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Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB $934.15 ($164.85 Off) @ JB Hi-Fi


Phone Operating System Android
Phone Type Galaxy S10+
Network compatibility 4G
Colour White
Device screen size (inches) 6.4
Resolution (Pixels) 3040 x 1440
Display type Dynamic AMOLED
Internal memory 128GB
Expandable memory up to 512GB
Expandable memory format Micro SD card
Battery capacity (mAh) 4100
Wireless Charging Type Qi
RAM (GB) 8
Rear Cameras (MP) 16MP (Ultra Wide/F2.2), Dual Pixel 12MP OIS (Wide/F1.5/F2.4), 12MP OIS (Tele/F2.4)
Front camera (MP) Dual Pixel 10MP (F1.9) with Auto Focus, 8MB (RGB, f2.2)
Movie recording Ultra HD
Headphone output (3.5mm) Yes
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Bluetooth v5.0
Manufacturer's warranty 2 Years

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  • +4 votes

    Hmmm tough sale.

    Fwiw, Samsung updated S10 phones with Note 10 Camera features not too long ago and they'll be replicating this with S20 Camera features too.

    Having said that, the S20 hasn't sold well and I'd suggest holding our for that.


      Updated with hardware? Or software?

      • +2 votes

        Software. S20s currently have a much longer exposure mode (up to 30 seconds) whereas S10s, Note10 are limited to 10 seconds. Therefore, S20s currently have a big advantage if you are using a tripod at night. Skin tones and metering are better on S20s in most cases.

        That said, all S20s also need software update. The video part needs a lot of work (at times it hunts too much). Even the camera bit, the metering needs a bit of work in some modes. In some camera shots, S20s can provide a better bokeh. However, that may or may not be what you want. In some shots, when the main object remains sharp, the boheh effect is welcomed. However, in some other shots, the main subject ended up looking a bit blurry around the edges. Software needs to deal with the depth of field sensor data more intelligently. These glitches get picked up in the reviews.

        Main issue with S20s is that a lot of the new features are half baked (120hz display is limited to 1080p and drains battery much quicker). Telephoto with zoom - honestly, this is mostly for sports. While macro photography could benefit from it, the software glitch in S20s mean they are currently slightly inferior. Video hunting is also disappointing. Lastly, Snapdragon 865 with Qualcomm's 5G push drives up the price. Sure, we get the Exynos version (which is inferior - and the gap is worse than last year's gap), but the inclusion of 5G means it is not cheap.

        Despite all that, S10+ at this price now doesn't make sense.


      Wait what? S20 is not selling well?

  • +15 votes

    Need to be careful with spending now

  • +2 votes

    Difficult to compete with the Samsung Education Store or EPP, assuming you can get access.

  • +1 vote

    Wait 1-2 months then S20 will drop to this price or less.

  • +2 votes

    S20+ now going for $1029 Delivered on the Health care portal inc $50 discount for signing up to newsletter.


    Can get the S20 series around $1K from Samsung education store which is super easy to access.


      Not sure how super easy it is to get a .edu.au email. Do you have any tips :)?

      • +1 vote

        All you need is for someone with an education email to click on a link when they receive the confirmation email, you use your own personal email for logging in and emails from the store.

        Just find someone with an education email who is happy to click a link to enable the access for you.


    Have this.

    And not impressed with crap Samsung did on software front.
    They masked some good features google already added to Android. (Clock and Messages)

    A Mate 20 (not even the pro) beat this device in most daily tasks. (Apart from camera front)

    If it is Not Snapdragon version, not worth spending your money.

    Used to crash few times a day, not after the last update few days back.


    I bet S10+ is a blast. Very happy with my S9+ 256GB on Android 8. Android 9 is a battery drain so went back to 8.


    How is the curved screen on this? Had the note 10 and still managed to crack my screen at the side with a decent case… :(


    Only available in white.

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