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[PC] DCS up to 50% off DLC - Steam


Between 20% and 50% discount on many popular DLC planes, helicopters, campaigns and scenery.

DLC for this game is very expensive, so many may not consider these to be great deals, but if like me you love your military flight sims, you may be interested in these.

Eg, a few of the discounts:

50% off
F/A-18C and F16C : were A$105.88 each, now A$52.94
Mig-29, F15C and SU-33 : were A$21.50 now A$10.75

I purchased the mig 29 and f15, very happy, plane models and sound are amazing.

Happy trails.

EDIT: for those considering the cheaper planes, I just realised that there is a plane pack called flaming cliffs which includes these planes and a few more for about $35

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    Nice OP but you'll find that this is really niche. I bought the Persian Gulf off DCS's shop myself. Best milsim game, especially in VR.


    Niche, but these are good discounts on exceptionally detailed simulations. These are definitely not for casual gaming though, these type of addons are ‘read 100+ pages of flight manuals’ if you want to get the most out of them


    For anyone wanting to dip the toe in with little or no commitment / cost, DCS world, the base that all the modules run on is free and includes 2 aircraft (Su-25T and TF-51 Mustang) and 1 region (Georgia / Black Sea).

    Just about everyone plays the Open Beta version (important if looking for help from someone with same version, or for best selection of online servers).

    The in game tutorials are great… except for a few that are broken.
    Many have been broken for years and unfortunately the Su-25T is one of the worst hit.

    1)Training mission 'Landing - Hard' - since a change to the game to default airfield lighting to off this mission is almost impossible to complete.

    2)Training mission 'Internal cannon' - gates to fly through are misplaced, in particular the finale one when coming on on target, also the aircraft that drops illumination flares drops them too high and too late, leaving it unlikely you will see the target at all until a second or 3rd pass.

    To a new user not knowing what to expect, not knowing if you're missing a step or something err on the side of thinking there is a bug or issue before you blame yourself.

    Other missions are also faulty, details are vague.
    That said though it is a great sim and a great community.

    Recommended first purchase would be the Flaming Cliffs 3 package (FC3) as it adds a great range of simplified aircraft (F-15, A-10A, Su27, Su33, Su27, Mig29, maybe more…).

    There are 2 types of aircraft, the basic ones and the High Fidelity ones.
    The basic ones have a non interactive cockpit, but can still be incredibly satisfying to fly.
    The High Fi ones are quite incredible in their depth of systems and interaction.

    That said, all will benefit from a Joystick, with the HiFi ones best played with a HOTAS (separate joystick / throttle devices).

    Learning curve is moderate on the basic aircraft, but with the training missions that work you can do fine.
    Curve is steeper with the HiFi models, having others on comms can help, and just stick with it.

    Just about all facets of operation are accurate to the real world, but for obvious security and intel concerns most of the HiFi aircraft are older versions.
    The A-10c for example is based on a block common to ~ 2003, the current A-10c will have significantly updated avionics and weapons (Helmet mounted display and colour Targeting pod along with the coming ground radar).