Free Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) Membership (Normally $700)


This is a ripper deal for those in business looking for help relating to employment and employee/employer relations. Especially around how to deal with employees and COVID 19.

What’s included?

2 free calls to our Workplace Relations Advice Line

Workplace Relations and Health, Safety & Wellbeing tools and templates

Online manuals

Access to our free energy comparison service

Access to fortnightly Victorian Chamber News email

Business Trends and Prospects Survey

Connect - member only offers and employee benefits program

Member pricing on training, events, briefings and consulting

Access to Apprenticeship Support Australia

Business After Dark and Fast Forward event tickets (four tickets maximum)

Training/Consulting Credit $700^ (excludes briefings and partnership courses delivered by training providers other than the Victorian Chamber)

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    What a great offer… we need this in W.A.


    Is this annual or once off saving?

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      The Chamber will provide a 12 month membership waiver for any new entry level membership (Networker - $350 and Essentials - $700) and credit to all current members, up to $500.

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    Mothers day present sorted

  • +2 votes provides a similar service in all Australian States. Some very useful information on both their website and Facebook page.

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    My partner used to work here. Even free, you're not going to get your money's worth out of them.

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        You don't get anything useful out of them unless you pay to upgrade your membership. Apparently this is a typical behaviour from them that they use to prey on struggling businesses.

        Having heard the way they treat their own employees and members I'd stay well clear of them. Only interested in maximising the bottom line for their upper management at the expense of members.

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      thanks for being honest, some butt hurts probably or VCCI troll probably negged you.

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        Yup. Try searching for reviews on them before making your mind up. They're very good at burying anything negative about them. High staff turnover also ensures very little incentive to actually excel.

        I'd say I was probably negged by an executive or manager level of one of their members. They stage lots of "networking" functions that high powered execs like to prance around and guffaw while stuffing their faces with copious amounts of canapes and champagne.

        It's basically just a club for high powered circle jerking as the elites exchange business cards and discuss synergy and how they can maximize profits while reducing overhead costs (read employees). Shudder

        Small and medium sized businesses will get next to nothing useful out of them apart from maybe advice like "no, you can't fire them for that, because technically that's discrimination, and therefore illegal". Which you could have just Googled in the first place.


          "networking" functions that high powered execs like to prance around and guffaw while stuffing their faces with copious amounts of canapes and champagne

          You've obviously been to one too many of these functions.

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      I had a couple of staff members I’ll with various issues (plus one with suspected Covid).

      Getting through to fair work was next to impossible. These guys got back to me within 15 minutes with a direct answer. Found that worth it’s weight it gold.

      Anyway that was my experience. Nothing to lose when it’s free..


    anyone know anything about the free internship program?

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    Not sure what this is but I got two.


    Awesome thanks

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    Is this like organised worker’s union but for business owners? If so, does current government like this one?


    Thanks OP Christmas present sorted


    Has anyone done any of their training courses?

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    ref Connect - member only offers and employee benefits program"" what are they? do you get no annual fee amex business cards application link?


    This one isn’t too bad. I’d join just to get access to their good guys commercial and egiftcards. Although their Giftcards discount isn’t as good as some of the other programs they’re still better than nothing and serve as a backup if you’ve maxed out your buying limits on the other providers.

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