipping (free Aus delivery if over $50).

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    Vegan Leather is just fake leather isn't it?


    pleather remarketed


    Why is it called Vegan Leather? Basically everything on there is made from cotton and looks nothing like leather…

    I guess it's a marketing gimmick. Everything cotton is vegan unless they dye it with cows blood or something.


      Some wallets and book look leather. I suspect they have found t-shirts sell easily and make a decent profit. Who knows, we are both guessing. You know what they say about assumptions.

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        And soy milk is not really milk but only an idiot would need that pointed out. Would you prefer it say Vegan leather-like product.


          Would you prefer it say Vegan leather-like product.

          Really? What is vegan leather? I was responding to someone who asked if it's a real product or just a marketing gimmick. Products on the site appear to be cotton or synthetic. I couldn't find (admittedly not looking very hard) an explanation on their site of what "vegan leather" is.

          And soy milk is not really milk but only an idiot would need that pointed out.

          You're implication that I'm an idiot clearly follows this company's line that anyone who's not a vegan is (profanity), a d1ck or out to destroy the world and I wouldn't imagine this discussion will progress without further insults to anyone who doesn't agree with you. Won't claim it as my own but freefall101 made a good analogy below on the soy milk.

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      Anything that's made from animals can also be made without nowadays. Therefore, using 'vegan' before your traditional food/item means that the product is animal free.


        I get that, but look at their products. Of the ~75 items in stock there's two leather looking wallets and a diary that might be fake leather bound (not sure). The rest are stock standard cotton products. I'm questioning the "leather" part of their name, as in they don't actually sell anything that looks like leather.

        It's like asking for a glass of vegan milk and getting a glass of orange juice.

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          They usually have heaps of wallets/purses with vegan leather. Must be sold out at the moment. I have seen many designs at their stall at the local markets.


    Would have thought a cotton t-shirt would by definition be vegan friendly.

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      They make wallets/bags too with vegan leather. Also they are not a sweatshop business and are an ethical trade


    Actually looks like pretty nice stuff but the t-shirt fits look quite square 😒


      Yes, I love the designs but all the shirts are regular straight fit, very loose/casual. Their linen shorts and wallets are bomb though.

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