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Free Nike/GoPro/Dropbox Stock When Opening Account and Deposting $50 at Stake


Your Free Stock Awaits
Sign up to Stake and fund your account within 24 hours, and you'll get a free stock in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro.

Stock Market Value Probability
Stock 1 $2 – $15 75%
Stock 2 $15 – $50 22%
Stock 3 $50 – $150 3%


Referral Links

Referral: random (1072)

Referees and referrers get one (or fraction of) of the six available stocks up to the value of US$150. Most will receive a stock bonus valued at less than US$10.

Stake - ASX Beta: random (326)

Top referrers receive beta access to Stake ASX ($0 brokerage fees until 2022).

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  • 0.000000001 of a %?

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    75% chance you'll get a free $2.50 gopro stock LOL. https://hellostake.com/free-stock-offer-tcs/

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      the expected value for the entire offer is about $8, assuming the percentages aren't bullshit. not actually that bad

      EDIT: Ok jesus christ, there's a bunch of fx conversion fees which will likely mean whatever you put in won't recoup the stock. And having to put in AUD and have it be immediately converted to USD is not that great of a deal with current FX rates.

      • -1

        This is the right way to think about it. You're probably a mathhead (yes MATH)… :)

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    There is little to no chance i am transferring large sums of money to a website with basic layouts/limited info/unknown financials etc.
    Maybe it's just me that hasn't heard of them. But the reviews leave alot to be desired re: customer service and response times.

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      They just don't seem to have marketed themselves that well - I've been using Stake for a couple months now, it's legit. Haven't needed to contact customer service yet though…

    • +2

      They are legit and registered with the appropriate authorities. And they have been around for a little while

      What should be noted however is that you are dealing with 2 parties - Stake as the provider and Drivewealth as the settlement provider in the US. I signed up on Friday, and first thing I had to do was read 5 different terms and agreements.

      Drivewealth's was really a lot of washing their hands in case anything goes wrong but I can't say this is not the industry norm (since I haven't used any other platform).

      Just don't put all your eggs in one basket and you'll be fine.

    • I have found customer service to be fine. You will find many finance personalities trust it.

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    is this site legit, how do ozbargainers go about trading stocks

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      I use it. It works fine. The fees are clear.

    • Speed reading… read that as socks.
      Initial thoughts were that's a bit disgusting….

  • Nike 83.23
    DropBox 17.75
    GoPro 2.48

    • I got Dropbox :)

      Worst part was the credit card fee for funding ($30USish) - I considered poli, but decided I'd rather spend the $30 than compromise the security of my online banking.

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    lol I literally just signed up with them yesterday whilst looking for a online trading platform to purchase US shares. The good thing about these guys is they have 3 tiers of membership, with the lowest and basic one being free. For someone like me who just wants to buy a stock and then leave it for the long term this works, since other trading companies charge fees for inactive accounts (accounts that don't do lots of trades).

    • I did so on Friday, but I haven't funded the account yet. I had to read 5 or 6 different terms and conditions and of course, disclaimers from Drivewealth saying, "bla bla you will not hold us responsible even if we (profanity) up bla bla bla""".

      I think people need to understand that they are signing an agreement with more than one provider, one of which may or may not (profanity) up or go under.

      Peeps, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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    Where does it say deposit $50?

    • +1

      hmmm good question, it doesnt … maybe OP can clarify, as if it was, then it would be effectively deposit $50 to get $2.50? so 5% 😂

      Eligibility Criteria
      In order to qualify for this you must meet all of the following:
      1. Have a registered Stake account, including a verified email and account that has been approved for funding by Stake
      2. Such account has not yet been funded
      3. Have one Individual account only (non-individual accounts such as SMSF, Trust, ISAs etc are not eligible for free stock under this program)
      4. Fund within 24 hours or a time limit set by Stake of first viewing the Portfolio/Dashboard page on the Stake App and/or Website.
      How it works
      1. If you meet the Eligibility Criteria above, you will be asked to Claim your Free Stock after initiating your first funding through the Stake App and/or Website through the Stake platform using the funding gateways below.
      2. For the removal of doubt, here are the funding gateways that will earn free stock on first fundings. This list may be updated from time to time.
      Debit / Credit Card
      AUD Wallet Transfer (via Macquarie)

      • The minimum amount you can fund your account just $50

  • +4

    Please use referral link if you sign up. I would like a free hat haha. Seriously though, the site is good, easy to use, and has a good app.

    • is it too late to input the referral if i already signed up?

      • Probably. You can pump/buy $GILD for me instead OK =)

  • Minimum sellable parcel is more than one share?

    I'm not in the share market directly but thought that's how it works

  • +1

    Got the free Nike stock

    • +1

      Well done!! Is there a way to create a poll and ppl can vote to see what stock they received?

      • Its free… If ypur looking for a platform to buy US stokes. Got it a go.

        Ive been using ng them for sometime now.
        Bought microsoft when it was around $90.

        Even with this huge drop. Im still green on microsoft.

        Also i can buy as little as 1 share per trade as frequent as i can to flatten the curve.

        I like it since it only convert fx once you transfer funds.
        Compare to other trading platform that they automatically convert every trade you execute means fx fees every trade.

    • +1

      Yaay. Even I got free Nike stock. Y

    • How much are you guys depositing? I send 200aud and only got the $2 gopro stock… :'(

      • I deposited $50

    • I put $50 in, and got a GoPro stock :(

  • do i need to deposit 50AUD or a total of 50USD?

    • +1

      50 AUD

      • Thanks, i ended up putting 100aud and getting gopro stocks, it rolled off nike lol

  • +1

    Deposited $50 and it deducted $9 as forex fees..wish i was more careful. So eventually i'll get U$21 by transferring A$50

    • what? how?

      • My $50 went via Poli, and it converted my AUD to USD and took away $9 as exchange fees.

        • That can't be right. Even if you did express, that seems off.

          • @matrix83: SpeedExpress
            Spot FX Rate0.6124

            So my A$50 * 0.6124 = U$30.62 - U$21.62 (Received in my account) = U$9 transfer fees or other fees

  • -2

    What stocks are good? none? microsoft make a quarlty loss? and i don't think long time they going to last.

    • +6

      "i don't think long time they going to last" LOL
      Surely that's a joke? Has one of the widest economic moats on the exchange.
      They just released their Strong quarterly financials showing revenue for Azure up 62%, Surface up 6%, Windows up 25% and LinkedIn up 24%
      They have 200 million monthly active Office 365 business users who pay a monthly fee for Microsoft office alone.
      Net income was over $8 billion USD on the back of $36.9 billion USD revenue.

      Maybe best if you stay away from investing directly.

    • If your definition of "good stocks" means trillion dollar companies then Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon & Microsoft are known as such & it's likely these are Businesses that "may last".

      "Which of these is a good buy" is better left to you (just be careful!).

  • +1

    Cost $4.00 to withdraw your own money!!!!!!. oh well i just read the info. $2 to fx and $2 for bank processing. fair's fair. sorry for the downvote

    • +1

      actually ive bought stocks and now addicted to this site Postive vote +

      • The best thing about it is you there is no min purchase the get into a company like here in Oz.

        • $50 despostis though

          • @ilove: the downside is the forgein exchange rate fees. killer to the profit …

            • +1

              @ilove: I've deposited $100 paid $13.50 in fees - How long is going to take me to recover 13.50% of the money invested? ( Regular speed ).

              I honestly thing that this is a ripoff. I will stick with my commonwealth pocket app. $2 for every $1000 invested not US shares but what does it matter if it makes money quicker ( not paying such high fees )

            • +1

              @ilove: Only when you take it back when AUD went up.
              If you leave it there a fund to buy other stocks, no conserns about fx rate.

              Only issue is if you want to take it back when AUD goes up but i dont seit happenign in a few years.

  • 30% tax to the US and $5 or more tax forms = 1 stock not worth it after OTHER fees!

    • 30% should come down to 15% with the W8-BEN form completed. We have a tax treaty.

  • i think they hold your cash for $60 days. can't wait to withdrawal!

  • Did someone got the $5 for the credit using the referral?

  • $5? you need to refer 5 to get a merch cap.
    I dont see any $5 credit for referral.

  • The free BRK.B stock is a great deal after 10 referrals. Apprently by owning 1 share, you're entitled to attend the annual meeting with Warren Buffett in attendance.

  • +1

    Stake now offering free stock for each referral made.

  • The fees aren't bad considering the service. I have found it to be the best platform to use. Low minimums and very easy to set up and fund etc.

  • how do i with draw my $50?

    • Head to the profile icon in the app (bottom right corner) - funds and balances - scroll down to withdraw funds

      • Reserved Cash
        The value of Reserved Cash is the sum of any pending buy orders plus the value of fundings that have hold periods on them (i.e card fundings have a 60 day hold for compliance reasons).

        Reserved Cash may be greater than your portfolio value due to market fluctuations.

        Your Reserved Cash
        You will not be able to make a withdrawal until your portfolio’s cash balance is greater than this amount or the hold periods on those particular deposits has passed.