Sending essential PPE to China

So it’s become pretty clear in certain areas of the ACT a lot of the baby formula resellers have moved to hand sanitisers, soaps and PPE. I’m sure it’s the same in other states, specifically NSW/VIC.

Does anyone else see this as ridiculous? Seems the left will just brand me as racist for thinking this is BS.

I’ve written to my local MP, various other politicians. I don’t think anyone really cares. Guess we just need to accept us plebs need to put up with essential resources while they’re shipped to China for profit.


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    Now is the perfect time to buy baby formula.

  • Didnt know this was illegal…

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      probably not illegal, but against national interest.
      just because it's legal, doesn't mean ethical.

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    i thought china now exports medical supplies (masks, etc) to countries that want them

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      This was my understanding, but if the OP says it is pretty clear without providing any evidence, who am I to question it?

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        Why are there pallet loads of PPE being sent to China from Melb/Syd/Bris? China is distributing some PPE to 3rd world countries for diplomatic purposes, not with the intention of actually helping them.

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      I am getting newsletters from various Chinese online shops, and so many of them are trying to sell medical masks, disinfectants and hand sanitisers right now. Might be coming from over-production after the infection rate slows down in China.

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        Same here. Pretty reasonable prices but didnt post it as a deal.
        People will start to hoard them, better to leave it for those who actually need it.

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    How can you tell it is a Daigou and not a local buying some needed supplies?
    There are a million Chinese born Australians, so it must be hard to tell who is the wrong type of Aussie in this scenario.

    I know there was shipments of health supplies to China in January and early February, maybe that is the concern? But at that stage the Chinese people were in great need.
    I think most likely now it is the other way, and China will be sending us supplies, as well as selling us the goods that are manufactured there.

    I actually didn’t know there was any shortage of soap and sanitiser in China. Are you sure there is?

    • There was lots of Caucasian people rushing to buy toilet paper a few weeks back, I thought they were sending it to China. No joke!

    • I actually didn’t know there was any shortage of soap and sanitiser in China. Are you sure there is?

      If there is a shortage here, there must be a shortage there. No need to read the news just look at the super market aisles. No joke!

      • If there is a shortage here, there must be a shortage there


        Say I sell toilet paper to you and mskeggs, but then suddenly stop selling you so much - does that mean I'm buying/producing less and thus have less to sell? Maybe.

        It could also mean I'm buying/producing the same amount (or even more), but selling more to mskeggs or holding on to more of it myself.

        • It was a joke. People who doesn't follow the news thinks because people are panic buying toilet paper in Hong Kong then we need to. In fact there is enough to go around. Hong Kong imports most of their products so it might have some impact. Buy 2 weeks worth but not 2 years worth.

          We are at the beginning of an outbreak therefore we might need to stock up on a little of masks, gloves and sanitisers but we surely don't need to ram our houses full of it. China is at the end of their outbreak if it is to be believed. Buying up big to send to China is just a wasted exercise.

          A lot of this is driven by rumours of social media. The latest is in 48 hours the ADF is going to enforce a lock down. Social media is such a joke and people who believe it entirely without double checking is butt of all jokes these days.

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    Hand sanitisers and hand soap are dirt cheap in the PRC. It doesn’t make sense for them to buy it here and ship it back there.

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      Because China has a reputation for making trust worthy and safe products?

      • Yeah, but at least there was some scandal with baby formula there that made parents afraid. Hand sanitiser is literally just alcohol. You could even make it at home.

      • Heh. We have three bottles of hand sanitiser that are made in the PRC and one from Malaysia. There is also two bottles of soap from Indonesia, one from Malaysia and one that doesn’t have any country of origin.

        How many bottles do you have that are made in Australia?

        • Is this about you or about daigous?

          Australian standards etc etc

          • @Ughhh: Their hand sanitiser standards can’t be that bad seeing that we sell and use them in Australia.

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              @whooah1979: You're still missing the point.

              • @Ughhh: I'm curious what standards there are in hand sanitiser? It's just literally alcohol + some moisturising agent so your skin doesn't dry out?

                • @p1 ama: It's the trust in the government and the standard of regulation, things that would prevent stuff like contaminated baby powder, New Bunren, 8SL (YSL) in David Jones like malls etc from operating.

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      And here I am agreeing with whooah1979.
      Strange times indeed!

    • Pay top dollar expecting better quality, if you die you have someone else to blame.

    • Shipping companies are totally OK with this. Business is way up.

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    Didn't Scotty from Marketing said that large quantities of high-in-demand items (like toilet paper, hand sanitizers etc.) that are sent out of the country will be stopped at the border and confiscated and given to people in need?
    Or something like that.

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    My wife saw a group with a car boot full of this stuff in Woolies car park. They seemed to be working as a team going in buying the maximum allocation and then returning to the car to drop it off and then heading in to re-buy. She said they were chinese …but I cannot confirm.

    I agree that buying and shipping this stuff somewhere should be illegal at a time like this and its a shame that it cannot be effectively policed. Even outside of a global pandemic, people doing this with baby formula are just causing a nuisance for residents despite the benefit to the economy

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      Couldve been jap?

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        They were asian. Stop giving the benefit of the doubt. Maybe if they didn't eat panagalanagalains and bats we wouldn't be in this mess.

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          Our indigenous and Torres straight Islanders eat bat.

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            @whooah1979: But did they eat chinese bats? Huuuuhhh huuhh?

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              @TheBilly: Everyone knows they would have been Chinese and shipping them to mainland. Everyone with origin to China will bitch and whinge about racism. Let’s forget the fact wet markets selling diseased infested bats are up and running again less than a day after “lockdown”.

              • @Chthonic:

                Everyone knows they would have been Chinese and shipping them to mainland. Everyone with origin to China will bitch and whinge about racism.

                The ironic thing is that I don't think your first sentence is racist, but your second statement almost definitely is. It's also not a true reflection of what Chinese people think.

                I'm not Chinese, but I have plenty of Chinese friends and colleagues. Believe me, they're the first to criticise the hoarding habits of mainland Chinese tourists and the actions of the Chinese government. As much as everyone likes to play the victim, there's no doubt that the biggest victims of the Chinese government are the Chinese people, particularly the poor and the underclass of society. My Chinese friends tell me the death and destruction in Wuhan is far worse than what the Chinese government reports and that the people of Wuhan have suffered more than anybody so far because of this outbreak.

                I think you've completely gotten this mixed up. The people who bitch and whinge about racism are not Chinese, but they're often non-Chinese paid out by the Chinese government in various ways. Chinese people know better than everyone else the atrocities of their government. Instead of assuming that all Chinese are somehow idiots who think criticism of their government is racist, how about go talk to one? Next time you see a Chinese migrant, ask them why they chose to flee their homeland.

                • @p1 ama: Are you serious about this. Try to talk to a Chinese mainlander. Not those grew up here, or those with a Chinese background but not from China. Ask them where do they find the virus came from.
                  They will tell you it’s the US that planted the virus in Wuhan.
                  And if you say anything negative about the Chinese government and CCP it is an attack on the Chinese race. WTF.
                  They will criticise the Australian government for the inaction on the pandemic early on and closing the border with China but will not say a negative word about what the CCP has done from Dec to mid Jan and believe the CCP was true full about the magnitude of the pandemic.
                  And the amount of rumours in WeChat about cops fining Chinese family riding in the car going grocery shopping.
                  And Australia has decent into chaos due to pandemic.

                  Ask them if they are citizen or PR of Australia next time.
                  I also have friends that’s Chinese or friends that married to Chinese mainlander. Ends up been this is not funny it is racists. Yeah when it’s the other way around it’s not racist, it’s called call constructive criticism.

                • @p1 ama: You are so right. This poster is a very confused and bitter person. Looking at their previous posts, they have a tendency to contradict themself.
                  Most of my family lives in China and every point you make has validity.

        • And ppl still believe this shit? rofl

    • Just a bunch of Caucasian people with a very good wig guy.

      If you seen the leaps of cosmetic ability from Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice to Starsky & Hutch (with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller) you know it is possible to be almost anything you want if you have a good enough wig and make up person.

      I'd expect to see a human size t-rex buying their quota of toilet paper soon. Except the problem is how to wash those short hands!

    • How long ago was this? I imagine it would be hard to do this lately.

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    Not trying to brand you racist nor defend the actions of anyone who might be doing this, but I'm curious as to how exactly you know this is going on and how the products are actually being shipped to China?

    It sounds like these shoppers are just small time individuals, but I can't imagine they would be able to access bulk shipping channels at a good enough price to export what are basically very low-value common goods. The "price density" of things like soap and hand sanitiser are pretty low, even compared to baby formula and since shipping is paid per kg, it doesn't seem to add up to me from a business sense.

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    Seems the left will just brand me as racist

    What about the right branding you as authoritarian and an enemy of the free market?

    • Free market works both ways and when both market is free to operate in the same way. I doubt that’s the case.

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    You would think China would have all this stuff sorted before they unleashed covid-19 out of the lab

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    Good grief OP stop reading the bullshit media and social echo Chambers.

    At this point in time there's literally no reason to ship this stuff to China.

    I got a whole pallet of alcohol wipes and face masks from China, and they've basically been bought up on bulk by local Australia organisations to protect their employees

    Should I start a thread about Australians buying shit in a manner that offends you?

  • Make it illegal. We are at war with …. a … virus. Why is this being allowed to continue. I can understand if we were not … at war … with … a virus. But right now WE ARE AT WAR … with a virus.

    • If only we hadn't persisted with the war on drugs, they could have been our allies!

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    I’ve written to my local MP, various other politicians.

    They won't do anything. Why on earth would somebody risk an 800k per annum salary in retirement after their political career - lobbying for the Chinese communist party in Australia. That's just silly, it's 800k.

  • If people are sending hand sanitizer via Australia Post then they are committing an offence. It's against AU Post's terms and conditions to ship any flammable goods. Such goods might be carried by surface mail by other companies, but you can bet it would be against air mail rules.

    Hand sanitizer is dirt cheap anyway. It's just ethanol, water, and a thickener. It makes no sense for us to have a shortage. It's mixed into E10 fuel and we have no problems making thousands of litres per day.

    Soap? Why would anyone ship soap to China? It's widely available and very cheap. Masks? That makes a bit more sense. It's a rare commodity in high demand.

    • Mail articles containing small amounts of dangerous goods are allowed by road transport.

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    I guess no one reads Aust and Chinese news. It’s pretty obvious the Chinese government has suppressed the number of infections and deaths for at least a month. Meanwhile they’re wiping nearby countries like Aust out of stock for supplies they don’t have the resources for.

    Do some research. Number of infections spread in China; 80,000 to +21 a day with 0 deaths? Give me a break. Anyone who believes this, I feel sorry for you.

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      Any real references?

    • I agree that the Chinese numbers are wrong. I have a friend who has contacts in Wuhan, she tells me the situation there is much worse than the Chinese government makes it out to be. That's not surprising.

      However, that being said, I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with what numbers are coming out of China. Like are we supposed to be shocked that they're obfuscating? They did censor the doctor who first reported the virus after all. I love how people who think the Chinese numbers are wrong say it as if they're some sort of genius who's figured out some hidden secret.

      That said, there are plenty of countries whose numbers look just as fudged as the Chinese - the UK for starters.

      • People are obsessed with numbers because if China has contained it then other countries can get some insights as to how.

        There isn't any hard evidence that deaths are being covered up. The number of urns being ordered/delivered/sighted isn't abnormal and all we are left with is some other anecdotal reports of way more people dying than reported.

    • It’s shocking to see that they are sending A2 milk overseas which is made in Australia.

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    Some of you pretending to be worried about racism against Chinese, might want to take a look at David Lee on YT. Might help you update your views on China.

    • ??

    • YouTube, NathanRich is great guy, US citizens living in China. Debunking a lot of fake news about media and virus. Worth to watch. It is unbiased.

      • Yeh great guy, unbiased

        Rich has been living in China since 2014.[13] Since moving to China, Rich has started a video blog with views supportive of the Chinese government, in regards to the Hong Kong Protests[14] and the China-United States Trade War.[15]

  • I need to reply this.

    1. Most of PPE were sent out in Jan/Feb,
    2. China did not cover up, not intentionally at least, It is closed book exam, no one has ever seen this virus before, noone know it works. Spreading in China was during Chinese New Year period, biggest people moving period. Nobody prepared. Chinese had to develop test kit before people could be tested. It takes time to invent something new!
      Doctors didnot how contagious it was. You can’t send people to get contact with the infected to test how the virus transmission works on human. You need to have enough infected cases to analyse and call it dangerous. We now know it may take up to 21days to get symptoms. After knowing everything, US still failed to contain it. Though US may have the best medical system research company.
    3. Lots of Chinese Australian purchased and donated to Chinese medical staff. There was no for profit. In Jan, Chinese doc/nurse were like NY medical staffs withou PPE. If you live in overseas, you knew ausssie short for masks would you buy it and send them back to Aus to help with combating virus?
    4. In some ways, that deteriorated the masks shortage. And other items. Masks has been scarce since bushfire. And price had surged. It is not Chinese made profit. It was the local business/suppliers made profit. I bought N95 masks for $5 each, I thought about flying to HK in Feb for business.
    5. I know there are many Chinese immigrants have brought masks and other things back to Aus. Importing to Aus to help!
    6. There are limitations, 1/5 numbers than usual of flight from China to Aus, due to the lock down on both sides. Cargo space is limited, importer pay premium to get on the flight.
    7. raw material for make masks gone up more than 3x, esp the non-woven fabric, essentials to block virus. Home made cotton masks doesn’t block virus.
    8. So I know people import masks, disposal around $1-1.5, N95 around $3.5-5, it is chaos, can’t tell the quality without precise equipment. If you paid more, you have been rip off by sellers.
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    the left in thie country have f**ked us they were the same wank jobs who complained that when we put travel restrictions on the Chinese it was 'racist'

    Our overally PC, Left wing Socialist idiot minority of a community is killing our country

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