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Dukes Market Espresso Blend Coffee 1kg Beans or Ground $25 (Was $56) + Free Express Delivery @ Dukes Coffee Roasters


Update: Unfortunately Dukes Espresso Blend is now out of stock. However, you can redeem this offer on our Market Espresso Blend, its sister blend. Limited stock available.


One-off discounted stock of Dukes Espresso Blend, the signature coffee blend from Melbourne specialty roaster Dukes Coffee Roasters. $25 / 1kg down from $58 for this promotion only.

All coffee shipped for this promotion will be between 7 and 14-Days since the day of roasting, ready to brew upon delivery. Wholebean or ground to your brewing method. 1kg size only.

Free delivery included by Auspost Express Post Australia-wide. Same-day shipping for orders placed by 12:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Limited stock, product will be available at this price until stock is exhausted. No coupon needed.

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      • Dukes don't deal their coffee well enough to be shipped.

        The neg is for people to be made aware of that

  • No updates on tracking since last Friday.. guess it's not coming today

  • Somehow I got my order doubled up, ended up with 2x1kg bags and 2x Able disk filter.
    Not complaining, but sucks for supreme intelligence, if you were in Brisbane I'd just give you the extra one I got.
    Guessing they've just been hammered by the amount of orders + maybe staff is staying home from corona.

    • Nice score!

      Got mine today (1kg Dukes, 1kg Market), which I've segmented out into 125g packs for freezing - although I've left 250g of each to play around with for now! :)

      • May I ask what do you use to put the coffee in before freezing? Zip-lock plastic bags, or something else?

        • +3

          I use a vacuum sealer (just a cheap Aldi one), which I have for cooking sous vide.

          If you don't have a vacuum sealer (or "food saver"), you could use the water displacement method with zip-lock bags.

          I think James Hoffman recommends just using a freezer approved mason jar, or just plain zip lock freezer bags (he actually recommends AGAINST vacuum sealing, on environmental grounds):

    • Hahaha appreciate the thought man

    • Ditto. Ordered 1 and received 2 😊

  • Are you supposed to have received a shipping email? I haven’t received anything apart from my paypal confirmation. Still haven’t received it. Sorta annoying.

    Edit: disregard, I just got a text message from auspost saying it would be delivered tomorrow.

  • Received mine this morning - nice change from Aldi beans and saved me a grocery trip.

  • I couldn't be bothered reading all the whinging….

    I just wanted to state delivery was super quick, and the coffee smelt and tasted amazing. I didn't need to crack the bag straight away, but the smell drove me crazy in anticipation. I wish I ordered two more…

    Well played Dukes, thanks for the bargin in a crappy time!

  • Anyone in Sydney received theirs or had a tracking update? nothing on mine.Last update was:

    Shipping information approved by Australia Post

    Date & timeFri 27 Mar • 5:10pm

    • Mine is exactly the same and I’m in Sydney

    • Same again. No update from Friday. Tracking number.. no change on Australia Post site.

  • Did anyone check their roast date? Mine appears to be stamped at the top '05 03', I'm assuming 5th March.

    edit: Just realised others are in the same boat. Hugely disappointed.

    • So it was just a stock clear-out effectively

    • +3

      "All coffee shipped for this promotion will be between 7 and 14-Days since the day of roasting, ready to brew upon delivery."

      Get a refund

      • +2

        I've sent an email asking for an explanation as to why this happened and to address the thread as it was one of their reps that posted this offering.

  • +1

    Yeah, I am not going to be happy if mine arrives late and is more than 14 days old. Might as well have got a bag of Aldi which is generally within 1-2 months of roast. Obviously Australia Post is having trouble keeping up with the amount of parcels too if express post is now taking 3+ days.

  • +7

    Hi guys,

    Thanks Charzy for the email letting us know that there were a few people who received the wrong product date.
    If anyone has received coffee dated 03/03/20 please private message me and we will rectify for you immediately.
    As you can probably imagine, there were a massive quantity of orders sent all one on day, and some individual packages may have been mixed up by human error.

    Apologies for any inconvenience, look forward to hearing from anyone with issues.

    • Thanks for being so responsive in rectifying this - much appreciated mate!

    • Hi mmc, I've sent you a private message

    • Pmed you with my order number and roast date, thanks :)

  • +1

    Received, says date 18/03/2020, which i assume is roaste date

  • Ordered friday received monday, super fast shipping and something different to my usual aldi beans

  • Still no update on tracking.. stuck at shipping information approved since last Friday

    • +1

      Same for me too.

  • Wow, finally a tracking update. It has only just now been processed at a facility in Melbourne, delivery now estimated for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  • I'm in Perth metro and still waiting for my order to arrive…

  • +1

    Contact them. My order tracking never updated until I contacted them and they told me they sent another one, then it arrived the next day. But it was under the same tracking number.. so make of that what you will..

    • Exactly the same thing for me.

  • Just wanted to say that I bought the Market espresso blend…..VERY HAPPY with it.

    Fantastic coffee

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