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Free Virtual Tours / Live Cams of Popular Museums / Zoos Around the World


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD and seems like a really great initiative :)

Popular travel destinations, Museums and Zoo's around the world have opened up Virtual Tours and Live Cams of their Animals to allow everyone to enjoy their sights and sounds.

Seems like a great gesture to assist those in Isolation :)


The Great Wall Of China
Yellowstone National Park
Street Art with Google
Walt Disney Parks
The Google Art Project
Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights


Louvre Museum Paris
Smithsonian National Museum
ExoPlanets Nasa
National Zoo, Washington DC
Glenn Research Centre - NASA
Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
National Gallery Of Arts, Washington DC
Salvatore Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain
Museum Of London Docklands
National Gallery, London
British Museum, London
Natural History Museum, London
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, United States
Musei Vaticani, Vatican City
Tate Britain, London
Met Museum, New York
MASP, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain
Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Picasso Museum, Barcelona
Virginia Living Museum
Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia
Yale Centre For British Art
Berliner Philharominker
Royal Academy Of Arts, London
The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park
Langley Research Centre, NASA
Womens History Museum
National Museum of the United States Air Force
Museum of Flight
Anne Frank House
Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum
American Battlefield Trust Museum
National Museum of African American History and Culture
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


Hirakawa Zoo, Japan
Atlanta Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
San Diego, California, Zoo
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Osaka Zoo
Edinburgh Zoo
Memphis Zoo
Dublin Zoo
Houston Zoo
Wildlife Trust, Cumbria
Kansas City Zoo
African Animals
Smithsonian, Washington DC
Beekman 1802 Goats
Goat Milk Stuff
Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Florida Aquarium
Georgia Aquariam
Aquarium of the Pacific
Seattle Aquarium
Port Phillip Bay Underwater Cam
Old Friends Animal Sanctuary - Nasville
Warrior Canine Connection
Channel Islands Bald Eagles
International Wolf Centre

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +8 votes

    This will give my family something interesting to do. Thanks for the post and the extensive list of links OP.

  • +2 votes

    Lone pine koala sanctuary also have a live stream

  • +5 votes

    Thank you so much, my Year 7 Science class was meant to be going to the Zoo tomorrow, now they can choose which one they visit!

  • +7 votes

    I wish there was a special tag for all these free resources that are being posted due to COVID. Will make searching so much easier few weeks/months down the line.



  • +1 vote

    Love the idea.
    My Internet exchange/pipes hate it.


    Finally. A chance to actually look without people shoving their smartphones at the exhibits.
    Great post.


    Thank you!


    thanks for the list!


    Wow thanks


    Excellent post


    I started with the longest route. Why in The Great Wall Of China do they use miles when the whole world is using the metric system?
    Do they want to please the Americans or they think they are slow to convert to International Standard?
    If the USA is stubborn to adapt to the world, why doesn't China use their own - we are in leap year 4717 since 25 Jan 2020 ;)

  • +1 vote

    No Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Disappointed.

  • +1 vote

    Great work, doweyy!! Thank you.


    This is great. I missed seeing the Louvre when I was in Paris - just not enough time. Now I get to see it.


    there was once an interactive cam where a dude let you connect and control his RC iPad on wheels. I remember crashing into different things around his house lol. I'm sure there's stupid stuff like that around now.




    Thanks OP. The African Animals webcam set is great, lovely to see the animals in the wild.


    Thanks operator!

    I wonder if the following could be added here, so we have a complete list (at least the ones we are aware of) of all the entertainment-at-home related freebies due to COVID-19?

    https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/mar/23/10-of-the-wor... (this may already be covered by the original post, sorry if it is)