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50% off Xiaomi SOOCAS Products (X1 Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush AU $30) + $8 Shipping @ Latest Living


Greetings, Fellows

Today we are having a 50% OFF on SOOCAS Product Family(https://latestliving.com.au/collections/sale)!
This sale includes:

SOOCAS ultrasonic toothbrush X1($30)(https://latestliving.com.au/collections/sale)

SOOCAS SO WHITE ES3 USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver 3 head Electric Razor($30)(https://latestliving.com.au/collections/sale)

and Much More!


FREE SHIPPING when spending $50 or more in one order!

We have limited of these quantity available in Sydney Warehouse

Same working day shipping with online tracking from our Sydney warehouse if ordered before 1pm AEST

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Soocas X1: Functions and Features
—Built in rechargeable battery which has a battery life of 25 days of daily use.

—Bristles for the Soocas X1 Ultrasonic ToothBrush nozzle are manufactured under the order of Xiaomi from the American company DuPont and certified by FAD.

—Non-metal implant bristle brush head
Traditional metal bristle implant uses thin copper as the base to implant the bristle to the base of the brush, it is easy, fast to operate and simplicity at its best.
However, due to the fact copper was used, the possibility of the copper being corrode after being use for a long period of time is high and it could be poisoning for human body as it is used on toothbrush. What is suppose to be a healthy habit of brushing teeth is now becoming a slow poisoning. Besides, in order to keep the bristle intact without breaking when implanting with copper, the density of bristle firers have been reduced. The efficiency of tooth brushing have been reduced.

—Nylon material Duffont Tynex Classic is soft and comfortable for the oral cavity, the thickness of the bristles is only 0.152 mm.

-All external components here are made of hypoallergenic materials andare completely safe.
Replacement nozzle brush toothbrush Xiaomi, despite all the technological design of the device, even young members of the family can do.

—3 brushing modes ( Clean / Whiten / Sensitive ) meet your different brushing needs.
SOOCAS Sonic Electrical Toothbrush X1 is designed to offer optimal comfort and a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush. 2 minutes smart timer with 30 seconds interval smart mode helps you form a healthy brushing habit.

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    Damn no Oclean X

  • +2 votes

    I just received the ocean X and it's an amazing brush. I got my gf the X3U last year. To be honest they are both awesome but the X3U is more quality feel to it. More power. Looks better (the black) . Only down side is ocean X is lighter and has a screen that's not as awesome as I imagined. It's quite cheap gimmick looking. Just telling you guys my experiences.


      Is that the same as the oclean x pro?

      • +1 vote

        Yes that's the correct one. I regret not just buying the same one, the soocas X3U. The build quality and the power output and battery life seems to just be better than oclean X Pro.


          seriously? i havent heard/checked about X3U but i done some research on other soocas reviews which are generally worst than oclean X. ( soocas are having less rpm, and less durable. see even on this thread some said broke in 2 months)


            @ChiMot: Maybe so, but just telling you my experiences. Buy both like me and you'll see exactly what I mean.the X3U is a year and still going strong.


              @Shnibbles: hmm ok will create watch list for x3u but wow it is much more expensive than oclean x not sure i can afford, currently waiting for oclean x to drop around aud 60.
              edit: its just ebay stupid price. at aliexpress, both are similar


    Can anyone share a genuine review on the X1 please.


      I bought one to replace a 10 year old Oral-B Triumph and I gave up after about a week.
      The ultrasonic (although sounds good in design) didn't seem to actually clean anything compared to the oral-b, disappointed me unfortunately. The app is also junk

    • +1 vote

      Bought an X1 close to 9 months ago to replace an expensive Oral B. Have absolutely loved it and recommend to to everyone. Clean is unreal, power feels great, build is brilliant and the battery runs forever. Had a check up 2 weeks ago and my dentist said my teeth were looking great. Highly recommend it.


      Had mine for over a year, I keep it in the shower, it's fully water proof and it only needs recharging once a month or so. Love it so far.


      very mixed one say good one not (for soocass x1)
      i'll keep looking for oclean x….

  • +8 votes

    i bought the x1 toothbrush from latest living some months back. Stopped working after about 2 months. In comparison my oral b is still going well after 3 years (not sonic). Tried to contact latest living multiple times re any warranty- could not get a response. Gave up. Poor service. Only buy if you are ok with that. Whist it worked it was good though.Be aware of the high cost of replacement brushes - and you have to pay shipping. Consider that too…


    Ordered shaver, toothbrush heads and floss! Cheers!


    Brush heads is at good price with 50 and over and get free shipping, stocked some brush heads.

  • +1 vote

    My x1 battery died after about 6mth. Lucky to last 2 days off charger. Contacted latest living. No reply. Won't recommend buying from them.