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Xiaomi Body Composition Smart Scale 2 $24.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Very similar to the previous OzBargain post.

Pre-sale price selling at $24.99 + Delivery. Ships on 2nd Apr.

Product title and the image shows "Xiaomi Body Composition Smart Scale 2" but the description looks like they copied from the "Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2" variant. Not sure if its a stuff up from Kogan.

Bought it anyways, let's see what will happen.

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    Alrighty — sell me on it

    • call me old fashioned, but i like to be able to hop on the scales and see a reading rather than having to use my phone

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        If I'm not mistaken, this will still show your weight but the extra stuff needs the app. Can anyone confirm?

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        If you just want to see a weight display, there's a screen that displays that.
        Otherwise if you want to see all the other intricate details it provides you use your phone to have a look.

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        The future is now, old man

      • It does that. I don't use any smart features. Just jump on, it gives a weight.

        It's also the first digital scale I've used that doesn't seem to have a 'memory', and just give the exact same weight quickly if you climb on with minor with variations

      • Hey Old Fashioned.

        I've got my Xiaomi scales automagically writing readings to a graph.
        Have never paired my phone with it, or downloaded any app to do that.

        As others have mentioned it provides a reading when standing on it.

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    Eff U Kogan. Way to kick me when I'm down! You knew that this quarantine means lots of eating!

  • Delivery is $12….. And… no longer available

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    It's now $34 + delivery

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    It's $34 plus delivery now. I bought one a few months ago, cost me $50 on eBay. It's brilliant with Amazfit or Mifit app.

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    Oxygen 65%
    Carbon 18.5%
    Hydrogen 9.5%
    Nitrogen 3.2%
    Calcium 1.5%
    Rest Misc.

    • I think you're confused

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        It's a body composition joke

        • It sure was

  • Has anyone received their order yet?

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      Not yet. Shipment date pushed back till 13th April…

  • Still waiting on my kogan order , contacted them soooo many times email, they don’t have phone number

    They give me tracking number and In Australia post it says pending mode

    They contacted me via email and said it’s been dispatched and will arrive soon doesn’t need to change that pending status, it’s now April 28th and still I’m waiting , weeks well past delivery target date

    I called Australia post and they said the item isn’t even scanned yet or maybe they change couriers to deliver

    How appalling are Kogan ;(
    Anyone have any solutions or methods to get around

    Contacting them by customer request is so shit and useless,
    I don’t care I want refund and or my item

    Never again I will buy from kogan ripoffs

    If u have faced a similar situation let me know that would be great