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Burritos and Bowls $9.90 @ Guzman Y Gomez (Mobile App)


Right now we know you need access to clean, healthy food more than ever so we are reducing our burritos and bowls to $9.90! Yes, you heard right, our regular sized BURRITOS and BOWLS (not our Mini’s range) ARE NOW $9.90!!!

In this day and age there aren’t many delicious and all-round satisfying things you can buy for less than $10, but right now you can get your GYG fix!

You can order your $9.90 Burrito or Bowl via the GYG app for pick up, come in and take away from our restaurants (it’s fast and contactless) or order via our drive thrus.
*Excludes delivery

No matter how you order we will provide your order via our new contactless system.

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  • +8 votes

    What is the RRP on this? Are the bowls any good?

  • +32 votes

    Want discounted Burritos but too scared to go out.. Staying home holding my toilet paper tight.


    Anyone managed to get this to work?


    Hell yeah. It's showing in the app for me

  • +12 votes

    Hmm.. I can think of many satisfying meals under $10. Many. GyG is so over priced for what you get, it's mostly rice!! Pretty bland too.

    • +10 votes

      Agreed. Once upon a time they were great. But guessing they’re are franchises now and gone down the toilet like all franchises.

      • +1 vote

        I thought i was the only one who felt like this. I remember the day of a mini burrito for about 7 bucks which was plenty filling and spicy. Nothing even close to spicy there now. Sounds like the dollar signs won over making a decent mexican meal

    • +3 votes

      And the rice is often undercooked and feels like sand.

    • -3 votes

      I agree it can be expensive at full price, but at $10 I think it's great value for a pretty filling meal.
      I gotta say the $6.50 brekky burritos are bloody awesome.


      Really enjoy the $9.95 lunch deals at burrito bar. Tons more flavour than GYG


    How's everything gonna get overblown now in prices with all kind of excuses, bushfires, dropped dollar value, floods, corona, demand, production etc. And when it goes sky high and this whole situation settles down, those prices are gonna stay as a new so called norm. It's a frequently reoccurring thing in Australia, but this time I think its gonna be big.

  • +22 votes

    Tbh should be this price every day


    this deal lasts till which date?

  • +1 vote

    I tried to order a a couple of burritos on Deliveroo and they were $20 each. This is way better

  • +6 votes

    Still expensive, a kebab and chips and drink huge kebabs if you know where to go $12, or 2$ dominos veggie pizzas $10, or 2 veggie whoppers from the vouchers, and a free coffee from the app, $10.45, or 8.95$ via voucher for two normal whoppers.

    Last time I walked past this store the food looked tiny.

    • +1 vote

      Got 4 value pizzas from Domino's yesterday, $12. Loaded with toppings and great value. This is not, still overpriced and overrated. For $9 I can also get a fresh cooked Thai meal from a restaurant at lunchtime.


      A full sized burrito from GYG is pretty filling. You'd be surprised.

      Perhaps actually give it a try.

    • +2 votes

      Being a student I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert on kebabs. Where the heck are you finding these $12 deals?


        Not op but have you heard of katik kebabs? I live nowhere near there but get one every time I'm heading to/from the airport. Biggest kebabs I've ever seen and just $6 for a lamb kebab.

  • +2 votes

    Oh wow, thanks OP :)

  • +5 votes

    Thanks guys! I just received a popular deal badge from OzB


    I'll tak my $3 value range dominos or 9 for $9.95 KFC anyday.

  • +2 votes

    I remember the good old days of GYG when $9.90 was the regular cost of the burrito.

  • +1 vote

    Stay at home. Make it at home.

    • +4 votes

      yes you're right, getting contactless delivery is definitely way worse than going to the shops, having 5 boomers jostle past you with their toilet paper and meat with no regard for personal space, then spending 30% more on your shopping than you usually would because you have to buy different versions of everything

      I like cooking at home but I'm (profanity) sick of going to the shops.


        having 5 boomers jostle past you

        that's if they haven't rammed you with their trolley first.

        • +1 vote

          Yep, it honestly kinda surprises me. People who are the most likely to have adverse health effects (>50) seem to be the least likely to mind their own space. I swear I've never been touched/bumped into/pushed past as many times in my life as I have the past few weeks.


            @SolidworksError: complacency is rife amongst all age groups, but boomers seem to take it to new levels.

            i made the mistake of going to coles the morning before they started their "community hour." boomers everywhere. some were even openly sniffing and blowing their nose. wtf?? while we were standing outside waiting for the shopping centre doors to open, people were keeping their distance but once that door opened it was all forgotten.

            i was trapped in by three trolleys at one stage, really felt i was going to get injured because people were focused charging the TP aisle. and while we were trying to making our way out of the aisle in a calm, orderly manner, i got rammed again. i had enough by this stage and used my hip to shove that trolley back. sure enough, it was a spatially unaware boomer who didn't even apologise. how would they feel if they were on the receiving end?

            ugh. /rant

            • -1 vote

              @tdw: Nice ageism, there.

              Replace that demographic with any other, and you might realise how you sound.

              You'll take note when someone that age acts out of line, because you're looking out for it.

              • +1 vote

                @ProfessorBargain: You're right, gen X is nearly as bad in the shops.

                Millenials are bad, but in different ways (so many dipshits insistent on as many unnessecary social interactions as possible).

                Everyone's doing their part. Up until now, millenials were definitely going out more than they should have. Gen x were going to work sick, sending kids to school, and buying toilet paper. Boomers were buying toilet paper, and going on cruises that got hundreds of people sick.

                It is what it is, call it ageism, but the government has responded directly to all of these things because they are real problems.

                Anyway, I'm young and healthy. Personally, not extremely worried about getting sick. But, I'd hate to get someone sick, including complete strangers at the shop. I try to be considerate and mind my own space as much for the sake of others as myself, so yeah, I sure as hell notice when people bump trolleys into me, rub past me, cough and splutter in the shops, etc.


                  @SolidworksError: I'd blame the cruise operators, the various governments, and those that chose to ignore quarantine measures, for how cruise ships were turned into incubation centres.

                  After all, the government's "direct action" in NSW was to let people off-board, potentially infecting and killing exponentially more.

                  No one said to not notice when somebody slights you, but instead of taking note of that person's superficialities, and ascribing the action to the entire demographic, put it on the individual alone.


                    @ProfessorBargain: I noticed mostly because those are people who are statistically most at risk in this situation- I'm far less likely to be seriously affected, and far more likely to spread asymptomatically (which is why I'm doing the right thing and distancing although I'm well). So, it surprises me when these people, presumably stocking up on things to get them by for a few weeks if required, aren't adverse to getting into the personal space of complete strangers.

                    Call it ageist if you like, but this is the best kind of situation to identify people by different groups.

                    I would like to visit my grandmother- but she is already sick with an infection, and if I happened to make her sick, she would probably die.

                    Young people are by far the most likely to have parties and social gatherings- this is a completely valid time to call out this behaviour.

                    Why children are in school- I have absolutely no idea. I've heard the government parrot "succesful countries, like Singapore… are keeping their kids in school"- which was partly true- they were. With enforced, monitored regular hand washing, and regular non-contact temperature checks for fever. Not to mention Singapore now, presumably (hopefully) at the height of infection rate, is on school holidays anyway.

                    There IS an age related component to this problem.


                      @SolidworksError: Of course there's an age related component, but noting broad stats/trends, and responding to them, is completely different to generalising groups from individual interactions.

                      My initial "ageism" comment was to the other guy, anyhow, who seemed to take offence to the presence of older people, and anticipate the worst from them.

                      That probably wasn't the intention of either of you, though, and I was just trying to put up a mirror of sorts.

                      Singapore has also incorporated location tracking of those that are meant to be self-isolating, and issuing fines if they're in breach of such.

                      Fines, and talking up the instances in which low-risk people have died to the virus, might work better to convince the self-centred of all demographics, because moral arguments sure aren't.

              • +1 vote

                @ProfessorBargain: and here you are looking out to accuse others of ageism.

                there's no doubt the people who rammed me that day were exclusively boomers. it's not my problem if you don't like the truth.


                  @tdw: There's a difference between a truthful recount, and stating things like "boomers everywhere, some were[…]", and "sure enough, it was a spatially unaware boomer", first dehumanising them, then holding the entire demographic accountable for the actions of individually inconsiderate scumbags.

                  What gender were they, skin colour, ethnicity?

                  Would you consistently generalise from those features, too?

  • +1 vote

    i went there had a burrito few months ago, it was disappointing to say the least, it should always be 10 dollars tbh.. i rather get a chicken kebab wrap that tastes better in my opinion and more filling.


    But wait… there's more!!!

  • +3 votes

    I guess I'll wait for cinco de mayo $5 burritos/bowls

  • +4 votes

    Their meal pricing is ridiculous. From memory more than 5 bucks just to add a drink and small chips. Close to 20 bucks for what essentially is fast food? Gotta be kidding me.


    All you saying they taste like sh1t. They are delicious Cleary never had one.

  • +1 vote

    The usual price is a bit much and with this promo it's more reasonable. The burrito bowls are great and in my opinion, the meat is better than Zambreros.

  • +2 votes

    Don't give in guys, at this rate they will be forced to cut prices further. Waiting for it to hit the $6 mark where it should be


    the annual $5 bowl/burrito deal for cinco de mayo is the only time I eat at GYG


    Got a burrito bowl for 1.70 thanks OP!

    It was 9.90 less the new app signup free mini burrito.

  • +2 votes

    Wish Zambrero would lower their price their burritos are so much better than Guzman


    PSA: for anyone who likes to cook, I was always frustrated by teeny tiny burrito tortillas. I don't want to wrap, assemble and eat 3 burritos for a meal. Coles and woolies both sell large tortilla wraps a similar size to gyg/zambreros now- about $4 for 6 I think.

    That, along with 2kg of pork shoulder ($15), slow cooked in beer, spices + bbq sauce or whatever you like.


    A kebab and a burrito are the same thing anyway so why would I buy it if it's not half price.


    I remember the days when they started out in Newtown…

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