This was posted 1 year 6 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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T.M.Lewin 5 Sale Shirts Delivered for $149 ($29.80 Each) Free Home Delivery $150+ @ TM Lewin Australia


This popular deal is back at TM Lewin. Although working from home wont require shirts, I've picked up a few to have when it's time to get back to the office whenever that will be! Delivery is $10 but if you can't find anything to add to make up the free postage, just add one of the $1 women's knot links.

Good quality shirt with a nice fit. I have a slim Asian build and the super fitted is what I wear.

EDIT: The deal only applies to shirts that are already discounted and not full priced ones. Still a great deal though!

EDIT: Deal is back on.

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    Trying to decide if I buy one size up, or two sizes, for when I return to the office…

    For now I'm enjoying my Peter Alexander office wear, very comfortable shirts and pants!

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      Assuming we ever head back into offices

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    Assuming buyers will have jobs next month..

    • Assuming they will survive their business next month …..

    • Hopefully, buyers will need them for job interviews in a few months when covid-19 is defeated.

  • Nice find!

  • Worth buying shirts that aren't non-iron?

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      Non-iron still needs to be ironed, in my view. Otherwise you look a bit sloppy. I've experimented though with washing them with a 40 C water temp and then drying them in the dryer with great results but there's no real point for me to do that as a warm wash and dryer dry is increasing my electricity bill. The 'dryer dry' is also not great for the longevity of the shirts. By not dryer drying them, I'm still wearing some TM Lewin Shirts from 2017.

      That being said, non-iron are much easier/quicker to iron than the standard shirts so for that reason, I only buy non-iron.

      • Wow you've had it for that long. I guess you take really good care of your shirts. I just wash it in cold temp cause of the electricity bill for hot. But I guess that's what your clothes turn out if you take good care.

  • Currently at 13 shirts, 1 pair of pants and a TM belt, do i need more? Yes!

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      You don't wash your pants at all?

      • I was referring to my clothes that were specifically TM only. Got plenty of shirts and pants from other brands…

  • These vs brooksfield?

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      I've only owned a couple of Brookfield shirts and found they were harder to iron and weren't as fitted as I wanted.

      • I'd say TM Lewins are one of the easiest brands to iron. I don't think any of the other brands I've bought have come close.

    • Personal preference - I like the look and feel of those over brooksfield

    • T.M..Find Brookfield very hard to iron..T.M or CT is the way to go..

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    My office is closed and I'm working at home. Do they sell work singlets?

    • Question is do they just sell sleeves? Love to pair them with my Bonds sheep Shearer white singlets

    • They sell under pants..

  • Nothing in super fitted and french cuff… sigh

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    Thanks OP, can also stack with a further 10% off with a Unidays code :)

    • Thanks doweyy! I've added it to the post… might need to have another look… haha

  • Ended up buying 6 shirts for ~$154, with some $20 shirts in the mix. I already have two of their shirts, and they are the best fitting and best quality shirts I own.

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      The only ones on sale are the older styles - if a $30 shirt is the best quality you have ever owned I feel sorry for you!

      • Not sure what to make of this. How dare we get a good deal and still say they are of great quality?

        Also, these were $26 shirts, not $30 shirts, so they are even better than you think!

        What other brands do you recommend?

  • Seriously recommend the Uniqlo super non iron shirts enough over these. Worth the penny and I frankly think they’re much better quality. Highly durable and don’t cost that much more.

  • Pro tip….iron the 'non iron' on very low heat….I destroyed my favourite shirt by a hot iron in a hotel..:( been waiting for this sale so just grabbed 5.

  • They actually have more variety again this time. Or at least a different set enough to the previous deal. Guess surplus now with so many people worldwide WFH :P

    Now all I need to do is be able to let go of some of my older shirts which are a bit worse for wear ("It's just a little scuffed…it's still good! It's still good!")

  • Given, AUD has dipped against USD & GBP, this is a good price. They don't have my size Slim Fit, 41/87, so I buy CT shirts. TML charges $15 for sleeve adjustment.

  • Hi Guys, I have never bought a shirt where i specify collar and sleeve lengths etc, i just usually ended up buying Medium or Large after trying them out. (Politix, Tarocash). Any simple way to sort of figure out the specs that i need?

  • I haven't shopped from TM Lewin before so I may be missing something, but I can't see any way to get 5 for $149. Is it a specific deal/coupon, or do you only get that price if you can find 5x shirts that were cheap enough to begin with? All the shirts in my size/fit are $42 each after discounts from what I can see.

    • The 5 for $149 deal has now expired, think it expired sometime yesterday, the new offer is 30% off the sale shirts

      • Bugger was waiting for someone to respond to my query, damn.

        • Deal is back on for any of those that missed it