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Free Kids Shows for All on Amazon Prime @ Amazon Prime Video


Thanks to the mighty corona, Amazon has unlocked all kids shows for free to all including non prime subscribers. A pretty good freebie.

Working for me here. Advertised as worldwide, so let everyone know except your kid’s teacher.

Sure beats google classrooms and Moodle 🤢


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    Thanks OP. Looks like these shows are free for Australia.

    • There's some kids movies for free too.
      Edit: No there isn't.

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      Just a bit of banter. No one likes the virus mate :)

  • Now I just need my vodafone nbn to go back online, it died yesterday and not looking to come alive today as well.

    • It’s only Vodafone in name. They are all the same when it comes to issues like that.

      • True, I was funneled to NBN website to confirm of the network offline status then if I have question to contact my provider, Vodafone in my case (to complete the loop).
        3 days and counting… I am fully relying on my mobile phone tethering 2 my other devices for work.
        Can't wait for 5G to become the norm…

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    Looks like it's a selection of kids shows (9 shows for preschoolers and 7 shows for older kids), not all kids content?


    Still, better than nothing :)

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      Yeah very limited content almost like Apple TV+

    • All Amazon Originals too.

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    Tumble Leaf is a great one, couple of the others pretty poor quality animation but kids dont seem to mind.

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      Yeah but adults hate it. Look how unpopular South Park was

  • Generally, do you guys think Prime is better than Netflix?

    • They have the Grand Tour, which kind of makes up for it.

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      No chance in hell, Prime Video selection pales in comparison to Netflix especially when it comes to original content

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      It's hard to say since there is a constant change to content availability from both services.

      A lot of people would pick Netflix only because it is the well-known service. Amazon actually has some amazing original tv content, which many people aren't aware of. The Man in the High Castle, The Boys, The Expanse, Picard, Carnival Row, to name a few.

      However, the thing that wins it for me is the AmazonAU shopping site free two-day shipping (and for orders over 49aud for the AmazonUS site).

      This came in handy when I needed two DVI-to-HDMI adaptors so that I could be able to work from home.

      I know it's probably not quite answering your question about Amazon vs Netflix, but we are having this discussion on a bargain website, so free two-day shipping has to count for something!

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      I like having different choices on Prime, but it's nowhere near as good with quality choices, and it's user interface needs work - having a "continue watching" row that puts things you've just added to your watchlist at the top, and keeps things you've finished watching in it, it's really bizarre!

  • Great freebie but it means lots of screen time :( Still need for the kids to have enough fresh air and mud pies too.

  • Thanks to the mighty corona

    I would rather buy Amazon prime subscription 😬
    But good on Amazon helping us keeping at home with kids.

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    Does not include Pokemon.

  • Sorry guys. No shows for us big kids.

  • Inspector Gadget or GTFO.

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    Tumble leaf is great for preschoolers

  • Anyone know good educational kid shows (4 and 6 yr olds) that can make me feel less guilty about them watching TV?

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      There's none, work out a daily routine and avoid turning your kids into couch potatoes. All studies and guidelines say like 1 hour max a day for kids is more than enough. Any parent giving their kids a tablet or whatever is a shitty parent.

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      I recommend Brain Candy TV, my kindergarten age kids really enjoy it.

    • Dr Ouch and Horrible Histories are pretty good.

  • Do i need to sign up for a free trial to access the free content?

    • yea how do you get this to work?

  • thank you OP!!! my kids will love this!