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[VIC] Free Home Delivery Service Within 5km Radius of Prahran Market


Copied from website:

We are implementing a trial Prahran Market Home Delivery Service, to ensure our valued customers can continue accessing their favourite fresh market produce, from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The trial will run from Friday 27th March until Sunday 5th April, and will be FREE for our customers and Traders during this period.
Customers must live within a 5km radius of the Market to access this service (list of suburbs can be found below).
To use this service, customers simply contact individual Traders directly to place and pay for their orders. From meat to fish, eggs, bread and fruit & veg, you can order from as many different Traders as you like.

Find Traders and their contact details here.

Customers need to provide each trader with their name, address and a contact number, and must be available in-person to receive the delivery. If you have any special delivery instructions, it is essential that you provide these to the Traders.


Do you have to contact each individual trader? Is there centralized ordering?

There is no centralized ordering at the moment. You need to make a separate order with each Trader, the same as you would do when visiting in person.
If you order from more than one trader, your orders will be individually packaged but as long as they are ready at the time of collection (9:00am daily) they will all be delivered together.
We are investigating the many complications introduced by providing a central ordering system but do not envisage it being introduced in the short term.

I have been told by traders I need to contact the market office to place an order
No. Each Trader needs to conduct the transaction directly with their customers. The only involvement the Market has is to provide the delivery mechanism which the Trader themselves needs to initiate (neither Prahran Market nor The Big Group take any instructions from Customers). We are only involved in providing the delivery service, from the shop counter to the customer doorstep.

Will you be expanding on the 5km delivery area?
Subject to demand and success of the trial, we hope to. It is already under consideration and we are reviewing daily with The Big Group.

Will there be delivery charges?
Not during the trial. The Market is bearing 100% of the cost during that period.
Given the significant public health benefit generated by the service, we are attempting to secure funding from various levels of government to allow it to continue. In reality, without it, we will be forced to either introduce a delivery fee or cease provision of the service.
What suburbs are included?

Orders will be collected from Traders the following day and delivered to the following suburbs:
South/ South East
South Yarra
St Kilda / St Kilda East
Caulfield North
Glen Iris
Albert Park
Middle Park
South Melbourne
City/ Inner City
Melbourne CBD
Richmond/ Burnley
Hawthorn/ Hawthorn East

A note from our GM:
“With many existing delivery services, such as Your Grocer, unable to take new customers at the current time, we wanted to create a service that would mean people can continue to self-isolate. Prahran Market is always here for the community and we are doing all we can to help during this difficult time.” said Prahran Market General Manager, Simon Ward.
Better still, we have initially teamed with The Big Group to facilitate the collection of goods and deliveries – meaning drivers, administrators and logistics personnel who would otherwise be unemployed at this time due to the downturn, can keep working.
The trial period will allow us and our Traders to determine the demand for home delivery, refine processes and receive feedback.
If the Prahran Market Home Delivery service continues after this trial period, a fee structure will be determined, but every party to the process has agreed to provide the service at zero profit, in an effort to ensure it will be accessible for both Customers and Traders.

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    Will everyone have their menu online though?

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    While I appreciate the Free delivery, this just makes it too complicated: "There is no centralized ordering at the moment. You need to make a separate order with each Trader, the same as you would do when visiting in person."

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    It would make more sense if the market came up with some pre-arranged set "boxes" containing a selection of common staple items.
    These would be at different price points and contain produce from several traders.

    e.g. bread, milk, eggs, juices, cheese, variety of fruit and vegetables

    Then have a $25, $40, $65, $80 option etc based on quantity/quality.

    To contact each individual trader (by phone!) is too complicated for both traders and customers.


      Possible option at South Melb market:
      Sounds like they're also doing drive through collection service too.


        Caution: I ordered all my fruit and veggies from Rod's South Melb through my last YourGrocer delivery (I've set up a weekly order) and the quality was hit and miss. One of the handful of apples was rotted through (easily visible, rotted side placed facing down in box), one if the onions was seriously bruised so only half of it was useable (also easily visible), and the capsicum was wrinkled and had black (unusable) bits easily visible from the outside as well. Considering they are not a cheapo market place I was expecting better quality. This could just be that they are extra busy and it is only a sample size of one order and so I don't want to impact on their business if I was an outlier, but I thought I'd pass on my experience and if be interested in finding out other people's experiences.


    Hey Melburnian — I live next door to you guys. Happy to help deliver if you need.


    Nice that they are footing the delivery bill.

    But the best fruiterer, Pino's is excluded from the list and they have great deals on boxes of fruit and veg. They have their own delivery setup which is good.

    Would be better if they actually has a coordinated system as other commitments have mentioned.


    Thanks for sharing the info for our home delivery service trial Melbournian!

    Just to clear up any confusion on this thread, we are asking customers to contact each Trader directly, as they are each different businesses. Once you have placed your orders by 5 pm with the Traders of your choice, they will be amalgamated as one order and sent out for delivery the next day.

    Calling Traders individually also allows customers to discuss produce, what’s in season and any specials currently running, the same way they would if they were shopping physically at the Market. Hope this helps.

    Happy ordering and keep safe! Thanks, PM.

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