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Celsius Network App - Extra Bonus $30USD BTC on $100USD Deposit Crypto - New and Existing Accounts


From May 1st

Your deposit addresses may change, this is due to a change of the custodian. Bitgo > Fireblocks

Please double check the address before making deposits.

Updated 22/04/2020

New code added

4 Codes still work as of today - MINEABLE, crypt0, CRYPTOLOVE, POV

Following on from the original thread, all working codes are now below.

POV - Deposit $200 BONUS $10 of BTC, Hold for 30 Days
MINEABLE - Deposit $100 BONUS $10 of BTC, Hold for 30 Days
SAGA Or UNITED - Australians Use SAGA code, Americans USE United. Deposit $100 BONUS $10 paid in SGA (Americans get Bitcoin) when you deposit $100 (any currency) and hold it for 30 days
crypt0 - $10 BTC BONUS, After $100USD deposit hold 10 days.
CRYPTOLOVE - $10USD BONUS BTC after $100USD Deposit Hold for 30 Days
CELSIUS10 - $10USD BONUS BTC after $100USD Deposit hold for 10 Days
GAIN10 - $10USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 3 Days
HELLO10 - $10USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 3 Days
CERTIFIED10 - $10USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 3 Days

Expired Codes.
GAIN50 - $50USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 30 Days
CERTIFIED50 - $50USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 30 Days
HELLO50 - $50USD in BTC after $500USD Deposit hold for 30 Days
NEWHOME - $10USD in CEL after $500USD Deposit hold for 3 Days

Referral Credit
Deposit 200USD, To Claim BONUS $10USD.

Buying Crypto

I recommend Stable coins

Crypto.com App

All stable coins supported
Fee Free using a debit card for the next 3 months, simply download the app and make your purchase. There is a small transfer fee. Download from your Android or apple app store.


Local Option
Bonus $10AUD in BTC on Referral, Use the referral links in the post below. It has both USDC and USDT Stable coins.


Bonus $10USD on Referral, Use the referral links below
Use Banxa to buy for Australia

Selling Crypto
Coinspot.com.au (more coins supported), BTCMarkets, Independent Reserve

Cel & Saga Need to be Swapped before they can be cashed at local exchanges.

Cel Trade on https://www.totle.com/ or https://www.liquid.com/
Saga Trade on https://www.liquid.com/


Make sure you apply the code before you make a deposit otherwise the code will not activate. New codes are posted often so check back here.

Are Promo codes Activate

To check click Total Wallet Balence in the app, it will show if you have any activated promo codes and the time/date when they will unlock.

If they do not unlock, please contact celsius support they are very quick to respond.

  1. Use stable coins, please be aware of the risks with Crypto currency and USD and just about everything at this stage. Don't invest what you can not afford to lose.

  2. I recommend, only Using 1 $10usd and 1 $50USD code at a time you can do multiple deposits.

Referral Links

Referral: random (46)

$10USD BTC on $200USD Crypto Deposit

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    Awesome! Thanks


    anyone know where i can sell my celsius coins from the previous bargain? i have about 75 (bit over $9 worth), but the exchanges i checked don't accept trades that small.

    • +1 vote

      Liquid exchange. Celsius is a super shit coin


      Send them to me and I will paypal you $7AUD. Message me if you like.

      Although, I recommend you just sit on them. 5 years, they could have grown with interest and be worth $100. Who knows


        Better chance with Bitcoin/LTC/ETH
        Rest are scams.
        Celsius have to buy their own coins to prop up price and provide liquidity.


          There is some truth in this. Yes, the big 3 are the worthwhile investments however if you watch the AMAs from Celsius they are very transparent. Their goal is not $1,000,000 bitcoin, their goal is mass adoption.

          You also have the option to earn interest in btc or eth, but at lower rates. They want 100 million uses and think they are a gateway.


            @Bargain Seeker: Don't confuse their scam token for their business. Ask yourself, is the token even needed? What purpose does it achieve?
            My conclusion is: it's useless and is used only to raise funding hence scam coin.


              @mr_asstight: I understand your viewpoint, I do. I got caught up in the Bitcoin scene so I respect your distrust.
              It is certainly a utility token, similar to Binance coin. Binance is a good example of this working well. Either you hate Binance, like Chico Crypto, or love it like others, there is no denying there is value in this coin.

              You could say everything is a scam if you get down to the very basics of it, other than BTC.
              The USD is inflated, trillions "printed" and ejected into the market. The value decreases and it hasn't been gold-backed since 1971. But there is agreed value.

              Even if it was gold-backed, there is no evidence that the gold is even in the safes.

              Binance inflates the price through the launchpad. However, if they stopped launchpad and the community just grew, more people would use it for the lower fees. Then they burn tokens regularly.
              I only hold about 2 these days, just for trades.

              CEL token can be sent to a friend or another, free of charge. No fees, from the app. The price does fluctuate, that's what it is. But if by 2021, Jan, there are 1 million celsius users, the price will increase as many people HODL.

              It was used as the ICO/funding token which is fair enough. They need something to separate themselves from other like blockfi.

              I have looked into the projects extensively. Crypto.com is not as transparent. Their interest doesn't compound. The VISA card takes ages to get to you, the 50 MCO locked up for the card earns no interest. It does at 500 MCO.

              Anyway, in short, I think Celsius has a lot more value. They are very transparent and have names, AMAs, evidence that they are doing things for the community, taking 20% of the income(not the profits), and their goal is 100 million users.
              They are a gateway into this world.

              My initial point was hold onto your $9 worth of CEL, Forget about them, let a little interest come and forget about it. $9, 2 coffees, could do good things for you.


            @Bargain Seeker: I have both celsius and crypto.com - more invested in crypto.com

  • +1 vote

    Updated with new code above, there will also be another next week.


    No code this week?


    if I do all 3 of the newest codes (MINEABLE, SAGA and crypt0), will a single $100+ deposit be enough to get all 3? or should I deposit $300+?


    crypto.com is saying "Buy Crypto with 0% Credit Card Fee". is this true for aussie credit cards? and will I be charged a cash advance fee?

    • +1 vote

      Credit cards should/will treat it as a Cash Advance. Use only debit cards. It's a very good offer atm.


    Just an update, most codes except for 2 seem to have expired, ill confirm with a secound account soon

    There will be a new code for new members next week, so it may pay to hold off until then for new members.

  • +1 vote

    New Code has been added "POV" $200usd deposit. This is not the new members code so there might be one more code for this week.


    New celsius deals will be posted to the bew deal page

    This page can no longer be updated

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