Free Trial Now 90 Days (Was 14 Days) @ Shopify


Might be handy to someone trying to support themselves if you already have the stock. Maybe artists selling prints, photographers etc.

Just please don't come and post a 'deal' on here afterwards with a basic Shopify website and no details ;)

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    This is great, 14 days was never enough to actually design a store, learn the software, and have it setup for sales by the end of the trial.

    Edit: It's only due to COVID19, what a shame.

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    thought it was spotify, got a bit too happy for a second


    Great, thanks!


    Beware their cheapest plan is US $29 per month. If you want actual useful small business features, the next plan up is a whopping US $79 per month. Only then can you actually generate a Sales Report! A sales report has info about customer orders and sales over time - you know, the basics of any business.

    For e-commerce in the "easy and simple" category, a better option is Wordpress with WooCommerce. Or just anything other than Shopify.


      Doesn't that make the free trial more of a good deal then?

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        IMHO… No! It takes a lot of time to get online visitors, even more time to get potential customers, and even more time still to get actual sales. Anything less than a 90 day free trial would be a loss if you're selling knick-knacks or low-priced items.

        If Shopify were smart, they'd waive ALL fees until you make your first real sale. Not only that, but charge a low fee which progressively gets more until your sales ramp up to a respectable level. They won't do that because they'd lose all that cash from new sign-ups who stick around hoping to make a sale, but never do. How fascinating would it be to see Shopify's revenue from all the dud stores. I bet it's a gold mine.

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          I think it's a great thing that people can try out shopify and see if they like the platform before committing to it.

          If you hate the platform, fine. But I'm not sure negging a free trial is right.



            If you hate the platform…

            Please don't inflate my comment to "hate" so you can dismiss it as invalid. That's just childish.

            You're implying that a free trial automatically qualifies as a "good deal", worthy only of upvotes. That's not how it works.

            If you've ever set up an e-commerce store, you'd know that preparing all the products, photography, descriptions and everything else, requires committent of time and effort. I am offering an opinion, which you are free to ignore, as to why people should be cautious of getting trapped in an overpriced platform. All your hard work would be deleted after 90 days unless you pay Shopify money. The greater the length of free trial, the more you stand to lose unless you pay them. They know exactly what they're doing by offering a 90 day trial. Everyone can make their own minds up, as my comment is just a micro-blip read by less then 5 people. Not worth worrying about. Have a nice day.


              @cerealJay: Having set up online stores with Big Commerce, Woocommerce and Shopify, I understand the amount of work and learning that is required with each new platform. Which is why I think a trial is a great way to experience how a platform works.


    Can someone advise if you have not much idea about online business and not a programming expert, can Shopify still help you to be successfully in online business and if this can be treated as part time work or require full time commitment?

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      Creating an online store is like setting up a tourist resort on an island. Shopify is the island on which you create your resort (your online store) and will host it, but it's your job to let people know why they should come to your resort (marketing) and provide them the boats to get there (easy of use, products people want, various payment methods etc).

      Just like any business, it takes work and can fail. Shopify is just an island for you to build your tourist resort on.

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