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New Business Sellers 3 Months Fee Free @ eBay


Might help some get rid of items due to the shut down

eBay is giving new business sellers 3 Months fee free when they open an eBay Store from 1st - 30th April 2020.

We’re offering all new sellers who open an eBay Store 3 months fee-free when you open an eBay store by 30th April 2020. What this means for you:

With national developments around the COVID-19 outbreak, Australian businesses are doing it tough right now. They are looking for new ways to reach their customers and earn an income to support themselves and their families. At eBay, it’s our responsibility to help Aussie sellers keep their businesses running. We want to make sure local businesses can continue to provide essential products that shoppers need and are relying on eBay to deliver in these difficult times.

While your shop doors might close, your business is always open on eBay Australia.

No Store Subscription Fees
No Final Value Fees
Activating the Offer:

Create an eBay Business Account*
Open an eBay Store**
Receive your activation email the Monday after you open your store
Start Selling


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    The listing fees will kill the deal also


    Once your store is open, accept this offer to get free insertion fees before listing the items: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/covid-19-coronavirus-update...


    Requires an ABN


    So it’s possible to get free listing and final valuation fees?


    Just wondering if anyone has taken up this offer for an eBay Store and able to comment if there are any charges/ fees at all for this 3 months promo?

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    So much fine print. Don't think I qualify :(
    I sell on ebay but need to set up a new User ID with no link IP address, or PayPal account

    From the T&Cs
    What is the Promotion?
    Sellers who sign up for an eBay Basic or Feature Store during the Promotion Period will automatically have their store subscription fees waived for 3 months from the date of subscription (“Offer 1”).
    Additionally, sellers who sign up for an eBay Basic or Feature Store during the Promotion Period AND who are validated by eBay as genuinely new sellers in accordance with clause 7 below will pay no Final Value Fees or Insertion Fees for sales on www.ebay.com.au for 3 months from the date that they are notified by eBay that they qualify for this second offer (“Offer 2”).
    Sellers who qualify for Offer 2 will be notified by an email directed to the email address provided upon subscription for an eBay Store within 10 business days of the subscription date.

    Offers 1 and 2 are only available to the following sellers:
    new sellers who set up a new User ID after 30th March 2020 and who subscribe to a Basic or Feature Store on ebay.com.au during the Promotion Period; and
    sellers whose country of residence is in Australia or New Zealand.
    Additionally, Offer 2 is only available to sellers who are validated by eBay as genuinely new sellers based on the following factors:
    a valid Australian Business Number (ABN); and no connection to any existing eBay seller accounts (this includes a connection by PayPal address, user information and/ or IP address).
    Sellers must list items using the same User ID that is linked to their Basic or Feature Store in order to qualify for Offer 2.


    I believe the eBay wording on the offer page is quite deceptive.

    Activating the Offer:

    1. Create an eBay Business Account*
    2. Open an eBay Store**
    3. Receive your offer activation email
    4. Start Selling
      *ABN Required, **Basic or Featured Store.

    Of course, buried in the T&Cs are all kinds of conditions, such as the fact you need a NEW EBAY ACCOUNT. You can't do what most people would do, which is convert their existing account to a business account.