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[NSW] Restaurant Grade Wagyu Slice 500g for $12.50 (Pickup Only, Min Order $50) @ Osawa Enterprises Strathfield South


Seems like a pretty good deal for some Wagyu, first time ordering from this place as they are only open to the public on Saturdays but worth a try at this price.

Also appears to only be Click and Collect (Sydney).


6B 1-21 Madeline Street,
Strathfield South NSW 2136

Place your order anytime before 12 noon (Monday - Friday) and pick up the next day during the below times.

Edit: Now looks to be an ongoing deal (500 trays per day) and they have added a stock count which makes it handy for ordering. Enjoy!

Monday to Friday - Between 11am to 2pm

Saturday - Between 11am to 1pm

No pick ups available on Sunday.

No pick ups available on Public Holidays.

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    Wish there is something like this in VIC :-(

  • +4

    Wow, i wish my 7-11 chopper could pop by to grab some.

  • +3

    I can't even tell what cut that is…

    • +1

      I'd guess rump.

    • +10

      It's "slice"…
      clearly :)

  • Website is super super slow.

    • Then gives you an error after long wait.

  • +1

    A Minimum of AUD50.00 is required before checking out.
    Current cart's total: AUD12.50

    • Buy 4 = 2kg for $50

      • Can use 10% code.

        I ordered 2kg for $45 total pickup.

        • +1

          can you share the code pls?


        • Really, I thought it specifically said not for sale items?

  • Goddamn! Wish I lived nearby

  • +6

    Found one in Melbourne , 2kg for $49.9, store pick up is available.

    • +1

      yeah how is this so cheap

      • Can’t sell to restaurants, now sell to the [email protected] price perhaps.

      • They might have supply contracts they are locked into.

        • I think we gotta enjoy the small wins during this crazyness!

    • Its a really good product for the price "unbiased" just make sure you dont overcook it

  • +3

    Have had products from Osawa previously and can confirm their meat is very high quality

  • +7

    I never trust a place that advertises wagyu but doesn't list the marble score.

    Wtf is "restaurant grade"?

    • +8

      or the actual cut of meat…
      'slice' isnt a cut

    • +2

      If you click on the tabs at the top you can find cuts of wagyu with scores if that's what you're looking for. This is probably more for casual wagyu options on a restaurant menu when someone wants to fork out a few dollars more for fattier and tender gyudon lunch. I can't afford to be having $100 steak dinners but I can pay a few dollars more to get something nicer that what's in the deep freeze at the chinese supermarket.

  • Click "Add to Cart" it's soooo sloowwwwwww
    Good price though if the Wagyu is good quality

  • +2

    Niku niku niku!

    • Time to change my username to Oishii.

  • +1

    Damn that looks good, would rip into it raw

  • I’m off work on Friday. I have they still have stock!

  • +1

    It’s only good if you can add it to the cart

  • Yeah forget it, tried 4 times, wait and wait and wait and doesnt work

  • +2

    For anyone who hasnt been that complex yet, it is a meat wholesalers area. Lots of shops in there, including this seller in title. I reckon really cheap to buy all sorts meat in bulk.

    • Does the public has access in general? or is it strictly for business since it's wholesalers?

      • Public can access it no issue. There are a few wholesaler in the complex. However the hours are short as most finish trading by 1pm

  • +6

    I'll have the wagyu please, medium rare.
    Excellent choice, and what cut will that be, sir?
    The slice, of course!

    Said noone ever.

    • Sliced wagyu when done correctly can be just as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than as a steak.

  • +1

    Has ANYONE managed to get an order thru?

    OzB, site destroyer!

    • Nope… request timeout

      • I have it in my cart, you guys are just not letting me check out.

  • Give me that 500g of wagyu slice.

  • +1

    well, there are heaps different level of wagyu, just wagyu doesnt mean super good.

  • How come the website says you can only freeze it for 3 weeks?

    • +1

      Due to the fat levels compared to normal beef, it ends up rubbery when you cook it. But damn it's good stuff. It's like more better version of scotch fillet due to it being lower grade wagyu

      Normally this stuff goes for HEAPS.

      • +1

        Have never heard of that before

        I find it hard to believe 3 weeks from slaughter to plate

  • cant add to cart :(

    • +4

      You can tell by the marbling running through it, it’s well worth the price.

      • +3

        So everyone will receive that exact piece of meat in the picture?

        From a separate seller (not this one) I've purchased Wagyu with a tasty looking sample pic, the meat I received was just acceptable but nothing at all like the picture I originally based my decision off. Fortunately I learnt from my mistake and wouldn't buy without knowing exactly what I was getting.

        Not sure why Fobsessive is getting so many negs, his concerns are warranted.

        • From a separate seller (not this one) I've purchased Wagyu with a tasty looking sample pic, the meat I received was just acceptable but nothing at all like the picture I originally based my decision off. Fortunately I learnt from my mistake and wouldn't buy without knowing exactly what I was getting.

          Can you please name them for Ozbargain records?
          If possible, also upload a photo if you took one :)

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Sorry mate. I'm not too keen to slander a business online. They are generally pretty good for normal meats, just didn't hit the mark with the Wagyu.

        • +1

          This is right, I have bought meats from butchers, farmers as well as grocery stores and its hard to really tell just by the name, I see names / types thrown around willy nilly but that doesnt necessarily mean they are all the same quality. I mean Angus beef, wagyu are 2 i see thrown around by many restaurants as well as retailers, some are good and others are mediocre. This place from what a mate gets is meant to be good but he gets some really pricey meats with specific marble scores etc.

        • +3

          Yeah that’s fair point and would be my only concern. I know this company generally does grade their meats with certificates from what I saw on one of their videos the other day -

          For me personally, if I didn’t receive something‘ similar I would take it as far as I could to get my money back. I also have seen some meats in butcher shops graded that are absolutely not what they are claiming as well. So I guess it kind of comes down to the rep of the company.

  • +1

    i want to beat it

  • I wish they deliver, in Melb

  • thanks live around the corner

  • what is the 10pc off coupon code?

    • according to fine print on the popup, the first order discount will not apply to products on sale.

      • damn small print

  • Seems restraunts start to sell off their fresh stock to make up their losses during this period, before these unfrozenable item got rotten

  • +2

    To anyone wondering and to agree with posts here, Kimio Osawa is a top-grade supplier and guy; bought there many times click and collect when up for a treat.

  • +7

    Hello People, Unfortunately our server is having issues keeping up with the unprecedented response to this post. We are working on getting the site up and running ASAP. We have extended this offer so please come back later tonight or tomorrow. Cheers TEAM OSAWA

    • if i place the order tonight, can i still pick up tmr ?
      with CODE : OZBARGAIN ?

      i keep placing the order before 12 ^^

    • Do you have alot of stock? i plan to order on Fri and pickup on Sat.

    • is there phone call/sms before the free delivery?

  • -2

    Free shipping with Prime?

  • +5

    Have bought these slices from Tokyo Mart before and can vouch for their deliciousness. Might not have a grade on them but for $25/kg right now and sliced thin, they're worth it. 500g of Colesworth rump costs about the same and you'll get a dinner out of it for 2 if you add some veg+carbs. Grab this, some cabbage and carrots, tofu and noodles and you can have a nice shabu shabu/sukiyaki/hot pot with the fam; also great if you've got a charcoal bbq set-up at home too. You could almost eat these raw (dip in hot water for 3 seconds) with a touch of ponzu or salt and they taste great and we often end up eating these standing at the kitchen stove with a bowl of rice. Could also use it to make gyu-don - basically replace any beef in any recipe with this and it'd taste good I reckon. We usually cut it down the middle vertically to get smaller slices for convenient picking up and eating. Site's getting hammered right now but I'll be putting in an order for delivery once it goes through because it's good enough to stock up on during quarantine!

  • +1

    Damn, my mate told me about this yesterday and i would have put it up but didnt think people will go bonkas for this…

  • Just too damn far away

    salivating at the idea of a 500grm waygu steak dinner, at $25… multiple times

  • Nice….

    The website is extremely slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    • Got it! now when do I pick it up?

  • It seems putting a Victoria address allows for it to go through with a $22 door-to-door charge. Still well worth it.

  • Got an order through. Yay

  • Got an order through. Site is getting hammered but it works eventually if you just wait.
    According to the site, it's free delivery for Sydney Metro if order $100+ so figured in these times maybe delivery is a bit safer than descend upon the store with the OzBargain horde. Fingers crossed using delivery option doesn't invalidate the order lol.

    edit: in fact delivery was the default option at the payment screen so… shrugs

  • Is it a minimum order of $50?

    • Yes, minimum $50 order.

  • I actually ordered this amongst other things for the same price last week and was pleasantly surprised. Just cooked it tonight in a bulgogi marinade and it was delicious. Recommended!

  • Just ordering.
    Will we be emailed when it is ready to pickup or will it be the business day after tomorrow?

  • +1

    I want to order but cant pick up until sat. Can you dictate the day to pick up?

    • Same!

      I would definitely pick up on Saturday if available :(

  • read all these comments, but no one talked about how to cook wagyu SLICE?!
    Seriously, how to cook the thin slice? just like cooking a steak?

    • For exsanple, Japanese people cook the meat as Sukiyaki, Gyudon and Nikujaga etc….

    • There are many ways to cook wagyu slice. If grilled is what you like, cook for a few seconds on a super hot charcoal or open flame. Like this:

    • Cut to desired size, season or marinade, and straight in hot pan with a tiny bit of oil (fat will release). It takes no time to cook and it’s still tender when cooked through.

  • +1

    Picked up 2kg on Saturday. So damn good!!!
    Cooked them on a hibachi

  • Any chance of restock ?

  • +1

    does anyone have any luck giving them a call? called a few times but onbody asnwered my call. i am wondering when i would be able to do the pickup

  • I tried calling, emailing etc and there's no reply too

  • I ordered online yesterday afternoon around 5pm and received a text at 11am this morning to say mine would be ready for pick up tomorrow.

  • Ordered at 7pm, haven't received email confirming pickup

    • Edit: just recd sms ready for pickup 2mrw.

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