Olympus Live Stream Events: Olympus System Introduction / Composition and Visual Theory / Food Blog / Home Studio @ Olympus


Have some free time to delve into photography? Check out a couple of free Olympus informative live streams. Most of these are generic and not brand specific.

Introduction into the Olympus System
This 45-minute live stream of 'Coffee With Olympus' gives you the opportunity to connect with an Olympus specialist. We will take you through the ins and outs of your camera and get you shooting masterpieces in no time!

Learn about composition and visual theory
Join us for a live stream of 'Learn with Olympus: Composition' exploring the guidelines of composition and visual theories that will help take your images to the next level. This session is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced photographers looking to enhance their knowledge.
Topics covered: using the Acronym M.E.A.N
Setting yourself up to capture the Moment - Pre visualisation, perspective and equipment.
Getting the Exposure right - APERTURE, shutter exposure and their artistic values and white balance.
Considering the ARTISTIC impression - Grids, guides and compositional cornerstones.
Communicating the NARRATIVE - Using visual theory and creativity to tell your story.

Thinking about starting a food blog at home?
Join us for a live stream of 'Capture With Olympus: Food' exploring food styling, food photography and learn how you can make every meal look incredible! This session is for anyone that wants to take their best shots of everyone’s favourite subject: food.
Topics covered:
What You Will Need – Have everything you need to get the best food photos
Planning Ahead – Discuss the importance of knowing what you are aiming to achieve
Lighting the Setting – Understanding how lighting severely affects how your food is presented
Getting Creative – How to properly layout your shot to capture your hero dish
Taking the Shot – The Proper techniques to make sure your food photography shines
Using the Camera – A basic run-through of the recommended settings for food photography

Setting up a great home studio while WFH
Join us for a live stream of 'Capture with Olympus: Product' where we will explore some simple ways to light and shoot small products at home. You will learn effective techniques and essential equipment needed to start your product photography journey.
Topics covered:
Technical things to know when using artificial light – How shutter speed, aperture and ISO affect your exposure when using an external light source.
Explore alternate ways to light your products.
Controlling your Depth of field.
Modifying light - The tools that we use to shape light.

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