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Free Next Day Delivery @ RS Components


These guys are doing free "next day" delivery on electrical. Their prices were better than ebay sellers for the items I was after. Cashrewards also does 3.50% cashback Link

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RS Components
RS Components

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    I thought they always free express shipping?

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      They have offered free shipping with no minimum spend as long as I've been using them (several years).
      Usually delivered via Toll and mostly next day delivery if stocked.

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      Yeah, they've always been free for me too. About two weeks ago I ordered 2 single parts (one was $5.80, the other was $18.25), they shipped both of them separately. They must have a really good shipping rate!

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      Yep, used them for Uni projects and they've always been free.
      Easily the best place to buy components in small orders.


      It has always been free delivery for any order value, if ordering from the website.

      For phone ordering, I believe there has always been a minimum order value needed before you get free delivery. This isn't mentioned on the delivery page, and it's not obvious whether this is still a condition for free delivery on phone orders.

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    Not sure about "next day", but shipping has always been free for me within a very reasonable time frame (i.e. a few days)


      Yep, every time I search for components, they might have 30 product lines that are suitable, but 28 of the 30 are "in stock for delivery in 5 working days". The two that are in stock, are usually very expensive.

      Over the last decade, RS have gone from "twice as expensive as everyone else, but in stock and you can have it tomorrow", to being barely competitive with Mouser and Digikey.

      If your order is more than $100, Mouser and Digikey are almost always cheaper, and can be faster (order on Friday, receive on Tuesday). RS Components are really only better for small orders, unless your company gets a quantity-based discount from them.

      RS Components' quote service (only available if you have an account) is pretty good sometimes. At times I have received better prices than Mouser and Digikey, but not always. Going direct to the manufacturer's distributor (e.g. Avnet) is often cheaper again.


        Digikey are always import shipments for stuff I get, so a week wait + dealing with UPS for GST collection once it lands.
        Still sometimes quicker than getting post from Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne delivered though.


          Try DHL for your delivery courier. I've never had any delivery issues with them, and usually they are the lowest cost.

          Don't use FedEx, they have a "must move" rule at all of their depots. What this means is your delivery will move on the next available flight that gets the delivery slightly "closer" to you, even if waiting for the following flight would get the delivery to you faster. I've seen some ridiculous tracks because of this rule, like Germany->France->England->France->Singapore->Australia. They could have left out England and saved two days.

          If you have to deal with the courier for GST, your account might be set up incorrectly. I always get GST charged at time of purchase, shows up on the invoice.


        Element14 are also cheaper than Digikey, RS or Mouser on some items, more expensive on others.

        Worth adding to the bookmarks when shopping for the best price.

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          I use Octopart.com, and it shows price and stock availability on all major suppliers. Make sure you are using the desktop version of the website, the mobile site is crippled.

          Octopart's search engine is quite powerful, but has a few quirks, and takes some getting used to. For example US suppliers don't like using nanofarads, a 47nF cap will usually be listed as 0.047uF.


    I must have confused the postage with another electrical supply companies, sorry! website looked similar… looking at $8 ea tantalum capacitors for a ps3 repair…


    Hey anyone know why they won't sell solder for delivery?


    +1 for service. Got two thermal fuses and mercury level switch and got them next day.


    I think X-ON Prices are much better than RS Components.


      X-on are cheaper for lots of things, particularly for the brands they represent (eg Itek connectors, Hitano capacitors, etc) but their website is an absolute pain to use - the search function is nigh useless unless you know the exact part number your looking for. (Eg- find a 1000uf 16v electro with a 10000hr rating at 105degc using their search without doing your head in. Try it!)


        X-on are the Australian distributor for Mouser, so you can use Mouser's search engine, get a suitable manufacturer part number, and search for it on the X-on website. I just tried a few, all were on X-on's website, prices (in AUD) are very similar to Mouser's prices!

        X-on also sell stuff that Mouser don't, so you might not be getting the cheapest option available.

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          That's what I said:

          unless you know the exact part number your looking for

          • You're.

          But this largely removes the advantage of using x-on who represent some great cheap brands locally. In my example above, I know that a cheap 1000uf 16v electro (not those lifetime / temperature ratings though) is x-on part number ECR1000/16 because I've bought it many times - how would a noob find it without starting to cry first? They used to have a printed catalogue with the basics before, I don't think they do anymore? A sales rep can help but I doubt they'd be interested for hobbyists who want onesies or twosies.

          If you order direct from Mouser I found it generally arrives quicker than from x-on if x-on doesn't have it in their own stock.

          X-on are great if you do regular kitting.


    Used them for years, not always cheapest so be very careful. Almost always next day delivery if you're East coast metro and they have it in local stock.
    Also some items are cheaper listed in their other regional locations like Singapore, found a couple items a while back that were $20-30 difference (more here than there) and was not a currency conversion thing.


    Note that for some back order items, the despatch date provided on the website may not be up-to-date.
    For e.g. over a week ago, this isopropyl alcohol was listed with a despatch date of 01/04/2020, but a chat with their customer service revealed that the ETA is in later part of May.

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    Try not to abuse this one guys. They mostly target business customers, so if they start getting a bunch of orders for $2 capacitors and $5 worth of solder they will either remove the free shipping, set a threshhold or just not deal with anyone who doesn't have a trade account.


    Bought some audio cables, cheers OP!

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